The Best Light is Natural? Fluorescent? LED?

Choosing the Best Light

In nature, the Saintpaulia species (wild African violets) grew in deep shade. Today’s hybrids often tolerate brighter light but most thrive in natural light on a windowsill. Violets getting adequate light will grow compactly and bloom more freely.

When the natural light is not adequate or available, it may be replaced by or supplemented with an alternate lighting system. Choosing a light system is not a simple task. Modern choices vary in efficiency, heat, and how the spectrum of light is displayed. The products offered are constantly changing and improving.

To guide your choice, we offer here the light systems in use by a variety of respected growers living in various areas of the United States.

“All African violet species and subspecies require moist and shaded conditions in their natural habitats. They often grow on steep rocks or in gullies, along the north side of shaded streams, or as undergrowth in dense sub-montane or montane rain forests.”