AVSA Virtual Circle Interest Survey

The Virtual Circle committee needs YOUR input! We want to gauge the interest members would have in possible topics—especially those in areas with no local African violet group.

In a twist on “Put your money where your mouth is,” put it where your interest is! Imagine you have $100 to spend learning more about African violets. Which of the topics below would be most likely to entice you to register for AND attend an AVSA Virtual Circle Zoom presentation followed by a Q & A session?

  1. Please read over the 10 topic ideas below.
  2. You can blow the entire $100 on a topic you’re dying to know more about or spread it out over several. Just remember to spend the MOST on the topic that really piques your interest, and a smaller amount on others as your interest level declines.
  3. If a topic doesn’t interest you at all, don’t spend any of that Virtual Money on it.
  4. You don’t have to spend all your Virtual Money.
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Must be between 0 and 100
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