AVM Article Contest Awards

Each year, writers are invited to submit articles for use in the African Violet Magazine and as entries for the annual Article Contest. A panel of judges selects the best article in each issue and then makes the final selection for the best articles of the year, which we announce here today. Give these deserving articles another look!

Congratulations to these Winners of the

2019-20 African Violet Magazine  Article Contest !

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Top prize goes to Bill Chaney of LaPine, Oregon. His article, “Pesticides: Understanding the Available Tools,” from the November/December 2019 issue, is the top winner and was a “fan favorite.” Bill will receive a free one-year membership to AVSA and 10 Buckeye leaves.

Second place goes to Kit Love of Odessa, Texas, for her article “Bloom Stem Propagation” from May/June 2020, (which placed first for the May/June issue). Kit will receive six months of AVSA membership and five Buckeye leaves.

Third prize goes to Geraldine Silva of Springerville, Arizona, for her July/August 2019 article, “Handy Tips for African Violet Lovers.” Geraldine will receive six months membership in AVSA and three Buckeye leaves.

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2019-20 Issue Winners – AVM Article Contest

July/August 2019: Geraldine Silva of Springerville, Arizona, for “Handy Tips for African Violet Lovers”

September/October 2019: Dr. Minh Bui of Rockville, Maryland, for “Buffalo, Houston and Beyond”

November/December 2019: Bill Chaney of LaPine, Oregon for “Pesticides: Understanding the Available Tools”

January/February 2020: Rich Follett of Strasburg, Virginia, for “New Life for a Once-Defunct Club”

March/April 2020: Bill Chaney of LaPine, Oregon, for “An Ounce of Prevention is — the Key to Healthy Plants!”

May/June 2020: Kit Love of Odessa, Texas, for “Bloom Stem Propagation”

Contest Judges

Thanks to Head Judge Sue Hoffmann, and her team.

Lynn Lombard, Washington
Linda Lloyd, Ohio
Barbara Werness, Minnesota
Diane Miller, California
Sharon Gartner, Florida

Contest Prize Donors

Thanks to Pat Hancock for organizing the prize donations.

K’s Violets — Kathy Hajner
Rivermist Violets — Joan Baker
Carolina Violets — Linda Abplanalp
Steffano’s Violets and Streps — Steve Covolo
Jay’s Sinningia speciosa — Jay Sespico
Wasps and Bustlebacks — Linda Hall
Jitterbug Violets — Pat Hancock
Morgan’s Leaves — Violet Peddlers Plus

The 2020-21 ARTICLE CONTEST is now open for entries!