For many, the joy of the hobby is seeing the beauty of the African violet flowers, the potential perfection of symmetrical foliage, and the variety of types.

AVSA Social Media – These images are shared on various AVSA social media platforms everyday by growers and hobbyists. We recommend AVSA Commercial Vendors to those who wish to purchase a specific variety.

AVSA YouTube Channel – Videos from the AVSA YouTube Channel have a variety of purposes: to teach, to share information, and to preserve history.

Photo Gallery – Here you will find over 3000 pictures of violet hybrids, in alphabetical order, with the description from the AVSA Master Variety List (MVL.) The complete MVL, listing nearly 20,000 varieties, is available as First Class for All software, and sold in the AVSA Store.

Previous Convention Shows  – Each year, the AVSA convenes in one place to hold meetings and to stage the national African Violet Show. These photos are the record of the exhibits from each year, including both plants and designs.

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