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First Class Updates

Subscription to update the database for PC, Mac, and FC Viewer installations

Update subscription First Class for All

$15.00 (1 year of updates)
$30.00 (2 years of updates)

FC Viewer

For iPhone

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On your iPhone, go to the App Store to buy and download FC Viewer

This app gives the user access to the AVSA Master List of Registered and listed varieties of African Violets as compiled by the African African Violet Society of America.

It requires Internet connection, either by cellular or Wi-Fi connection. If cellular connection is made, it will use data from your data plan. Depending on your use and plan, it may impact your phone bill. Use of free WiFi should not incur any charges. 

The app allows viewing of pictures and descriptions of the AVSA Master List to the extent that the password from First Class for All entitles you.

The app uses a “keyboardless” look-up model, similar to the Contacts app. The advanced search feature allows for look-ups when the name is not known by entering its physical characteristics.

If you are a member of AVSA and have backed up your User Database inside First Class for All desktop application, you will be able to access the “User Database” that is stored on the First Class for All, via the cloud backup. Your User Notes in First Class for All will appear on the varieties viewed.

*NEW* in this version. When you, as current AVSA members, choose to include your User Database, you can take and store photos on both AVML varieties and you User Database varieties. You can also enter additional User Notes on all entries. New photos and notes can be transferred back to the desktop First Class for All for access across both platforms.

If you have First Class for All or First Class v2, enter the password that you have from the AVSA office. If you don’t have a desktop version you will need to get a subscription from the AVSA office.