Courtesy Resolution

AVSA Annual 2020 Meeting (Virtual)

Saturday, May 30, 2020

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Due to a coronavirus (COVID-19) worldwide pandemic, The African Violet Society of America, Inc. will be unable to hold its seventy-fourth annual national convention scheduled to be held May 24 – 31, 2020. A virtual meeting will be held online to constitute AVSA’s seventy-fourth annual meeting.


AVSA hereby offers its highest gratitude to those who faithfully worked toward holding a convention for the enjoyment and motivation of its membership this year:

  • To
    • Susan Anderson, First Vice President
    • Mary Corondan, Second Vice President
    • Joyce Stork, Marketing Chair
    • Candace Baldwin, Website Chair
    • Tom Glembocki, Technology Chair
    • Richard Craft, Advertising Chair
  • To
    • all members of AVSA who have contributed or worked toward the 2020 convention;
  • To
    • the hybridizers and commercial members whose research and knowledge continue to provide new varieties and plant sources for all violet growers;
  • To
    • all AVSA judges and teachers whose knowledge helps maintain universal standards and the ability to hold AVSA sanctioned shows around the world;
  •   To
    • Joe Bruns for managing plant registrations, which enables AVSA to be the International Cultivar Registration Authority for the genus Saintpaulia;
  •   To
    • Joe Bruns and David Kesler for creating and maintaining First Class, AVSA’s Master Variety computer program;
  • To
    • the Executive Committee, Board of Directors and all related committees of the African Violet Society of America for performing their duties during the year;
  • To
    • AVSA Past Presidents for their support and continued service to AVSA;
  • To
    • Office manager, Amy Carruth, for her continued service and support running and maintaining the office during difficult times this past year;
  • To
    • Teresa Odle, editor of the AVM, for her time and expertise in producing the magazine;
  • To retiring directors for their service the past three years:
    • Sallie Barlow
    • Linda Ingle
    • Linda Kilby
    • Sandy McIntosh
    • Renee Wilson
  • To
    • the Little Rock Marriott Hotel management for agreeing to reissue AVSA’s contract for a 2022 convention;

Therefore, be it resolved:

That a copy of this resolution be made a part of the minutes of this 2020 virtual AVSA meeting.

Sue Hoffmann, Chairman

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