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The 2021 Cyber Convention Information

Registration Information

Register for 2021 AVSA Cyber “Diamond Celebration” Convention by May 3 and SAVE!

Full Registration Package

  • $30 for AVSA members ($45 for non-members) until Earlybird pricing ends on May 2
  • Beginning May 3, the cost will be $40 (members) and $55 (non-members)
  • Includes all convention activities beginning on May 30 through June 6 – Show, Sales, New Introduction Gallery, all live events, presentations, tours and auctions

Convention Highlights Package

  • $5 for all (member or non-member)
  • May be purchased until June 5, 2021
  • Includes access to see the Show, Sales, and New Introduction Gallery on June 5 and 6
  • Includes one live event for AVSA members (Annual Membership Meeting)

The convention website will become viewable to registrants beginning on May 31. Following convention, some elements will be made public late in 2021.

Those registered for the 2021 AVSA Cyber “Diamond Celebration” Convention will be able to

  • attend all live events via Zoom links (you must register for each Zoom meeting you choose to attend)
  • access special offers from Commercial Vendors
  • see the 2021 New Introduction Gallery
  • bid in silent and live auctions
  • enter exhibits and view the 2021 AVSA Convention Show
  • see all presentations and tours
  • and have fun
    • Evening Cocktail Hour Get-Togethers
    • BINGO
    • Scavenger Hunt

The simple answer is that the fee covers the cost of expenses related to hosting a cyber convention.

The longer answer requires some background information.

AVSA annual conventions are required by the AVSA bylaws. Conventions are paid for by attendee registration, including fees for meal functions, tours, and Commercial sales space. Those fees are calculated to pay all rental and staff costs of a hotel contract. When conventions are well-attended there is usually profit. When attendance is down, AVSA must pay the loss.

The 2020 AVSA in-person convention was cancelled with little warning. In order to meet the requirements of the bylaws, a virtual convention was quickly designed on a new website by volunteers working almost around the clock. There were expenses, especially for the website. Miraculously, the convention happened, and was offered for free. Why? Because online registration tools weren’t available with that short notice.

In January 2021 AVSA launched a new website and new office software. We now have management tools for events and member needs, making a better and more complete convention experience possible.

The 2021 Cyber Convention will celebrate the 75th Anniversary in style, even if we must be apart. Those who attend will, as usual, be charged a registration fee to cover the expenses of presenting it to you.

Registration fee this year is about 1/3 less than normal – and a real bargain when it requires no traveling expenses.

It’s a great value, and you will have fun!

Show Entries Information

Show Entries accepted May 6 – 28, 2021

Downloadable Show Schedule

2021 AVSA Cyber Show Schedule

Photos may be taken at any time now. Entries begin May 6.

  • One photo of each exhibit shall be submitted.
  • Photos of plants should not have been exhibited in other publications, online, or on social media.
  • Each photo file name must be named the same as the plant name or design class (ex: “Amethyst.jpg” or “DiamondsareForever.jpg”).
  • Photos of horticulture exhibits must be of the entire plant viewed from the side or from above and must show both foliage and blossoms unless it is a gesneriad shown for ornamental qualities other than bloom.
  • Photos of designs should be taken from the front and should capture the design in its entirety.

Exhibitors in the 2021 AVSA Cyber Convention Show must be both

  • an AVSA member in good standing and
  • registered for the convention

Join AVSA!

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Schedule of Daily Events

Register for live events – Zoom links will be emailed

Downloadable Daily Events Schedule

2021 AVSA Convention Schedule of Daily Events


LIVE  3:00 pm CDT:       AVSA Board of Director’s Meeting VIA ZOOM

Viewable Today Beginning at Noon CDT:

  • Presentation 1: “How to Zoom” by Julie Mavity Hudson
  • Bingo Instructions – how to download card, etc.
  • Scavenger Hunt Instructions – how to participate
  • Form to add names to Lest We Forget memorial list
  • Application forms for new Director and Officers
NOON CDT: SILENT AUCTION OPENS (through noon Saturday)

LIVE     6 – 8 pm CDT:    Cocktail Hour Get-Together  VIA ZOOM

special guests Ralph & Olive Ma Robinson, The Violet Barn

LIVE     9 – 11 pm CDT:  Cocktail Hour Get-Together  VIA ZOOM

special guest Sandra Skalski, Beginner’s Columnist


  • Welcome Video from the President of AVSA
  • Presentation 2: “Basics of Growing African Violets” by Sandra Skalski
  • All forms, announcements, instructions

LIVE 7 – 8 pm CDT:    BINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  VIA ZOOM


  • Presentation 3: “Spectacular Streptocarpus” by Terri Vicenzi
  • Tour 1: The Violet Barn, Naples, NY
  • Silent Auction
  • New Introduction Gallery
  • All forms, announcements, instructions

LIVE    6 – 8 pm CDT:     Cocktail Hour Get-Together  VIA ZOOM

special guest Dr. Jeff Smith, Research Chair, columnist

LIVE    9 – 11 pm CDT:   Cocktail Hour Get-Together  VIA ZOOM

special guest Ken Muzalewski, hybridizer of Hunter’s


  • Presentation 4: “Science of Flowering” by Dr. Jeff Smith
  • Tour 2: Dom Fialki (House of Violets), Moscow, Russia
  • Silent Auction
  • New Introduction Gallery
  • All forms, announcements, instructions

LIVE   6 – 8 pm CDT:      Cocktail Hour Get-Together  VIA ZOOM

special guest Dianne Duggan, artist, presenter

LIVE   9 – 11 pm CDT:   Cocktail Hour Get-Together  VIA ZOOM

special guest Kathy Hajner, Hajner’s Hybrids


  • Presentation 5: “New Blossom & Leaf Artwork” by Dianne Duggan
  • Tour 3: Nevsky Dom Fialki, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Silent Auction
  • New Introduction Gallery
  • All forms, announcements, instructions

LIVE    7 – 8 pm CDT      Live Auction  VIA ZOOM


  • Presentation 6: “75th Anniversary” by Rich Follett
  • Tour 4: Attractions at 2022 AVSA Convention, Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Showroom
  • Salesroom
  • Silent Auction
  • New Introduction Gallery
  • All forms, announcements, instructions, plus: Show Statistics

LIVE   10:00 am CDT          Shows and Judges Breakfast  VIA ZOOM

LIVE     3:00 pm CDT         Annual Membership Meeting/Open Forum VIA ZOOM

LIVE     4:15 pm CDT         AVSA Board of Director’s Meeting VIA ZOOM

LIVE     7:00 pm CDT         Society Awards and Installation Officers & Directors VIA ZOOM


  • Cyber Convention Closing Acknowledgements Video
  • Showroom
  • Salesroom
  • New Introduction Galley
  • All forms, announcements, instructions plus
    • Lest We Forget – memorial list of those lost in previous year
    • Courtesy Resolution, thanking deserving individuals

LIVE  2:00 pm CDT      AVSA Standing Committee Meetings VIA ZOOM


  • Showroom
  • Salesroom
  • New Introduction Gallery
  • All forms, announcements, instructions