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B-Man's Surprise (B. Curcuruto)Bruno Curcuruto37Mar-Apr1998
Bertha (B. Foster)Dorothy Kosowsky37Nov-Dec1998
Bogey Man (R. Scott)Kathy LahticoverJan-Feb1998
Cathy's Fireworks (C. Cornibe)Dorothy Kosowsky28Sept-Oct1998
Cirelda (P. Tracey)Gini McCanne33July-Aug1998
Columnea 'Broget Stavanger'Jeani Hatfield33Nov-Dec1998
Columnea 'Julia'Lynn Lombard37July-Aug1998
Cool Blue (H. Pittman_Pat Richards32July-Aug1998
Dean's Ivory Lace (C. Hobbs/H. Hobbs)Carroll Gealy28Nov-Dec1998
Deer Path (J. Gehr)Jeani HatfieldcoverNov-Dec1998
Delft Imperial (Eyerdom)Gladys Cartwright28July-Aug1998
Edee (P. Harris)Patt Harris33Sept-Oct1998
Episcia 'Cleopatra'Diana Thran37Sept-Oct1998
Fantasy Freckles (F. Tinari)Tinari Greenhouses36Nov-Dec1998
Favorite Child (G. Cox/B. Johnson)Carroll Gealy29Sept-Oct1998
Flower Arrangement "Balloon Adventure"Cathy Cornibe36July-Aug1998
Flower Child (S. Sorano/LLG)Lyndon Lyons Greenhouses32July-Aug1998
Honey Berry (H. Pittman)Hortense Pittman36Jan-Feb1998
Hula Hoop (S. Sorano/LLG)Lyndon Lyon GreenhousescoverSept-Oct1998
Irish Sweeps (Laufer) Bruno Curcuruto29Jan-Feb1998
Knight Magic (H. Pittman)Hector BecerracoverMar-Apr1998
Kohleria 'Laura"Tony Hulleman36Jan-Feb1998
Lela Marie (I. Lineberg)Phyllis King28Jan-Feb1998
Little Chatterbox (S. Sorano/LLG)Lyndon Lyon GreenhousescoverSept-Oct1998
Little Pro (H. Pittman)Kathy LahticoverJan-Feb1998
Lyon's June Bug (S. Sorano/LLG)Lyn Sweeney29July-Aug1998
Mama's Little Sport (R. Cox)Ruby Cox36Nov-Dec1998
Ms. Smartypants (S. Sorano/LLG)Lyndon Lyon GreenhousescoverSept-Oct1998
Ness' Pixie Grin (D. Ness)Don Ness32Nov-Dec1998
Nob Hill (G. Beck)Irene Boro29Sept-Oct1998
Petite Jewel (H. Pittman)Phyllis KingcoverJan-Feb1998
Phosphorescence (F. Tinari)Tinari Greenhouses32Mar-Apr1998
Plant Arrangement "Strike It Rich at Coloma"Vera Parker36July-Aug1998
Quiet Accord (B. Elkin)Barbara Elkin29May-June1998
Rainbow's Quiet Riot (R. Wasmund)Phyllis KingcoverMay-June1998
Rebel's Astro Spinner (R. Bann)Ruth Bann32Mar-Apr1998
Rebel's Cucumber Kool (R. Bann)Ruth Bann28Nov-Dec1998
Rebel's Valiant (R. Bann)Ruth Bann29May-June1998
Rob's Fuddy Duddy (R. Robinson)Bev PromersbergercoverJuly-Aug1998
Rob's Macho Devil (R. Robinson)Ralph Robinson32Sept-Oct1998
Rob's Twinkle Blue (R. Robinson)Ralph Robinson32Nov-Dec1998
Rob's Twinkle Blue (R. Robinson)Ralph Robinson32Sept-Oct1998
Run For Cover (K. Stork)Kent Stork36Mar-Apr1998
Saddle Shoes (K. Stork)Kent Stork29Nov-Dec1998
Saintpaulia 'velutina lite'Fay Wagman32May-June1998
Saintpaulia brevipilosaFay Wagman32May-June1998
Saintpaulia grandifolia #299Jim Turner33July-Aug1998
Saintpaulia shumensisFay Wagman32May-June1998
Sapphire Halo (G. Boone)Ernie Elias33Mar-Apr1998
Sockeye (K. Stork)Dorothy Kosowsky29July-Aug1998
Stained Glass (E. Wasche) E. Wasche28May-June1998
Strawberry Wave (S. Sorano/LLG)Violet Showroom36Sept-Oct1998
Streptocarpus 'Rose Bud'Tony Hulleman28May-June1998
Suncoast Lavender Silk (S. Williams)Phyllis King37Jan-Feb1998
Suncoast Paisley Print (S. Williams)Carroll Gealy36Sept-Oct1998
Sunnyside RomaIrene Boro28Sept-Oct1998
Teen Thunder (H. Pittman)Hector BecerracoverMar-Apr1998
Texas Space Dust (Pittman)Bev Promersberger28July-Aug1998
Windsome (H. Pittman)Hector BecerracoverMar-Apr1998
Aca's Pink Pet (J. Brownlie)Beverley Williams29Nov-Dec1999
Aggie Trail (L. Ray)Carroll GealycoverMar-Apr1999
Apache Blanket (J. Munk)Barbara Elkin29May-June1999
Apache Freedom (J. Munk)J.C. Munk28Nov-Dec1999
Apache Friendship (J. Munk)Lenora Munk29Sept-Oct1999
B-Man's Melila (B. Curcuruto)Bruno Curcuruto36Nov-Dec1999
B-Man's Noto (B. Curcuruto)Bruno Curcuruto32Sept-Oct1999
California Berries (R. Cox)Shannon AhlmancoverJan-Feb1999
Cloud Mist (H. Pittman)Hortense Pittman36May-June1999
Columnea 'Apollo'Fred Packer36Sept-Oct1999
Dish Garden "Missions Along the Trail"Fran Russom37July-Aug1999
Emergency (K. Stork)Kent Stork33July-Aug1999
Flower Arrangement "Spindletop"Bill Foster37Nov-Dec1999
Flower Arrangement "Texas Heritage"Phyllis Enos37Nov-Dec1999
Fredette's Moonflower (I Fredette)Carroll Gealy36May-June1999
Frosted Denim (S. Sorano/LLG)Fay Wagman37Mar-Apr1999
Gleeful Elf (H. Pittman)Ken Froboese32Sept-Oct1999
Gloxinia 'Chic'Dale Martens36July-Aug1999
Humungous (D. Harrington)Jim Turner32Jan-Feb1999
Irish Dimples (S. Sorano/LLG)Emma Bygott32Nov-Dec1999
Lela Marie (I Lineberg)Roy Hall29July-Aug1999
Little Axel (Anthoflores)Betty Margetts28Mar-Apr1999
Little Snow White (R. Nadeau)Beverley Williams33Sept-Oct1999
Magnolia (M. Burns/Nadeau)Nelly Levine28Mar-Apr1999
Marion's Enchanted Trail (H. Pittman)Pat Richards32Nov-Dec1999
Mary Craig (R. Nadeau)Marilyn Hall28July-Aug1999
Ness' Angel Babe (D. Ness)Fay Wagman37Mar-Apr1999
Ness' Angel Face (D. Ness)Dorothy Kosowsky36Jan-Feb1999
Ness' China Blue (D. Ness)Don Ness32May-June1999
Ness' Cranberry Lace (D. Ness)Don Ness36Mar-Apr1999
Ness' Cranberry Swirl (D. Ness)Carroll GealycoverMay-June1999
Ness' Midnight Fantasy (D. Ness)Cynthia Crater33May-June1999
Ocean Eyes (M. Burns)Jim Kuhn37May-June1999
Optimara Harlequin (Holtkamp)Kent Stork28Jan-Feb1999
Optimara Little Crystal (Holtkamp)Kathy Lahti28Jan-Feb1999
Optimara Van Gogh (Holtkamp)Georgia Frush28May-June1999
Orchard's Bumble Magnet (R. Wilson)Pat Richards32July-Aug1999
Pat Champagne (H. Pittman)Patricia Tillman29Sept-Oct1999
Peppy Pink (H. Pittman)Judy Carter37Sept-Oct1999
Persian Prince (S. Sorano/LLG)John Nabers37Sept-Oct1999
Petite Blarney (H. Pittman)Bill Johnson37Sept-Oct1999
Pink Dove (S. Sorano/LLG)Beverley Williams33Nov-Dec1999
Pink Satin Pillow (S. Sorano/LLG)Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses33Sept-Oct1999
Rebel's Barbara (R. Bann)Ruth Bann33May-June1999
Rebel's Cranberry Crème (R. Bann)Ruth Bann32Mar-Apr1999
Rebel's Crested Robin (R. Bann)Ruth Bann36Jan-Feb1999
Revenge (K. Stork)Martha Turner29July-Aug1999
Rhapsodie Angelica (Holtkamp)Kent Stork33Mar-Apr1999
Rhapsodie Clementine (Holtkamp)Jean McIlvanie32May-June1999
Rhapsodie Rose (Holtkamp)Jean McIlvanie28May-June1999
Rob's Boogie Woogie (R. Robinson)Ralph Robinson29Jan-Feb1999
Rob's Calypso Beat (R. Robinson)Margie Geissler28Nov-Dec1999
Rob's Cherry Soda (R. Robinson)Cathy Cornibe32Jan-Feb1999
Rob's Cool Fruit (R. Robinson)Ralph Robinson28Sept-Oct1999
Rob's Hallucination (R. Robinson)Ralph RobinsoncoverSept-Oct1999
Rob's Hand Puppet (R. Robinson)Ralph Robinson32July-Aug1999
Rob's Hot Foot (R. Robinson)Fred Packer40Jan-Feb1999
Rob's Lilli Pilli (R. Robinson)Bev PromersbergercoverNov-Dec1999
Rob's Tippy Toe (R. Robinson)Fay Wagman37Mar-Apr1999
Rob's Whippoorwill (R. Robinson)Kathy Lahti28July-Aug1999
Rob's Zero Gravity (R. Robinson)Emma Bygott36Nov-Dec1999
Rodeo Country (J. Munk)Ron Davidson33Jan-Feb1999
Rodeo Country (J. Munk)Elmer GodenycoverJuly-Aug1999
Saintpaulia velutinaLinda Golubski29Nov-Dec1999
Sedona (K. Stork)Jean McIlvanie29May-June1999
Sinningia cardinalis 'Redcoat' hybridDale Martens33Nov-Dec1999
Sinningia pusillaDale Martens33July-Aug1999
Smithiantha 'Little One'Bev Promersberger29Mar-Apr1999
Smooch Me (K. Stork)Kent Stork36Mar-Apr1999
Sno Cap Trail (S. Weyland)Bev Promersberger37May-June1999
Stan's Legacy (S. Stancliff)Nelly Levine29Mar-Apr1999
Streptocarpus 'Blueberry Muffin'Elmer Godeny36Sept-Oct1999
Streptocarpus 'Lavender Rosette'Pat Richards36July-Aug1999
Terrarium "Experience Yosemite Valley"Mae Mendes40May-June1999
Terrarium "Hermann Park"Olive Ma Robinson37July-Aug1999
Tiger (I Fredette)Geneva Holmes40July-Aug1999
Tomboy Blue (H. Pittman)Elsie Ross37Jan-Feb1999
Ultra Violet Saturn (Green Circle)Margie Geissler28Sept-Oct1999
White Dew (H. Pittman)Bev Promersberger33Mar-Apr1999
Windmill (K. Stork)Kent Stork32Mar-Apr1999
Aca's Georgene (J. Brownlie)Tony Hulleman36Sept-Oct2000
Aca's Pink Pet (J. Brownlie)Shirley SanderscoverJan-Feb2000
Aca's Tornado (J. Brownlie)Tony Hulleman36Sept-Oct2000
Angela Marie Ernie Elais40May-June2000
Apache Primrose (J. Munk)Wally Clarke40Jan-Feb2000
B-Man's Auola (B. Curcuruto)Bruno Curcuruto28May-June2000
B-Man's Comisco (B. Curcuruto)Bruno Curcuruto29Jan-Feb2000
B-Man's Irish Red (B. Curcuruto)Bruno Curcuruto36May-June2000
B-Man's Moncibello (B. Curcuruto)Bruno Curcuruto40Jan-Feb2000
B-Man's Palermo (B. Curcuruto)Bruno Curcuruto29Jan-Feb2000
B-Man's Trapini (B. Curcuruto)Bruno Curcuruto36Mar-Apr2000
Barbara Jean (E. Fisher)Ernie Elais32May-June2000
Bertha (B. Foster)William Sugg32Jan-Feb2000
Bob Serbin (J. Brownlie)Tony Hulleman29Nov-Dec2000
Buckeye Cornucopia (P. Hancock)Pat Hancock33Sept-Oct2000
Buckeye Disco Dancer (P. Hancock)Pat Hancock (Pat's Patch)32May-June2000
Buckeye Dress Parade (P. Hancock)Pat Hancock (Pat's Patch)28May-June2000
Buckeye Eyestopper (P. Hancock)Pat Hancock (Pat's Patch)37May-June2000
Bud's Lonesome George (B. Weber)Beverley Williams33Jan-Feb2000
Buffalo Hunt (K. Stork)Kent Stork - Kent's FlowerscoverSept-Oct2000
California Sunset (D. Hoover)Dolores Gibbs37Nov-Dec2000
Cherry Bomb (S. Sorano/LLG)Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses32Nov-Dec2000
City Lights (Y. Lambert)Nancy Price29Nov-Dec2000
Classic Rock (S. Sorano/LLG)Carolyn Conlin-Lane28Jan-Feb2000
Columnea 'Julia'Fred Packer37Jan-Feb2000
Dean's Rosalie (K. Hobbs-Gregg)Shirley Sanders29July-Aug2000
Decelles' Flamingo (Y. Decelles)Nancy Price32Sept-Oct2000
Dish Garden - "Taming the River Wild"Dolores Gibbs40Sept-Oct2000
Episcia 'Blue Nile'Alex Early36Jan-Feb2000
Frosted Whisper (R. Scott)Ernie Elias37Jan-Feb2000
Graffiti (K. Stork)William SuggcoverMay-June2000
Hortense's Petite PetHortense Pittman37Mar-Apr2000
Hortense's Snow Cloud (H. Pittman)Hortense Pittman32Mar-Apr2000
Lakeshore Silver (J. Brownlie)Beverley Williams29Mar-Apr2000
Milky Way Trail (J. Stahl)Winston GoretskycoverMar-Apr2000
Mt. Fiji (Horikoshi)unknowncoverNov-Dec2000
Neptune's Jewels (Sorano/LLG)Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses29May-June2000
Ness' Angel Blush (D. Ness)Beverley Williams28Mar-Apr2000
Ness' Dream Maker (D. Ness)Don Ness36Nov-Dec2000
Ness' Puppy Charms (D. Ness)Don Ness - Midland Violets28July-Aug2000
New Year's Eve (Lyon/LLG)Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses33May-June2000
Optimara Little Crystal (Holtkamp)Kathy Lahti37July-Aug2000
Optimara Little Hopi (Holtkamp)Meredith Hall32July-Aug2000
Optimara Little Lapis (Holtkamp)Sandy Sanders29Sept-Oct2000
Optimara Little Navajo (Holtkamp)Delores Gibbs28July-Aug2000
Optimara Little Rhodonite (Holtkamp)Kathy Lahti37July-Aug2000
Optimara Little Ruby (Holtkamp)Kathy Lahti37July-Aug2000
Optimara Rose Quartz (Holtkamp)Shirley SanderscoverJan-Feb2000
Party Lace (P. Tracey)Emma Bygott32Mar-Apr2000
Patchwork Pink (Lyon/LLG)Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses32Nov-Dec2000
Plant Arrangement - "Wild, Wild West"Judith Carter40July-Aug2000
Precious Pink (H. Pittman)Dolores Gibbs37Nov-Dec2000
Prince of Dixie (M. Burns)Ernie Elias32Jan-Feb2000
Raspberry Chiffon (Lyon/LLG)Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses37Sept-Oct2000
Rebecca Jane (J. Eyerdom)Eyerdom33Nov-Dec2000
Red Mini Sota (D. Ness)Don Ness28Sept-Oct2000
Rob's Argyle Socks (R. Robinson)Ralph Robinson28Sept-Oct2000
Rob's Boogie Woogie (R. Robinson)Kathy Lahti28Nov-Dec2000
Rob's Fuddy Duddy (R. Robinson)Beverley Williams36Mar-Apr2000
Rob's June Bug (R. Robinson)Ralph Robinson36July-Aug2000
Rob's Miss Sniffles (R. Robinson)Ralph Robinson28Nov-Dec2000
Rob's Perfect Peach (R. Robinson)Emma Bygott36May-June2000
Rob's Twinkle Blue (R. Robinson)Bev Promersberger33July-Aug2000
Saintpaulia confusaBev Promersberger36July-Aug2000
Sassy Shirley (H. Pittman)Beverley Williams33Mar-Apr2000
Shy Blue (S. Sorano/LLG)Dolores Gibbs37Nov-Dec2000
Sinningia 'Orange Zinger'Bobbie Peters36Nov-Dec2000
Sinningia cardinalisSandy Officer33Sept-Oct2000
Smooch Me (K. Stork)Nancy PricecoverJuly-Aug2000
Snuggles (L. Lyon/LLG)Vivian Beeching28Mar-Apr2000
Sport of Easter Joy Emma Bygott28Jan-Feb2000
Sport of Ness' Lil HotshotDaphne Yaremko37Mar-Apr2000
Sptreptocarpus 'Canterbury Surprise'Dale Martens29Sept-Oct2000
Symphonette (Y. Lambert)Beverley Williams29Mar-Apr2000
Taffeta Blue (P. Sorano/LLG)Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses37Sept-Oct2000
Terrarium - "Wild Things"Miriam K. Greene40Nov-Dec2000
Texas Space Dust (H. Pittman)Shirley SanderscoverJan-Feb2000
The Alps (Horikoshi/Sawara)Ernie Elias33Jan-Feb2000
Tropical Heat Wave (K. Stork)Kent Stork33Nov-Dec2000
Von's Baby Jay (Y. Lambert)Beverley Williams29Mar-Apr2000
Von's Busy Bea (Y. Lambert)Daphne Yaremko36Jan-Feb2000
Wrangler's El Diablo (W. Smith)Randy Deutsch29July-Aug2000
Aca's Coral Beauty (J. Brownlie)Lorna Russell36Mar-Apr2001
Aca's Pink Pansy (J. Brownlie)Lorna Russell33Mar-Apr2001
Aca's Red Ember (J. Brownlie)Tony Hulleman32Nov-Dec2001
Aca's Summer Parfait (J. Brownlie)John BrownliecoverSept-Oct2001
Apache Maiden (J. Munk)Lorna Russell33Mar-Apr2001
Appalachian Grand Ruffles (K. Arceneaux)Kathleen Arceneaux40July-Aug2001
B-Man's Moncibello (B. Curcuruto)Tony Hulleman28Nov-Dec2001
Ballerini TremblayLouise Boucher36Jan-Feb2001
Buckeye Constellation (P. Hancock)Pat Hancock28Jan-Feb2001
Buckeye Dogwood Spring (P. Hancock)Pat Hancock37Mar-Apr2001
Buckeye Encore (P. Hancock)Pat Hancock29May-June2001
Buckeye Gift Wrapped (P. Hancock)Pat Hancock36Nov-Dec2001
Buckeye Irresistable (P. Hancock)Pat Hancock33May-June2001
Chanticleer (Eyerdom)Tony Hulleman29Nov-Dec2001
Chinook Wind (K. Stork)Kent Stork32Jan-Feb2001
Chirita sinensis 'Hisako'Barbara Pershing37Mar-Apr2001
Cirelda (P. Tracey)Judith Carter32May-June2001
Dean's Ruby (K. Hobbs-Gregg)Fay Wagman32Sept-Oct2001
Decelles' Coralia (Y. Decelles)Tony Hulleman33Jan-Feb2001
Desir (D. Croteau)Doris Brownlie32May-June2001
Ellie Gardner (P. Harris)Bev Promersberger40Jan-Feb2001
Episcia 'Silver Sheen'Beverley Williams36May-June2001
Fanny Sue (J. Brownlie)Tony Hulleman32Jan-Feb2001
Fisher's Leone (E. Fisher)Tony Hullerman28Mar-Apr2001
Floozie (K. Stork)Helen Barrett29Jan-Feb2001
Frozen in Time (Sorano/LLG)Lyndon Lyon GreenhousescoverNov-Dec2001
Geisha Girl (G. Durand)Greta Durand29May-June2001
Geronimo (K. Stork)Nancy Price28Jan-Feb2001
Ges-5 'Amy' Ruth Bann28July-Aug2001
Harbor Blue (T. Weber)Tony Hulleman33July-Aug2001
Honeysuckle Rose (Munk/Dattalo)Carol Allegretti32July-Aug2001
Hot Summer Day (K. Stork)Kent Stork28July-Aug2001
Kara's Birthday Surprise (P. Sorano/LLG)Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses33Nov-Dec2001
King David (D. Thompson)Nancy PricecoverMay-June2001
Kiwi Dazzler (D. Snell)Nancy PricecoverJan-Feb2001
Ness' Satin Rose (D. Ness)Kathy Lahti32July-Aug2001
Opera's Il Straniero (D. Burdick)Olive Ma Robinson36July-Aug2001
Optimara California II (Holtkamp)Kathy Lahti33July-Aug2001
Optimara Leonardo Davinci (Holtkamp)B.J. Ohme28Nov-Dec2001
Optimara Little Crow (Holtkamp)Meredith HallcoverMar-Apr2001
Optimara Little Ottawa (Holtkamp)John Carter28Mar-Apr2001
Optimara Little Pueblo (Holtkamp)Meredith HallcoverMar-Apr2001
Optimara Michelangelo (Holtkamp)Bruce Young37May-June2001
Optimara New Mexico (Holtkamp)Tony HullemancoverJuly-Aug2001
Optimara Rose Quartz (Holtkamp)Olive Ma Robinson29Mar-Apr2001
Orchard's Bumble Magnet (R. Wilson)Olive Ma Robinson29Mar-Apr2001
Paumanok (T. Weber)Tony Hulleman28Sept-Oct2001
Peppermint Girl (H. Pittman)Dolores Gibbs29Sept-Oct2001
Petrocosmea minorBill Price37Nov-Dec2001
Playful Spectrum (P. Sorano/LLG)Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses29July-Aug2001
Queen Anne (N. Price)Nancy Price32Mar-Apr2001
Rhapsodie Clementine (Holtkamp)Kathy Lahti28Sept-Oct2001
Rob's Antique Rose (R. Robinson)Bruce Young33Jan-Feb2001
Rob's Dust Storm (R. Robinson)Beverley Williams28May-June2001
Rob's Ice Ripples (R. Robinson)Meredith HallcoverMar-Apr2001
Rob's Pal Paul (R. Robinson)Beverley Williams36Jan-Feb2001
Rob's Sticky Wicket (R. Robinson)Bob McCabe36Sept-Oct2001
Rob's Twinkle Blue (R. Robinson)Olive Ma Robinson29Mar-Apr2001
Saintpaulia 'botanica'Angelika Richter40Nov-Dec2001
Sapphire Halo (G. Boone)Doris Caille36Nov-Dec2001
Seedling LL-99Greta Durand37Jan-Feb2001
Sinningia 'Mercury'Bruce Young33May-June2001
Sister Sylvia (F. Wagman)Fay Wagman29Nov-Dec2001
Skagit Rascal (W. Lindstrom)Tony Hulleman36July-Aug2001
Special Treat (Sorano/LLG)Llyndon Lyon Greenhouses33Sept-Oct2001
Spindletop (H. Pittman)Shirley Sanders40Mar-Apr2001
Spunky Trail (S. Sorano/LLG)Bob McCabe32Mar-Apr2001
Sticky Spring TrailGini McCanne32Sept-Oct2001
Strawberry Sundae (G. Smith)Deborah Sanders36Sept-Oct2001
Streptocarpus 'Bristol's Jumpin' Jack'Gary Mikita37July-Aug2001
Streptocarpus 'Bristol's Petticoat'John Carter33Nov-Dec2001
Streptocarpus 'Sugar Blue'David Thompson32Nov-Dec2001
Streptocarpus purple hybridLouise Boucher37Jan-Feb2001
Symphonette (Y. Lambert)Beverley Williams29Jan-Feb2001
Von's Friend Syl (Y. Lambert)Greta Durand36May-June2001
White Madonna (Eyerdom)Helen Barrett36Mar-Apr2001
Windy Day (Stork/Boone)Nancy Price28May-June2001
xColtrichantha 'Midget'Fred Packer37Sept-Oct2001
Aca's Curious George (J. Brownlie)John Brownlie37July-Aug2002
Aca's Flying Free (J. Brownlie)Doris Brownlie33May-June2002
Aca's Little Champ (J. Brownlie)Denise Gagnon36May-June2002
Alliance (D. Croteau)Denis Croteau37Mar-Apr2002
Blackberry Jam (S. Sorano/LLG)Janet Graves28Nov-Dec2002
Bogeyman (R. Scott)Susan AndersoncoverJan-Feb2002
Buckeye Blithe Spirit (P. Hancock)Joanne Baker-Pruner33Sept-Oct2002
Buckeye Damask Rose (P. Hancock)Pat Hancock33Mar-Apr2002
Buckeye Delicious (P. Hancock)Pat Hancock28Mar-Apr2002
Buckeye Electric Dream (P. Hancock)Pat Hancock32Jan-Feb2002
Buckeye Incognito (P. Hancock)Pat Hancock28Jan-Feb2002
Buckeye Irish Rose (P. Hancock)Pat Hancock29May-June2002
Buckeye Love's Caress (P. Hancock)Pat Hancock36Mar-Apr2002
Carnation Sprinkles (P. Sorano/LLG)Lydon Lyon Greenhouses36Jan-Feb2002
Coeur Corail (D. Croteau)Denis Croteau37May-June2002
Delightful (J. Swift)Gertrud Schneider37Nov-Dec2002
Episcia 'Temiscamingue'Francine Pilon36Jan-Feb2002
Evergreen's Sadie Lady Joanne Baker-Pruner37July-Aug2002
Fading Embers (P. Sorano/LLG)Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses28Jan-Feb2002
Fairy Fountains (P. Tracey)Kitty Hedgepeth32Nov-Dec2002
Frosted Whisper ( R. Scott)Tony Hulleman28Sept-Oct2002
Frosted Whisper (R. Scott)Claire Gamache32Jan-Feb2002
Futuriste (Regan/Croteau)Denis Croteau29Jan-Feb2002
Guelph's Christmas (J. Brownlie)John Brownlie28Sept-Oct2002
Jonathan (D. Croteau)Greta Durand32May-June2002
Ma's Midland Fantasy (O.M. Robinson)Olive Ma Robinson29Sept-Oct2002
Mac's Shangri-La Serendipity (G. McDonald)George McDonald36July-Aug2002
Mark (M. Maas)Lorna Russell33Jan-Feb2002
Merrilee (Haywood)Mario Santopietro36Mar-Apr2002
Milky Way Trail (J. Stahl)John Carter37Jan-Feb2002
Mister Socialite (P. Sorano/LLG)Paul Sorano32Sept-Oct2002
Ness' Candy Pink (D. Ness)Greta Durand37May-June2002
Ness' Happy Freckles (D. Ness)Dixie Williams28May-June2002
Ness' Mini Sota (D. Ness)Kathy Lahti29Jan-Feb2002
Ness' Mini Sota (D. Ness)Kathy Lahti29Mar-Apr2002
Ness' Orange Pekoe (D. Ness)Libby Behnke36Nov-Dec2002
Ness' Sno Fun (D. Ness)Kathy Lahti29Mar-Apr2002
Optical Illusion (P. Sorano/LLG)Paul SoranocoverNov-Dec2002
Optimara Chagall (Holtkamp)Kent Stork28July-Aug2002
Optimara Little Aztec (Holtkamp)Kathy LahticoverMar-Apr2002
Pink Patti (M. Burns)Marie Burns29Nov-Dec2002
Pink Sensation (Sorano/LLG)Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses32Mar-Apr2002
Plant Arrangement "Blame the Cow"Fran Russom40Mar-Apr2002
Plant Arrangement "Museaum of Science & Industry"Jeanne Cotton40May-June2002
Pony Ride (S. Sorano/LLG)Ron Ennis32July-Aug2002
Rainbow's Quiet Riot (R. Wasmund)Tony HullemancoverJuly-Aug2002
Ramblin' Lassie (S. Sanders/R. Brenton)Sue Hoffmann33July-Aug2002
Raspberries 'n' Cream (G.T. Smith)Deborah Sanders32July-Aug2002
Rebel's Centennial Star (R. Bann)Shannon Ahlman28July-Aug2002
Red Mount Fuji (Horikoshi/Kawakami)Kathy Lahti28May-June2002
Rhapsodie Stephanie (Holtkamp)Kathy LahticoverMay-June2002
Rob's Bee Boopsie (R. Robinson)Carolyn Colin-Lane32May-June2002
Rob's Dandy Lion (R. Robinson)Annie Simard40Jan-Feb2002
Rob's Doohickey (R. Robinson)Ralph Robinson33Mar-Apr2002
Rob's Fiddle Faddle (R. Robinson)Kathy Lahti28Nov-Dec2002
Saintpaulia grandifolia #237Felicia Wdowiak29July-Aug2002
Saintpaulia pendulaBarbara Pershing37Jan-Feb2002
Saintpaulia species Mather #21Bill Price32Sept-Oct2002
Sansoucy' Coco (P. Sansoucy)Muriel Staley29Sept-Oct2002
Sansoucy' Julie-Marie (P. Sansoucy)Claire Gamache32Mar-Apr2002
Seedling 9902WMR07 (O.M. Robinson)Olive Ma Robinson37Mar-Apr2002
Shades of Blush (G.T. Smith)Deborah Sanders36Sept-Oct2002
Sinningia 'Merry Christmas'Wayne Watts33Nov-Dec2002
Sinningia cardinalis 'Innocence'Paul Kroll33Sept-Oct2002
Strawberry Daiquiri (Sorano/LLG)Paul SoranocoverSept-Oct2002
Strawberry Wave (S. Sorano/LLG)Margan Simmons28Mar-Apr2002
Streptocarpus 'Bristol's Party Girl'Sue Hoffmann36July-Aug2002
Sugar Bear Blues (D. Ness)Kathy Lahti29Mar-Apr2002
Superman (E. Champion)Ethel Champion32Nov-Dec2002
Tiny Moon Goddess Emma Bygott36May-June2002
Wisteria (F. Tinari)Stephen Phillips37Sept-Oct2002
Aca's Pink Pansy (J. Brownlie)Lynn Moore32May-June2003
Antique Rose Lace (G. Gay)George Gay40Mar-Apr2003
Apache Primrose (J. Munk)Gertrud Schneider28May-June2003
B-Man's Palma (B. Curcuruto)Dianne Good33May-June2003
Baby Brian (P. Tracy)Bill PricecoverJuly-Aug2003
Beca's Zimbabwe (C. Beca)Maida denOudsten32Mar-Apr2003
Benediction (K. Stork)Elmer Godeny33July-Aug2003
Boreal (D. Croteau) Joan Pearce32Mar-Apr2003
Buckeye Candy Kisses (P. HancockAnne Thomas37Jan-Feb2003
Buckeye Lazy Daze (P. Hancock)Pat Hancock37Nov-Dec2003
Buckeye Rave Reviews (P. Hancock)Pat Hancock36Nov-Dec2003
ChantaspringRoxanne Shrewsbury36July-Aug2003
Chirita mooniiPaul Sorano33Mar-Apr2003
Cloud Puff (H. Pittman)Hortense Pittman29Nov-Dec2003
Concord (Horikoshi/Ozaki)Tony Hulleman29May-June2003
Coral Cluster (K. Stork)Kent Stork28Nov-Dec2003
Episcia 'Suomi'Dale Martens29Nov-Dec2003
Fuchsia Lace (G. Gay)George Gay40Mar-Apr2003
Grape Slush (S. Sorano/LLG)Gertrud Schneider37Jan-Feb2003
Honey Blue Ace (H. Pittman)Hortense Pittman37July-Aug2003
Honeysuckle Rose (Munk/Dattalo)Paul Kroll28Mar-Apr2003
Imperial Lace (G. Gay)George Gay40Mar-Apr2003
Kaylih Marie (P. Sorano/LLG)Paul Sorano28Nov-Dec2003
Lavender Lace (G. Gay)George Gay40Mar-Apr2003
Lyon's Fortune Teller (Sorano/LLG)Paul Sorano32May-June2003
Ma's Pillow Talk (O.M. Robinson)Olive Ma Robinson32Sept-Oct2003
Ma's Second Thoughts (O.M. Robinson)Olive Ma RobinsoncoverMar-Apr2003
Marion's Enchanted Trail (H. Pittman)Martha Dyson28Sept-Oct2003
Midnight Lace (G. Gay)George Gay40Mar-Apr2003
Mikah (H. Pittman)Hortense Pittman36July-Aug2003
Miss Manners (C. Eros)Carol Eros29Sept-Oct2003
Morgan's Popup (C. Eros)Carol Eros33Mar-Apr2003
Neon Fantasy (Sorano/LLG)Paul SoranocoverSept-Oct2003
Ness' Candy Pink (D. Ness)Marion Hamtil36Jan-Feb2003
Ness' Crinkle Blue (D. Ness)Meredith Hall33Jan-Feb2003
Ness' Viking Maiden (D. Ness)Elmer GodenycoverNov-Dec2003
Optimara Little Crow (Holtkamp) Margaret Lowndes36Mar-Apr2003
Optimara Little Moonstone (Holtkamp)Meredith Hall33Jan-Feb2003
Orchard's Bumble Magnet (R. Wilson)Meredith Hall33Jan-Feb2003
Ozio (B. Foster)Mary Corondan32July-Aug2003
Park Avenue Blue (Sorano/LLG)Paul Sorano29Sept-Oct2003
Party Print (M. Burns)Marie Burns29Jan-Feb2003
Peek-a-boo Lace (G. Gay)George Gay40Mar-Apr2003
Pink Dove (S. Sorano/LLG)Ron Ennis28Jan-Feb2003
Plant Arrangement "Zydeco"Fran Russom36Sept-Oct2003
Plumberry Glow (Sorano/LLG)Lyndon Lyon GreenhousescoverMay-June2003
Prince William (E. Fisher)Ivy Sayer32Nov-Dec2003
Red Shadow (D. Rutherford)Jean Melnechuk32Jan-Feb2003
Rob's Boolaroo (R. Robinson)Tony Hulleman29Mar-Apr2003
Rob's Cool Fruit (R. Robinson)Richard Nicholas32July-Aug2003
Rob's Humpty Doo (R. Robinson)Linda Neumann28Mar-Apr2003
Rob's Sailor Bill (R. Robinson)Margaret Gratto36May-June2003
Rob's Sticky Wicket (R. Robinson)Ina Beaver32Nov-Dec2003
Rodeo Showgirl (J. Munk)Robert Truax29July-Aug2003
Royal Purple Lace (G. Gay)George Gay40Mar-Apr2003
Saintpaulia velutinaMargaret Gratto32Sept-Oct2003
San Mateo Blues (C. Cornibe)Cathy Cornibe36Nov-Dec2003
Sansoucy' Julie-Marie (P. Sansoucy)Jean Melnechuk36May-June2003
Sassy Shirley (H. Pittman)Anne Nicholas28July-Aug2003
Shan (B. Johnson)Margaret Gratto36Mar-Apr2003
Sinningia 'Touch of Spice'Dale Martens33Sept-Oct2003
Speckled Thrill (H. Pittman)Hortense Pittman28Sept-Oct2003
Streptocarpus 'Calico Print'David Thompson36Jan-Feb2003
Streptocarpus cyanandrusPaul Kroll28July-Aug2003
Susie's Delight (M. Gratto)Margaret Gratto28Jan-Feb2003
The Alps (Horikoshi/Sawara)Tony HullemancoverJan-Feb2003
Tiny Wood Trail (T. Khoe)Alice Grundy28May-June2003
Trichantha pulchra 'Orange Crush'Robert McCabe37Mar-Apr2003
Van Whipple SportCarol Eros32Jan-Feb2003
Aca's Daphne (J. Brownlie)Doris Brownlie37May-June2004
Aca's Happy Star (J. Brownlie)Doris Brownlie37May-June2004
Arizona Heat (K. Stork)Kent Stork28Sept-Oct2004
B-Man's Etna (B. Curcuruto)Bruno Curcuruto36May-June2004
B-Man's Raquesa (B. Curcuruto)Bruno Curcuruto36Mar-Apr2004
Blue Boy (Armacost & Royston)Doris Morris29Sept-Oct2004
Bob Serbin (J. Brownlie)Tony Hulleman37Mar-Apr2004
Buckeye Gift-wrapped (P. Hancock)Hattie Baggett28Sept-Oct2004
Buckeye Obsession (P. Hancock)Pat Hancock36Nov-Dec2004
Buckeye Vavoom (P. Hancock)Pat Hancock28Nov-Dec2004
Cactus Rose (I. Fredette)Sandra Lex36May-June2004
Candy Fountain (I. Fredette)Barbara Hosteler29Nov-Dec2004
Chicago Flair (D. Hoover)William SuggcoverMar-Apr2004
Cool Blue (H. Pittman)Hortense Pittman29May-June2004
Country Cider (I. Fredette)Kathy Bell29Sept-Oct2004
Episcia 'Strawberry Patch'Tony Hulleman33May-June2004
Flower Arrangement "Mariachi Melody"Marlene Buck37Sept-Oct2004
Flower Arrangement "San Xavier Mission Del Bac"Elmer Godeny37Nov-Dec2004
Freckled Flirt (H. Pittman)Hortense Pittman32May-June2004
Frosted Denim (S. Sorano/LLG)Jim Toms28May-June2004
Frozen in Time (S. Sorano/LLG)Olive Ma Robinson32Jan-Feb2004
Halo's Aglitter (S. Sorano/LLG)Doris Morris32Sept-Oct2004
Irish Iridescence (LLG)Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses32July-Aug2004
Lakeshore Silver (J. Brownlie)Doris Brownlie37May-June2004
Little Jayhawker (M. Gall)Martha Dyson32Jan-Feb2004
Louisiana Lagniappe (K. Stork)Kent Stork28Jan-Feb2004
Magic Blue (H. Pittman)Hortense Pittman29May-June2004
Ness' Lil Hotshot (D. Ness)Beverley Williams32Mar-Apr2004
Ness' Orange Pekoe (D. Ness)Esther Hopkins32Sept-Oct2004
Opera's Il Straniero (D. Burdick)Olive Ma RobinsoncoverMay-June2004
Opera's Paolo (D. Burdick)Paul Kroll28July-Aug2004
Optimara Little Blackfoot (Holtkamp)Sandra Lex32May-June2004
Optimara Ontario (Holtkamp) Pat Richards32July-Aug2004
Optimara Ontario (Holtkamp)Pat Richards36Nov-Dec2004
Optimara Ontario II (Holtkamp)Tony Hulleman36Jan-Feb2004
Persian Prince (S. Sorano/LLG)Linda Golubski28Jan-Feb2004
Persian Prince (S. Sorano/LLG)Susan HapnercoverJuly-Aug2004
Petrocosmea forrestiiJoyce Stork32Nov-Dec2004
Precious Pink (H. Pittman)Anne Nicolas28Mar-Apr2004
Ramblin' Sunshine (S. Sorano/LLG)Bob McCabe32Mar-Apr2004
Rebel's Stormy Sky (R. Bann)Nancy Ley37Jan-Feb2004
Red Bandito ( H. Pittman)Hortense Pittman29May-June2004
Rob's Calypso Beat (R. Robinson)Richard Nicholas28Mar-Apr2004
Rob's Monkeyshines (R. Robinson)Kathy Lahti29July-Aug2004
Rob's Outer Orbit (R. Robinson)Ralph Robinson33July-Aug2004
Rob's Slap Happy (R. Robinson)Ralph Robinson29Jan-Feb2004
Saintpaulia brevipilosaDr. Jeff Smith40July-Aug2004
Saintpaulia Brother PaddyDr. Jeff Smith40Nov-Dec2004
Saintpaulia difficilis No. 2Dr. Jeff Smith40Mar-Apr2004
Saintpaulia grandifolia #237Janis Mink33Jan-Feb2004
Saintpaulia grandifolia No. 7Dr. Jeff Smith40May-June2004
Saintpaulia intermediaJanis Mink33Jan-Feb2004
Saintpaulia Mather 21Dr. Jeff Smith40Jan-Feb2004
Saintpaulia rupicolaJanis Mink33Jan-Feb2004
Sassy Sue (H. Pittman)Hortense Pittman28May-June2004
Shirl's Hawaiian Lei (S. Sanders)Shirley Sanders36July-Aug2004
Shirl's Senior Moment (S. Sanders)Olive Ma Robinson28July-Aug2004
Sinningia douglasiiBill Price37July-Aug2004
Spring Kiss (D. Herrings/LLG)Paul Sorano33Nov-Dec2004
Streptocarpus 'Butter Blues'Elmer Godeny33Mar-Apr2004
Streptocarpus 'Janus'Fern Hildinger33Sept-Oct2004
Streptocarpus 'Stained Glass'Richard Nicholas36Jan-Feb2004
Suncoast Winter Skies (S. Williams)Louise McPherson36Mar-Apr2004
Taffeta Blue (L. Lyon/LLG)Mark Weston36Sept-Oct2004
Thunder Surprise (S. Sanders)Anne NicholascoverJan-Feb2004
Tomorrow's Blue Nova (J. Smith)Kathy BellcoverNov-Dec2004
Verdict (K. Stork)Elmer Godeny29Mar-Apr2004
Warm Sunshine (P. Sorano/LLG)Paul SoranocoverSept-Oct2004
Wrangler's Dixie Celebration (W. Smith)Jan Shrader32Nov-Dec2004
Wrangler's Savage Beauty (W. Smith)Susan Anderson28Nov-Dec2004
Aca's Libbie (J. Brownlie)Doris Brownlie13Nov-Dec2005
Aca's Sizzle (J. Brownlie)Tony Hulleman28Mar-Apr2005
B-Man's Caltanisetta (B. Curcuruto)Bruno Curcuruto32Sept-Oct2005
Barbara Ann (K. Stork)William Sugg28May-June2005
Best Commercial Display Case/The Violet BarnOlive Ma Robinson9July-Aug2005
BotanikaDale Martens37Sept-Oct2005
Buckeye Extravaganza (P. Hancock)Tony Hulleman32Jan-Feb2005
Buckeye Remember Ohio (P. Hancock)Anne Thomas29Nov-Dec2005
Cherokee Trail (L. Ray)Paul Kroll28July-Aug2005
Chirita 'Cynthia'Bill Price28May-June2005
Chirita gemellaSharon Kemp49Nov-Dec2005
Definitley Darryl (H. Pittman)Kathy Lahti37Mar-Apr2005
Demers' Pixie Belle (N. Demers)Heather Eakins32Mar-Apr2005
Dish Garden "The Heart of the City"Linda Golubski53July-Aug2005
Emerald Love (E. Kolb)Fern Hildinger36July-Aug2005
Fancy Trail (L. Lyon/LLG)Beverly Powers36July-Aug2005
Flower Arrangement "Adventure in King's Island"Janey Reddell40Sept-Oct2005
Flower Arrangement "Go Bengals"Olive Ma Robinson52July-Aug2005
Flower Arrangement "Riverfest"Olive Ma Robinson40Sept-Oct2005
Flower Arrangement "Rodeo Days"Paul Kroll33Mar-Apr2005
Flower Arrangement "Shakespeare's As You Like It"Anne Nicholas40Nov-Dec2005
Frosted Whisper (R. Scott)Bruno Curcuruto33Jan-Feb2005
Gesneria rupincola USBRG 97-117Bill Price36Mar-Apr2005
Graffiti (K. Stork)Catherine Thompson13July-Aug2005
Hondo Honey (H. Pittman)Kathy Lahti37Mar-Apr2005
Irish Kiss (Sorano/LLG)Susan AndersoncoverMay-June2005
Kandy Kitchen (K. Stork)Kent Stork33Sept-Oct2005
Kiwi Dazzler (D. Snell)D. Snell32May-June2005
Kohleria 'Monte's Friendship'Dale Martens49July-Aug2005
Lilian Sparkler (E. Champion)Ray Morrison12July-Aug2005
Ma's Lily Pad (O.M. Robinson)Olive Ma RobinsoncoverSept-Oct2005
Ma's Moody Monday (O.M. Robinson)Olive Ma Robinson9Nov-Dec2005
Mac's Black Jack (G. McDonald)George McDonald28July-Aug2005
Mac's Solemn Stillness (G. McDonald)George McDonald37July-Aug2005
Mary Craig (R. Nadeau)Anne Thomas12Nov-Dec2005
Mid America Gary Mikita29July-Aug2005
Milky Way Trail (J. Stahl)Nelly LevinecoverMar-Apr2005
Mistrial (M. Tremblay)Esther Hopkins33Jan-Feb2005
Moonlight Magic (S. Sorano/LLG)Kathy Bell28Jan-Feb2005
Ness' Coral Sunset (D. Ness)Anita HaroldcoverJan-Feb2005
Ness' Crinkle Blue (D. Ness)Beverley Williams29Mar-Apr2005
Ness' Satin Rose (D. Ness)Allan Reigh, Sr32Mar-Apr2005
Northern Attitude (P. Sorano/LLG)Paul Sorano28Nov-Dec2005
Ode to Beauty (G. Cox/B. Johnson)Tony Hulleman29May-June2005
Optimara EverPraise (Holtkamp)Tony Hulleman32Sept-Oct2005
Optimara Little Aztec (Holtkamp)Kathy Lahti37Mar-Apr2005
Optimara Little Pearl (Holtkamp)Kathy Lahti33Nov-Dec2005
Optimara Little Rhodonite (Holtkamp)Kathy Lahti33Nov-Dec2005
Optimara Ontario (Holtkamp)Tony Hulleman29May-June2005
Optimara Rose Quartz (Holtkamp)Kathy Lahti33Nov-Dec2005
Optimara Van Gogh (Holtkamp)Louise McPherson28May-June2005
Pink Dove (S. Sorano/LLG)Kathy Lahti36Jan-Feb2005
Pink Mischief (LLG)Paul Sorano29Jan-Feb2005
Plant Arrangement "Arnoff Center for the Arts"Mary Jo Bradley53July-Aug2005
Plumberry Glow (Sorano/LLG)Sandra Lex36Jan-Feb2005
RD's Kerryn (R.. Townsend)Kent Stork37Jan-Feb2005
Rebel's Midnight Mauve (R. Bann)William Sugg36May-June2005
Rebel's Splatter Kake (R. Bann)Doris Brownlie36May-June2005
Rob's Bed Bug (R. Robinson)Ralph Robinson32Mar-Apr2005
Rob's Boogie Woogie (R. Robinson)Doris Brownlie13Nov-Dec2005
Rob's Fiddle Faddle (R. Robinson)Kathy Lahti9Sept-Oct2005
Rob's Fuzzy Navel (R. Robinson)Kathy LahticoverJuly-Aug2005
Rob's Lucky Penny (R. Robinson)Ralph Robinson29Mar-Apr2005
Rob's Miriwinni (R. Robinson)Doris Morris33May-June2005
Rob's Penny Ante (R. Robinson)Jim Toms36Mar-Apr2005
Rob's Soliloquy (R. Robinson)Jim Toms32May-June2005
Rob's Sticky Wicket (R. Robinson)Joyce Stork13Sept-Oct2005
Rosie Ruffles (D. Harrington)Evye Strong28Jan-Feb2005
Satin Bow (M. Burns)Catherine Thompson12Nov-Dec2005
Satin Wine (S. Sorano/LLG)Tony Hulleman29May-June2005
Shy Blue (S. Sorano/LLG)Jim Toms12Sept-Oct2005
Sinningia 'White Sprite'Carolyn Conlin-Lane32Nov-Dec2005
Snuggles Snow Baby (S. Sorano/LLG)Jim Toms28Nov-Dec2005
Stephanie Croteau (D. Croteau)Robin Cotton36Sept-Oct2005
Streptocarpus 'Bristol's Luv It'Tony Hulleman36May-June2005
Streptocarpus 'Guidelines'David Thompson36Sept-Oct2005
Streptocarpus 'Salmon Sunset'David Thompson29July-Aug2005
Streptocarpus 'Sandra'Esther Hopkins32Jan-Feb2005
Sunnyvale Trail (T. Khoe)Bill PricecoverNov-Dec2005
Sunshine Lady (Heard)Pat Richards28Mar-Apr2005
Symphonette (Y. Lambert)Beverley Williams12Sept-Oct2005
Underwater Arrangement "Desert Mirage"Janice Beatty33Mar-Apr2005
Von's Mariner (Y. Lambert)Doris Brownlie13Nov-Dec2005
Yesterday's Child (J. Smith)Morgan Simmons12July-Aug2005
Aca's Eloise (J. Brownlie)Sandra Lex49Jan-Feb2006
Aca's Pink Pansy (J. Brownlie)Lynn Moore33Mar-Apr2006
Alison's Laughter (P. Sorano/LLG)Paul Sorano36May-June2006
Alliance (D. Croteau)Catherine ThompsoncoverJuly-Aug2006
B-Man's Alessio (B. Curcuruto)Bruno Curcuruto40Mar-Apr2006
B-Man's Caltanisetta (B. Curcuruto)Bruno Curcuruto40Mar-Apr2006
B-Man's Delila (B. Curcuruto)Bruno Curcuruto40Mar-Apr2006
B-Man's Etna (B. Curcuruto)Susan Gimblet25Nov-Dec2006
Big Bang (K. Stork)Kent Stork52Nov-Dec2006
Buckeye Leprechaun Charm (P. Hancock)Pat Hancock13Mar-Apr2006
Buckeye Loves Caress (P. Hancock)Anne ThomascoverMay-June2006
Chrysothemis pulchellaKen Rein53Nov-Dec2006
Commercial Showcase/Horticulture PlusGary Mikita9Jan-Feb2006
Cupid's Kiss (S. Sorano/LLG)Beverley Williams16Jan-Feb2006
Dean's Cupid (H. Hobbs)Anne Nicholas28May-June2006
Definitely Darryl (H. Pittman)Anne Nicholas28May-June2006
Dish Garden "Fort Ancient State Memorial"Linda Rowe49May-June2006
Episcia 'Silver Crystal'Meredith Hall40Sept-Oct2006
Floor Show (P. Sorano/LLG)Paul Sorano36May-June2006
Flower Arrangement "Cincinnati Museum Center"Mary Jo Bradley16Mar-Apr2006
Flower Arrangement "Cinergy Children's Museaum"John Carter49May-June2006
Flower Arrangement "Laura Ingalls Wilder"Ruth Goeke28Nov-Dec2006
Flower Arrangement "Racing at Turfway"Olive Ma Robinson16Mar-Apr2006
Flower Arrangement "St. Paul Carnival"Karyn Cichocki29Nov-Dec2006
Heartland's Lime Sherbet (D. Martens)Dale Martens9July-Aug2006
Hector (H. Pittman)Anne Nicholas12Jan-Feb2006
Heinz's Desert Song (H. Dornbusch)Dale Martens9Mar-Apr2006
Indian Trail (T. Khoe)Eleanor McIver25Nov-Dec2006
Irish Iridescence (P. Sorano/LLG)Laurel Goretsky9May-June2006
King's Ransom (P. Sorano/LLG)Paul Sorano37May-June2006
King's Ranson (P. Sorano (LLG)Paul SoranocoverSept-Oct2006
Lakeshore Silver (J. Brownlie)Beverley Williams12Mar-Apr2006
Layered Gown (D. Harrington)Dolores Harrington12July-Aug2006
Live Wire (P. Sorano/LLG)Paul Sorano37May-June2006
Lollipalooza (K. Stork)Kent StorkcoverMar-Apr2006
Lonestar Daybreak (R. Nicholas)Richard Nicholas28May-June2006
Lonestar Helen Mahr (R. Nicholas)Richard Nicholas29May-June2006
Lonestar Lady (R. Nicholas)Richard Nicholas29May-June2006
Lonestar Snowstorm (R. Nicholas)Richard Nicholas29May-June2006
Lonestar Twilight (R. Nicholas)Richard NicholascoverNov-Dec2006
Lyon's Monique (S. Sorano/LLG)Kathy Lahti53Nov-Dec2006
Mac's Carnival Clown (G. McDonald)Ruth Mengsol12Sept-Oct2006
Mac's Shangrila Serendipity (G. McDonald)George McDonald9Sept-Oct2006
Morgan's Miss Manners (C. Eros)Carol Eros32May-June2006
Natural Planting "Cincinnati Zoo/Botanical Garden"Jane Rexilius36Jan-Feb2006
Nematanthus 'Tropicana'Ken Froboese29May-June2006
Ness' Candy Pink (D. Ness)Richard Nicholas28May-June2006
Ness' Cranberry Swirl (D. Ness)Beverley Williams16Jan-Feb2006
Ness' Cranberry Swirl (D. Ness)Anne Nicholas28May-June2006
Ness' Crinkle Blue (D. Ness)Beverley Williams16Jan-Feb2006
Ness' Puppy Prints (D. Ness)Catherine Thompson16Sept-Oct2006
Newtown Grape Suzette (S. Holtzman)Mary Martin13Jan-Feb2006
Optimara EverGrace (Holtkamp)Tony HullemancoverJan-Feb2006
Optimara Little Moonstone (Holtkamp)Tony Hulleman25Mar-Apr2006
Optimara Montana II (Holtkamp)Ken Rein12July-Aug2006
Phinaea sp. USBRG 96-336Bill Price32Mar-Apr2006
Pink Persuasion (P. Sorano/LLG)Janice Heinold29May-June2006
Plant Arrangement "A German Taste"Paul Kroll37Jan-Feb2006
Plant Arrangement "Minneapolis Institute of Art"Olive Ma Robinson28Nov-Dec2006
Plant Arrangement "Riverboats"Arlene Garvens37Jan-Feb2006
Rebel's Gingham Elf (R. Bann)Ruth Bann13July-Aug2006
Rhapsodie Stephanie (Holtkamp) Kathy Lahti13Sept-Oct2006
Rob's Boogie Woogie (R. Robinson)Daphne Yaremko12Mar-Apr2006
Rob's Scooter (R. Robinson)Sandra Lex49Jan-Feb2006
Rob's Slap Happy (R. Robinson)Sharon Rosenzweig25Nov-Dec2006
Rob's Twinkle Pink (R. Robinson)Beverley Williams33May-June2006
Saintpaulia 'Brother Paddy'Bill Price13July-Aug2006
Saintpaulia grandifolia #299Nancy Manozzi25Nov-Dec2006
Saratoga Trail (T. Khoe)Eleanor McIver25Nov-Dec2006
Sinningia Malx IS PO5-06Dave Harris40Nov-Dec2006
Snuggles Tiny Baby (S. Sorano/LLG)Eleanor McIver25Nov-Dec2006
Sora Patty Ann (B. Werness)Mary Endrizzi25Sept-Oct2006
Streptocarpella 'Blueberry Crème'Gertrud Schneider32Mar-Apr2006
Streptocarpus 'Gator's Tail'Tom Cuthbertson32May-June2006
Streptocarpus 'Lenora' (J. Munk)Gary Thurman29May-June2006
Tea For Two (H. Dornbusch)Dale martens12Jan-Feb2006
Aeschynanthus humilisBill Price16July-Aug2007
Alison's Laughter (P. Sorano/LLG)Paul Sorano37Mar-Apr2007
Austin's Smile (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses)Paul Sorano16Nov-Dec2007
Bahama Mama (S. Leary)Rachel McKitrick28July-Aug2007
Buckeye Celebration (P. Hancock)Anne Thomas12Nov-Dec2007
Buckeye Especially Mine (P. Hancock)Anne ThomascoverMay-June2007
ChantapringAnne Brown56May-June2007
Christening Gown (Sorano/LLG)Anne Brown36Mar-Apr2007
Colonial Hahndorf (Hams)Muriel Staley40Mar-Apr2007
Dish Garden "Garden of the Gods"Elmer Godeny36Sept-Oct2007
Dish Garden "Pikes Peak"Parker E. Tracy37Sept-Oct2007
Flower Arrangement " Snow"Elmer Godeny36Sept-Oct2007
Flower Arrangement " Tea with Molly Brown"Janey Reddell36Sept-Oct2007
Flower Arrangement "A Night at the Symphony"Paul Kroll53Jan-Feb2007
Flower Arrangement "A Taste of Colorado"Judy Carter36July-Aug2007
Flower Arrangement "Carousel"Olive Ma Robinson33Nov-Dec2007
Flower Arrangement "Denver Mint"Paul Kroll37July-Aug2007
Flower Arrangement "Little Shell"Rhona Thurman49Mar-Apr2007
Flower Arrangement "Maroon Bells"Olive Ma Robinson33Nov-Dec2007
Flower Arrangement "Snow"Jane Rexilius33Nov-Dec2007
Flower Arrangement "Tea with Molly Brown"Elmer Godeny32Nov-Dec2007
Flower Drum (M. Taylor)Margaret Taylor40Jan-Feb2007
Funambule (D. Croteau)Doris Brownlie52Mar-Apr2007
Golden Autumn (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses)Sue Schinckel29Nov-Dec2007
Harbor Blue (T. Weber)Pat Renaud56Jan-Feb2007
Ian-Selena (N. Puminova)Catherine ThompsoncoverJan-Feb2007
Jolly Orchid (H. Pittman)Anne Nicholas25Nov-Dec2007
Lakeshore Silver (J. Brownlie)Beverley Williams12July-Aug2007
Lonestar Helen Mahr (R. Nicholas)Richard Nicholas36Mar-Apr2007
Lubimaia Dochka (B. Makuni)Catherine Thompson13July-Aug2007
Lucien Croteau (D. Croteau)Pat Renaud56Jan-Feb2007
Lyon's Crown Jewel (Sorano/LLG)Carolee Carter25Mar-Apr2007
Lyon's June Bug (S. Sorano/LLG) Terry Klemesrud33May-June2007
Ma's Melody Girl (O. Robinson)Heather Eakins13May-June2007
Natural Planting "A View at the Top"Elmer Godeny36July-Aug2007
Nautilocalyx bullatusBill Price32Sept-Oct2007
Ness' Cranberry Swirl (D. Ness)Beverley WilliamscoverNov-Dec2007
Ness' Crinkle Blue (D. Ness)Jim Toms52Sept-Oct2007
Ness' Frilly Lady (D. Ness)Mary EndrizzicoverMar-Apr2007
Ness' Pixie Grin (D. Ness)Doris Brownlie13May-June2007
Northern Exposure (N. Levine)Nelly Levine9July-Aug2007
Opera's Il Straniero (D. Burdick)Richard Nicholas9Nov-Dec2007
Optimara EverLove (Holtkamp)David Thompson28Nov-Dec2007
Optimara Little Moonstone (Holtkamp)Anne Brown49Jan-Feb2007
Optimara Ontario (Holtkamp)Tony Hulleman40May-June2007
Pastel Glitter (P. Sorano)Lyndon Lyon GreenhousescoverSept-Oct2007
Petite Blanche (A.E. Adams)Catherine Thompson16Sept-Oct2007
Petrocosmea minorLinda Golubski29Sept-Oct2007
Picasso (M. Tremblay)Tony Hulleman49Jan-Feb2007
Pink Dove (S. Sorano/LLG)Catherine Thompson12May-June2007
Pink Mischief (Sorano/LLG)Winston Goretsky37Mar-Apr2007
Pink Sensation (Sorano/LLG)Jan Tyler-Blanchard37Jan-Feb2007
Pixie Pink ( Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses)Bill Price13Nov-Dec2007
Plant Arrangement "Bridal Veil Falls"Olive Ma Robinson37July-Aug2007
Plant Arrangement "Georgetown Loop"Olive Ma Robinson37July-Aug2007
Plant Arrangement "Rocky Mountain Quilt Musem"B.J. Ohme37Sept-Oct2007
Plant Arrangement "Stillwater"Dale Martens52Jan-Feb2007
Plant Arrangement "The Basket Makers"Melissa Shopnitz37Sept-Oct2007
Plant Arrangement "Windmills"B.J. Ohme32Nov-Dec2007
Rebel's Rose Bud (Bann)Richard NicholascoverJuly-Aug2007
Rhapsodie Cora (Holtkamp)Ruth Bann49May-June2007
Rob's Boogie Woogie (R. Robinson)Martha Olander12Nov-Dec2007
Rob's Humpty Doo (R. Robinson)Elmer Godeny16Sept-Oct2007
Rob's Slap Happy (R. Robinson)Susan Hapner28July-Aug2007
Rocket Science (M. Taylor)Margaret Taylor16Mar-Apr2007
Saintpaulia ionanthaBill Price12July-Aug2007
Saintpaulia velutinaBill Price40Sept-Oct2007
Saintpaulia velutine 'lite'Bill Price32May-June2007
Sassy Shirley (H. Pittman)Diane Miller12Sept-Oct2007
Shirl's Red Sky (S. Sanders)Catherine Thompson29July-Aug2007
Sinningia 'Mackenzie'Kathy Lahti25Sept-Oct2007
Slow Dancin' (Sorano/LLG)Jan Tyler-Blanchard36Jan-Feb2007
Spiced Burgundy (E. Kiesling)Nelly Levine28Sept-Oct2007
Streptocarpus 'Bristol's Moonlit Sky' James Graff36Jan-Feb2007
Streptocarpus 'Falling Stars'James Graf52Mar-Apr2007
Streptocarpus 'Lemon Drop'Nelly Levine29Sept-Oct2007
Streptocarpus 'Raspberry Splash'Maggie Levy28Nov-Dec2007
Streptocarpus 'Tattoo'Catherine Thompson49July-Aug2007
Teeny Bopper (L.Lyon/LLG)Jude Neumann33May-June2007
Terrarium "The Grand Mesa"Linda Golubski32Nov-Dec2007
The Alps (K. Horikoshi/H. Sawara)Susan Shaw12Sept-Oct2007
Tineke (Humako)Peggy Barber13Sept-Oct2007
Underwater Arrangement "Rainbow Curve"Olive Ma Robinson36July-Aug2007
Yesterday's Child (J. Smith)Morgan Simmons9Jan-Feb2007
Aca's Red Ember (J. Brownlie)Tony Hulleman53Mar-Apr2008
Aca's Red Ember (J. Brownlie)Bruno Curcuruto25May-June2008
Allegro Cranapple (J. Stromborg)Janet Stromborg36May-June2008
Allegro Irish Chant (J. Stromborg)Janet Stromborg37May-June2008
Allegro Peaches 'N Green (J. Stromborg)Janet Stromborg37May-June2008
Allegro Pink Pistachio (J. Stromborg)Janet Stromborg37May-June2008
Allegro Watermellon Ruffles (J. Stromborg)Janet Stromborg37May-June2008
Alliance (D. Croteau)Doris Brownlie40May-June2008
Annabelle (K. Stork)Catherine Thompson9July-Aug2008
B-Man's Caltanisetta (B. Curcuruto)Lorna Russell32May-June2008
B-Man's Etna (B. Curcuruto)Bruno Curcuruto16Jan-Feb2008
B-Man's Moncibello (B. Curcuruto)Bruno Curcuruto9May-June2008
Beena (S. Gardner)Sue Gardner40Nov-Dec2008
Beginner's Luck (Pritchet)Kathy Lahti12Sept-Oct2008
Blackhawk (K. Stork)Kent Stork29Nov-Dec2008
Blue Boy (Armacost & Royston)Bruno Curcuruto37Mar-Apr2008
Bold Party Girl (P. Sorano/LLG)David ThompsoncoverJan-Feb2008
Celina Dark Velvet (H. Pittmann)Hortense Pittman13Sept-Oct2008
Chirita linearifolia 'Variegated'Bill Price53Mar-Apr2008
Concord (Horikoshi/Ozaki)B.J. OhmecoverNov-Dec2008
Dish Garden - "Making Camp Along the Arkansas"Dolores Gibbs37July-Aug2008
Dish Garden - "Where the Red Fern Grows"Mel Grice32Sept-Oct2008
Eskimo Kisses (P. Sorano/LLG) blossomLyndon Lyon Greenhouses49July-Aug2008
Favorite Child (G. Cox/B. Johnson)Richard Nicholas52Jan-Feb2008
Flashy Angel (S. Sorano/LLG)Penny Smith-Kerker28July-Aug2008
Flower arrangement "Skiing the Alps"Jacquie Eisenhut49Jan-Feb2008
Flower Arrangement - "A Wildcatter's Dream"Olive Ma Robinson33Sept-Oct2008
Flower Arrangement - "Amarillo by Morning"Janey Reddell37July-Aug2008
Flower Arrangement - "Arizona Byways"Pat Sutton32Sept-Oct2008
Flower Arrangement - "Take Me Back to Tulsa"Mel Grice32Sept-Oct2008
Frances Young (H. Pittman)Dolores Gibbs40Mar-Apr2008
Funambule (D. Croteau)Catherine Thompson36Jan-Feb2008
Gesneria acaulis 'Flamingo'Bill Price13Nov-Dec2008
Heinz's Good Vibrations (H. Dornbusch)Barbara Pershing16Sept-Oct2008
Jolly Mischief (H. Pittman)Anne Nicholas28Nov-Dec2008
Jolly Wine-O (H. Pittman)Ken Froboese40Mar-Apr2008
Kentucky Bride (D. Rollins)Paul Kroll33May-June2008
Kinglake (S. Gardner)Sue Gardner40Nov-Dec2008
Kristi's Spunk (K. Sorano/LLG) blossomLyndon Lyon Greenhouses49July-Aug2008
Kumiko (H. Eyerdom)B.J. Ohme25Sept-Oct2008
Live Wire (P. Sorano/LLG)Catherine ThompsoncoverMay-June2008
Ma's Watermelon (O.M. Robinson)Eileen McGrath29Jan-Feb2008
Mary Craig (R. Nadeau)Richard Nicholas36Mar-Apr2008
Milky Way Trail (J. Stahl)Judi DuPont28Sept-Oct2008
Mobile flower arrangement - "Up, Up and Away"Jacquie Eisenhut49Jan-Feb2008
Ness' Candy Pink (D. Ness)Richard Nicholas53Jan-Feb2008
Ness' Candy Pink (D. Ness)Richard Nicholas40Jan-Feb2008
Ness' Mini Sota (D. Ness)Kathy Lahti29Sept-Oct2008
Norton's Elaine (J. Norton)Beverley Williams53July-Aug2008
Orchid Trail (H. Pittman)Camille Fiorillo25Jan-Feb2008
Paula Always Joanne Schrimsher40Mar-Apr2008
Persian Prince (S. Sorano/LLG)Ina Beaver28Mar-Apr2008
Pixie Runaround (S. Sorano/LLG)Anne Nicholas52Jan-Feb2008
Plant Arrangement - "A President's Life"Ruth Goeke36July-Aug2008
Plant Arrangement - "Gateway to the West"Ruth Goeke33Sept-Oct2008
Plant Arrangement - "Oklahoma is OK"B.J. Ohme36July-Aug2008
Plant Arrangement - "The Ropin' Fool"Paul Kroll33Sept-Oct2008
Plant Arrangement - "Welcome to Route 66"Olive Ma Robinson37July-Aug2008
Plum Delicious (P. Sorano/LLG)Paul Sorano/LLG36Jan-Feb2008
Plumberry Glow (Sorano/LLG)Beverley Williams29Mar-Apr2008
Rob's Boondoggle (R. Robinson)David Thompson16Nov-Dec2008
Rob's Chilly Willy (R. Robinson)Beverley Williams37Jan-Feb2008
Rob's Chilly Willy (R. Robinson)Anne Nicholas52Jan-Feb2008
Rob's Chilly Willy (R. Robinson)Catherine Thompson16July-Aug2008
Rob's Combustible Pigeon (R. Robinson)Beverley WilliamscoverSept-Oct2008
Rob's Fiddle Faddle (R. Robinson)Beverley Williams40May-June2008
Rob's Hallucination (R. Robinson)Beverley Williams32May-June2008
Rob's Jitterbug (R. Robinson)Beverley Williams33May-June2008
Rob's Lucky Ducky (R. Robinson)Lorna Russell37Jan-Feb2008
Rob's Strobe Light (R. Robinson)Kathy Lahti9Nov-Dec2008
Rozovaya Skazka Catherine Thompson28Mar-Apr2008
Saintpaulia grandifolia #299Bill Price9Jan-Feb2008
Saintpaulia grotei 'Silvert Clone'Bill PricecoverMar-Apr2008
Saintpaulia ionanthaBeverley Williams52Mar-Apr2008
Saintpaulia shumensisHarry Weber28Sept-Oct2008
Saintpaulia tongwensis #3397 'Uppsala Clone'Bill PricecoverJuly-Aug2008
Sinningia 'Roch co2-05'David Harris28July-Aug2008
Sinningia Ozark 'Rosy Cheeks' (D. Harris)Irene Harney53Jan-Feb2008
Sport of Saintpaulia orbicularisHarry Weber28Nov-Dec2008
Streptocarpus 'Cape Beauties'Nelly Levine37Mar-Apr2008
Streptocarpus 'Fleischle Roulette Cherry'Catherine Thompson52July-Aug2008
Streptocarpus 'Heartland's Singing Guppies'Dale Martens12Sept-Oct2008
Streptocarpus 'Purple Panda'Richard Nicholas12Nov-Dec2008
Thunder Surprise (S. Sanders)Anne Nicholas52Jan-Feb2008
Tiny Wood Trail (T. Khoe)Dolores Gibbs52July-Aug2008
Toy Castle (S. Sorano/LLG)Anne Nicholas12Nov-Dec2008
Tropical Heat Wave (K. Stork)Catherine Thompson28Jan-Feb2008
Underwater Arrangement - "Santa Monica Pier"Paul Kroll36July-Aug2008
Von's Baby Jay (Y. Lambert)Beverley Williams49May-June2008
Yesterday's Child (J. Smith)Allan Reith29July-Aug2008
Aca's Georgene (J. Brownlie)Beverley Williams25Mar-Apr2009
Alliance (D. Croteau)Doris Brownlie12Mar-Apr2009
Amy Lyn (D. Harrington)Richard NicholascoverMar-Apr2009
B-Man's Montellagro (B. Curcuruto)Bruno Curcuruto49Mar-Apr2009
Birthday Blush (M. Taylor)Margaret Taylor40July-Aug2009
Breaking News (K. Stork)Kent Stork13Sept-Oct2009
Broadway Star TrailBill PricecoverJuly-Aug2009
Buckeye Sentimental Reasons (P. Hancock)William Sugg9Jan-Feb2009
Champagne Pink (S. Sorano/LLG)Beverly Powers32Nov-Dec2009
Definitely Darryl (H. Pittman)Kathy Lahti13July-Aug2009
Dish GardenEleanor Elston52Jan-Feb2009
Episcia 'Thad's Red Crocodile' (T. Scaggs)Leonard Re13Sept-Oct2009
Eternal Orbit (P. Sorano/LLG)Lyndon Lyon GreenhousescoverSept-Oct2009
Fantasy Maker (S. Sorano/LLG)Barbara Burde49Nov-Dec2009
Flower Arrangement " The Carson Mint"Paul Kroll52Nov-Dec2009
Flower Arrangement "Air Races"Susan Anderson52Nov-Dec2009
Flower Arrangement "Great Reno Balloon Races"Susan Anderson53Nov-Dec2009
Flower Arrangement "Hot August Nights"B.J. Ohme53Nov-Dec2009
Flower Arrangement "October"Jan Murasko53Jan-Feb2009
Flower Arrangement "Place Your Bets"Heather Morgan52Nov-Dec2009
Flower Arrangement "Spring"Karyn Cichocki53Jan-Feb2009
Foster Trail (H. Pittman)Bill Price16July-Aug2009
Frances Young (H. Pittman) Barbara Burde37July-Aug2009
Jazztime (M. Taylor)Margaret Taylor40Nov-Dec2009
Jolly Fire (H. Pittman)Anne Nicholas36Jan-Feb2009
Jolly Frills (H. Pittman)Hortense Pittman37May-June2009
Kentucky Gooseberries (D. Rollins)Penny Wichman12July-Aug2009
Little Axel (Anthoflores)Martha Bell49Jan-Feb2009
Lonestar Lady (R. Nicholas)Richard Nicholas9May-June2009
Lyon's June Bug (S. Sorano/LLG)Lorna Russell32Nov-Dec2009
Lyon's Sassy Sadie (P. Sorano/LLG)Paul Sorano12Sept-Oct2009
Ma's Cosmic Wonder (O.M. Robinson)Catherine Thompson9July-Aug2009
Milky Way Trail (J. Stahl)Hans Inpijn16Sept-Oct2009
Monseigneur (D. Croteau)Louise McPherson12Mar-Apr2009
Natural PlantingAudrey Moir52Jan-Feb2009
Ness' Orange Pekoe (D. Ness)Mark Weston49Jan-Feb2009
Ode to Grace (Y. Lambert)Beverley Williams12July-Aug2009
Optimara EverLove (Holtkamp)Barbara Pershing37Jan-Feb2009
Optimara EverPraise (Holtkamp)Carol Tjaden33Jan-Feb2009
Petrocosmea 'Short'nin' Bread'Linda Golubski33Jan-Feb2009
Plant Arrangement "Flu Season"Julie Thompson53Jan-Feb2009
Plant Arrangement "Holiday Season"Karyn Cichocki52Jan-Feb2009
Plant Arrangement "Labour Day"Paul Kroll 52Jan-Feb2009
Plant Arrangement "Winter Wonderland"Judy Zinni53Jan-Feb2009
Playful Spectrum (P. Sorano/LLG)Susan ShawcoverJan-Feb2009
Plumberry Glow (Sorano/LLG)Kathy Lahti9Sept-Oct2009
Rebel's Delores (R. Bann)Ruth Bann53May-June2009
Rebel's Happy Face (R. Bann)Ruth Bann53May-June2009
Rebel's Iced Kake (R. Bann)Ruth Bann52May-June2009
Rob's Match Point (R. Robinson)Andrea Worrell25Nov-Dec2009
Rob's Zoot Suit (R. Robinson)Andrea Worrell52Sept-Oct2009
Rosy Cheeks (P. Sorano/LLG)Lorna Russell53Sept-Oct2009
Saintpaulia velutinaEileen McGrath13Mar-Apr2009
Shirl's Cranberry Smoothie (S. Sanders)Anne Nicholas9Nov-Dec2009
Shirl's Peachie Pink (S. Sanders)Leonard Re36July-Aug2009
Shirl's Snow Cone (S. Sanders)Anne Nicholas32Jan-Feb2009
Sinningia 'Ozark Fireworks' (D. Harris)David Harris37Jan-Feb2009
Sinningia 'Roch co2-05'David Harris36May-June2009
Sinninngia 'Ozark Razzamatazz'David Harris36July-Aug2009
Spring Rose (P. Sorano/LLG)Paul SoranocoverMay-June2009
Strawberry Fair (M. Taylor)Margaret Taylor33May-June2009
Streptocarpus 'Alissa'Holly Walker49July-Aug2009
Streptocarpus 'Sultan's Ruby'Beverley Williams36May-June2009
Sweet Tea (C. Magoon)Barbara BurdecoverNov-Dec2009
Texas Space Dust (H. Pittman)Richard Nicholas53Sept-Oct2009
Tony's Blue Magic (T. Hulleman)Beverley Williams9Mar-Apr2009
Underwater Arrangement "The Steamer Tahoe"Olive Ma Robinson53Nov-Dec2009
Yesterday's Evidence (J. Smith)Bill Price33Nov-Dec2009
APACHE PRIMROSE – (Lenore & J.D. Munk)10Sep2010
BEAUTEOUS – (P. Harris)7Mar2010
BUCKEYE NOCTURNE – (Hancock)44Nov2010
CAROLINA ELEGANT AFFAIR – (Abplanalp)coverNov2010
CHRISTINE DIANNE – (E. Fisher)10Mar2010
CIRELDA – (Tracy)7Jul2010
COSMIC ART – (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses/P. Sorano)55Nov2010
DRESDEN DOLL – (P. Harris)33May2010
DUO – (Margaret Taylor)36Jul2010
EK-GOLUBOGLAZAIA – (E. Korshunova)50Mar2010
ELITE AMOUR – (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses/ P. Sorano)6Sep2010
EPISCIA ‘THAD’S YELLOW BIRD’ – (Scaggs)45Nov2010
ETERNAL ORBIT – (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses/P. Sorano)28May2010
FAIRY FOUNTAINS – (P. Tracey)21Jul2010
FAIRY GATE – (Margaret Taylor)54May2010
FIERY TRAIL – (Elkin)6Jan2010
GRANGER’S WONDERLAND – (Eyerdom)25Jul2010
HARBOR BLUE (T. Weber)40Jul2010
HEARTS AFLUTTER – (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses/P. Sorano)54Nov2010
IMP’S FORTUITOUS FANCY – (Jeff Jackson)32Mar2010
IRISH FLIRT – (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses/S. Sorano)37Jan2010
JOLLY JUBILEE – (Pittman)6Jul2010
JOLLY JUPITER – (Pittman)coverJan2010
JONATHAN – (Croteau)51Jan2010
KAPER – (Richter)17Jul2010
KENT’S BIG DEAL – (Stork)6Nov2010
LINDA DARNEL – (P. Tracey)11May2010
LITTLE BLUE BANDIT – (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses)51Jan2010
LITTLE CESAR – (P. Harris)7Jan2010
LUCIEN CROTEAU – (D. Croteau)coverJuly2010
LUCKY PINWHEEL – (Kosowan)10Jan2010
LYON’S MONIQUE – (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses/S. Sorano)45Jan2010
MAC-A-RONI IT’S ITALIAN – (McDonald)40Nov2010
MAC’S KUP OF KINDNESS – (McDonald)15Sep2010
MAC’S SCORCHING SUN – (McDonald)10Nov2010
MINI PAPA – (Pittman)20Mar2010
MORGAN’S BAROSSA – (Carol Eros)11May2010
MORGAN’S DECLAN DUFF – (Carol Eros)21Mar2010
NAMELY NANCY – (Miller)36Sep2010
NESS’ MINI SOTA – (Ness)15Jan2010
NESS’ SATIN ROSE – (Ness)10Jul2010
NEW YEAR’S CELEBRATION – (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses/P. Sorano)37Sep2010
OPERA’S PAOLO – (Burdick)40Jul2010
OPTIMARA LITTLE OPAL – (Holtkamp)11Mar2010
ORCHARD’S WONDER TWIN – (R. Wilson)40Sep2010
PERFECT HARMONY – (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses/ P. Sorano)29May2010
PERSIAN PRINCE – (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses/S. Sorano)32Jan2010
PIXIE BLUE – (Lyndon Lyon)41Jan2010
PIXIE REDHEAD – (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses/P. Sorano)7Sep2010
PLAYFUL KISSES – (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses/D. DiCamillo)37Sep2010
PLUMBERRY GLOW – (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses/P. Sorano)33Jan2010
PRECIOUS PINK – (Pittman)37May2010
PRECIOUS RED – (Pittman)7Nov2010
REBEL’S FAITH – (Bann)15Mar2010
REBEL’S FAITH – (Bann)24May2010
REBEL’S MILICIA – (Bann)24May2010
REBEL’S MILICIA – (Bann)50Sep2010
RED BARON – (Margaret Taylor)48Mar2010
RED ROCKET – (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses/P. Sorano)54Nov2010
ROB’S BOOGIE WOOGIE – (Ralph Robinson)41Sep2010
ROB’S FUDDY DUDDY – (Ralph Robinson)coverMar2010
ROB’S KITTEN CABOODLE – (Ralph Robinson)37Jan2010
ROB’S LUCKY NUMBER – (Ralph Robinson)coverSep2010
ROB’S LUCKY STROKE – (Ralph Robinson)54Mar2010
ROB’S MELON WEDGES – (Ralph Robinson)25Jul2010
ROB’S PINK BUTTERCUPS – (Ralph Robinson)33Mar2010
ROB’S PLAID SKIRT – (Ralph Robinson)10Jul2010
ROB’S STROBE LIGHT – (Ralph Robinson)11Jan2010
SENK’S SNOWY EGRET – (Senk)33Mar2010
SHIMMERING SUNSHINE – (Donsworth)7Nov2010
SHIRL’S HAWAIIAN LEI – (Sanders)55Jul2010
SIERRA SUNRISE – (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses/P. Sorano)55Nov2010
SILK ‘N’ LACE – (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses/P. Sorano)28May2010
SPUNKY TRAIL – (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses/S. Sorano)50Mar2010
SUNSET KISS – (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses/P. Sorano)29May2010
SUNSET TRAIL – (Pittman)10May2010
VICTORIAN PARASOL – (Lyndon Lyons Greenhouses/S. Sorano)11Sep2010
VON’S SMALL GIFT – (Y. Lambert)coverMay2010
WRANGLER’S GHOST RIDER – (W. Smith)59Jan2010
“1890’s”(Designed by Paul Kroll)28Nov2010
“1920’s”(Designed by B.J. Ohme)28Sep2010
“1930’s”(Designed by Mel Grice)28Sep2010
“1940’s”(Designed by Elmer Godeny)28Nov2010
“1950’s”(Designed by Ruth Goeke)28Sep 2010
“1960’s”(Designed by Danny Tidwell)28Nov2010
“1970’s”(Designed by Danny Tidwell)29Nov2010
“1980’s”(Designed by Elmer Godeny)29Nov2010
“1990’s”(Designed by Jane Rexilius)29Sep2010
“21stCENTURY”(Designed by B.J. Ohme)28Sep2010
“AD ASTRA”(Designed by Nancy Veselke)29Sep2010
“AIR RACES”(Designed by Barbara Elkin)40Mar2010
“BLOSSOM BOUQUET”(Created by Belinda Thibodeau)48Jan2010
“HOT AUGUST NIGHTS”(Designed by Judy Carter)40Mar2010
“LANDSCAPE 12-24”(Designed by Dolores Gibbs)29Nov2010
“NATIONAL AUTO MUSEUM”(Designed by B.J. Ohme)40Mar2010
“NATIONAL AUTO MUSEUM”(Designed by Chris Brenner)41Mar2010
“PLACE YOUR BETS”(Designed by Leslie Cox)41Mar2010
“WINTER WONDERLAND”(Designed by B.J. Ohme)41Mar2010
“Y2K”(Designed by B.J. Ohme)29Sep2010
Advanced Virus Symptoms- (Georgene Albrecht)36-37Jul2011
Buckeye Cranberry Sparkler- (P. Hancock)33Nov2011
Buckeye Ticker Tape- (Pat Hancock)59May2011
Buckeye Too Tempting- (Pat Hancock)17May2011
Buckeye Vavoom- (Pat Hancock)45Mar2011
Canadian Sunset- (B. Elkin)21Jul2011
Celtic Rose- (P. Sorano/L. Lyon Greenhouses)37Sept2011
Concord- (Horikoshi/Ozaki)25Jan2011
Concord- (Horikoshi/Ozaki)55Sept2011
Dish Garden(Designed by Elmer Godeny)50Mar2011
Double Black Cherry(Omaha AVC/Mrs. C. Anderson)54Jan2011
EK-Goluboglazaia Rossiia- (E. Koeshunova)55Mar2011
EK-Laskovyi- (E. Korshunova)15Jan2011
Episcia ‘Pink Smoke’(Exhibited by Beverley Williams)7May2011
Episcia ‘Suomi’(Exhibited Beverley Williams)37Mar2011
Frozen in Time- (L. Lyon Greenhouses/Sorano)41Nov2011
Gasteranthus astratus(Exhibited by Brett Flewelling)14Mar2011
Gumdrop- (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses)33May2011
Jersey Girl Trailer- (Bob Kurzynski)7Jan2011
Jersey Snow Drops- (R. Kurzynski)36Sept2011
Jolly Champ- (H. Pittman)40Sept2011
Jolly Eyes- (H. Pittman)7Mar2011
Jolly Orchid- (H. Pittman)11Sept2011
Kohleria Hey’s ‘Jardin de Monet’(Exhibited by Mary Schaeffer)41Sept2011
Kohleria ‘Red Ryder’(Exhibited by Deanna Belli)54Mar2011
Lakeshore Silver- (J. Brownlie)25Nov2011
Lela Marie- (I. Lineberg)17Jan2011
Lonestar Twilight- (R. Nicholas)40Nov2011
Lorus’ Springtime- (Lorna Russell)6Mar2011
Lyon’s Red Rocket- (Paul Sorano/Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses)55Jan2011
Mac-A-Roni It’s Italian- (George McDonald)6Jan2011
Mac’s Belle of the Ball- (George McDonald)25Nov2011
Mac’s Little Blue Boy- (George McDonald)20May2011
Mac’s Simply Sub-lime- (George McDonald)37Mar2011
Mac’s Tiamat- (George McDonald)40May2011
Ma’s Party Music- (O. Ma Robinson)37Nov2011
Milky Way Trail- (J. Stahl)44May2011
Natural Container Garden(Exhibited by Danny Tidwell)54Jan2011
Natural Container Garden(Exhibited by Paul Kroll)51Mar2011
Neptune- (Armacost & Royston)28May2011
Ness’ Angel Face- (D. Ness)41May2011
Ness’ Cranberry Swirl- (D. Ness)59Jul2011
Optimara Little Aztec- (Holtcamp)21May2011
Optimara Little Chickasaw- (Holtcamp)33Jul2011
Optimara Little Hopi II- (Holtcamp)24Nov2011
Optimara Little Moonstone- (R. Holtcamp)55Mar2011
Optimara Ontario- (Holtcamp)20Jul2011
Optimara Trinidad- (Holtcamp)10Sept2011
Petite Blarney- (H. Pittman)7Nov2011
Pixie Blue- (L. Lyon)37Sept2011
Psychedelic Show- (P. Sorano/L. Lyon Greenhouses)40Sept2011
Rainbow’s Limelight- (R. Wasmund)6Jan2011
Rebel’s Splatter Kake- (R. Bann)32Jul2011
Red Mount Fiji- (Horikoshi/Kawakami)14Nov2011
Rhapsodie Anika- (Holtcamp)20May2011
Rob’s Bad Bunny- (R. Robinson)54May2011
Rob’s Delicious- (R. Robinson)33Jul2011
Rob’s Fuddy Duddy- (R. Robinson)6May2011
Rob’s Jitterbug- (R. Robinson)36Mar2011
Rob’s Pink Buttercups- (R. Robinson)55Sept2011
S. 5b clone dificilis Mather No.2(Exhibited by Barbara JonesNov2011
S. 5g clone pendula var. kizarae(Exhibited by Dolores Gibbs)41May2011
S. ionantha subsp.obicularis(Grown by Ron Bannister)44Mar2011
Sinningia speciosa ‘Merry Christmas’(Exhibited by Ron Bannister)17Mar2011
Sinningia ‘Ozark Rosy Tiger’- (David Harris)58Jul2011
Sinningia ‘Peridot’s Country Quilt’45Jul2011
Sinningia ‘Peridot’s Darth Vader’33Jan2011
Sister Sylvia- (F. Wagman)14Jan2011
Splendid Chaos- (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses)33May2011
Sport of Frosty Frolic(Exhibited by Doris Brownlie)15Mar2011
Streptocarpus ‘Butter Blues’(Exhibited by Beverley Williams)Nov2011
Streptocarpus ‘Neil’s Wam Bam’(Exhibited by Mel Grice)29May2011
Sunset Ridge- (L. Lyon Greenhouses/S. Sorano)59Nov2011
Teen Bride- (H. Pittman)36May2011
Teeny Bopper- (Lyndon Lyon)45May2011
Terrarium(Designed by Dolores Gibbs)29Jan2011
Texas Space Dust- (H. Pittman)14Mar2011
Tony’s Blue Magic- (T. Hulleman)41Nov2011
Wendy’s Purple Toad- (Wendy Knapp)32Jan2011
Wrangler’s Dixie Celebration- (Winston Gordon Smith)36Jan2011
Wrangler’s El Diablo- (Winston Gordon Smith)37Jan2011
Wrangler’s Lounge Lizzard- (Winston Gordon Smith)37Jan2011
Wrangler’s Pink Patches- (Winston Gordon Smith)36Jan2011
“1920’s”(Designed by Danny Tidwell)28Jan2011
“1930’s”(Designed by Paul Kroll)50Mar2011
“1930’s”(Designed by B.J. Ohme51Mar2011
“1970’s”(Designed by Elmer Godeny)28Jan2011
“1980’s”(Designed by Mel Grice)29Jan2011
“1980’s”(Designed by Janice Beaty)51Mar2011
“1990’s”(Designed by Ruth Goeke)29Jan2011
“21st Century”(Designed by Jane Rexilius)28Jan2011
“21st Century”(Designed by Elmer Godeny51Mar2011
“American Bandstand”(Designed by Nicole Braidis)45Sept2011
“Barnes Foundation”(Designed by Chris Brenner)44Sept2011
“Brazos Belle”- (L. Ray)48Sept2011
“E.N.I.A.C.”(Designed by Susan Arnao)45Sept2011
“Philadanco”(Designed by Carolyn Klein)45Sept2011
“Racin’(Designed by B.J. Ohme44Sept2011
“Rocky”- (Designed by Mel Grice)45Sept2011
“The Liberty Bell”(Designed by Judy Carter)44Sept2011
“Y2K”(Designed by Jane Rexilius)50Mar2011
5c2 clone diplotricha Punter #7exhibited by Libby Behnke55May2012
Aca’s Libbie – (J. Brownlie)exhibited by Martha Bell15July2012
Aeschynanthus humilisexhibited by Paul Sorano21Nov2012
Allegro Appalachian Trail (K. Stromborg)exhibited by Sandy Skalski6Mar2012
Amalophyllon clarkiaexhibited by Mel Grice21May2012
Apache Primrose – (L. Munk/J. Munk)exhibited by Doris Brownlie36May2012
B-Man’s Caltanisetta – (B. Curcuruto)exhibited by Eileen McGrath54July2012
Balchug Ostavsia – (I. Mylekhyn)exhibited by George McDonald7Sept2012
Blue Boy – (Armacost & Royston)exhibited by Debbie McInnis29Sept2012
Blushing Ivory – (Lyon Greenhouses/S. Sorano)exhibited by Sue Schinckel14Sept2012
Bob Serbin – (J. Brownlie)exhibited by Pat Gibson36July2012
Buckeye Seductress – (P. Hancock)exhibited by Martha Bell37Mar2012
Buckeye Seductress – (P. Hancock)exhibited by Marge Farrand33Nov2012
Buckeye Sentimental Reasons – (P. Hancock)exhibited by Marge Farrand41July2012
Calico Queen – (P. Sorano/L.Lyon Greenhouses)exhibited by Marie Burns14Jan2012
China Gate(Designed by Susan Arnao)44Jan2012
Chirita ‘Moon Walker’exhibited by Ron Bannister45Mar2012
Clone tongwensis Uppsala 3397exhibited by Lorna Russell20May2012
Columnea ‘Broget Stavanger’exhibited by Paul Sorano50Nov2012
Columnea ‘Dart’grown by Libby Behnke54 & 55Mar2012
Dish Gardenexhibited by Carolyn Klein37May2012
Emerald City – (S. Sorano)exhibited by Marge Farrand21Nov2012
Episcia ‘Karlyn’grown by Gary Mikita10May2012
Episcia ‘Tricolor’grown by Gary Mikita10May2012
Fancy Nights – (M. Burns)exhibited by Steve Turner24Nov2012
Firehouse – (Eyredom)exhibited by Joan Santino58July2012
Foxwood Trail – (T. Khoe)exhibited by Sandy Skalski15Sept2012
Frozen in Time – (L.Lyon Greenhouses)exhibited by Bobbie LaFashia32May2012
Funambule – (N. Robitaille/D. Croteau)exhibited by Sandy Skalski6Jan2012
Golden Autumn – (L.Lyon Greenhouses/P. Sorano)exhibited by Debbie McInnes41July2012
Heartland’s Lime Bubbles – (D. Martens)exhibited by Dale Martens45Sept2012
High School Sweetheart – (L.Lyon Greenhouses)exhibited by Barbara Jones21Mar2012
Jersey Snow Flakes – (R. Kurzynski)exhibited by Susan Arnao7Mar2012
Jolly Frills – (H. Pittman)exhibited by Diane Miller7Nov2012
Kentucky Bride – (D. Rollins)exhibited by Alcie Maxwell32Nov2012
Kiwi Dazzler – (D. Snell)exhibited by Neil Lipson17Nov2012
Kohleria lucianii x Kohleria Kitlopes Peridot #16 – (B. Cessna)exhibited by Mary Schaeffer36Nov2012
Kohleria ‘GG Lava Lamp’exhibited by Nancy Carr29Mar2012
Kohleria ‘Manchu”Exhibited by Mark Occhionero59July2012
Landscape design 12-24 inches(Designed by Carolyn Klein)44Jan2012
Live Wire – (L.Lyon Greenhouses/P. Sorano)exhibited by Marge Farrand7May2012
Lonestar Twilight – (R. Nicholas)exhibited by B.J. Ohme48Sept2012
Lyon’s Lavender Magic – (P. Sorano/L.Lyon Greenhouses)exhibited by Marie Burns6Sept2012
Mac’s Cosmic Cabaret – (George McDonald)exhibited by George McDonald15Jan2012
Mac’s Scarlet Samurai – (George McDonald)exhibited by George McDonald40Nov2012
Mummers Parade(Designed by Karen Cihocki)45Jan2012
Natural Garden Container(Designed by Carolyn Klein)48Mar2012
Ness’ Angel Babe – (D. Ness)exhibited by Kathy Lahti45July2012
Newtown Beaumont Bluster – (Sharon Holtzman)exhibited by Pat Gibson33May2012
Norton’s Elaine – (J. Norton)exhibited by Beverley Williams21Mar2012
Ode to Beauty – (G. Cox/B. Johnson)exhibited by Barbara Borleske17Jan2012
Okie Easter Bunny – (J. Cochran)exhibited by Debbie McInnis24Sept2012
Optimara Isabelle – (Holtcamp)exhibited by Leslie Swezey15Jan2012
Optimara Little Arapahoe – (Holtcamp)exhibited by Marie Burns21May2012
Optimara Little Comanche – (Holtcamp)exhibited by Marie Burns17Mar2012
Orchard’s Bumble Magnet – (R. Wilson)exhibited by Susan Arnao40Jan2012
Picasso – (M. Tremblay)exhibited by Marge Farrand54July2012
Pink Playmate – (S. Sorano)exhibited by Tracy Lorence25Nov2012
Precious Red – (H. Pittman)exhibited by Lorna Russell54May2012
Ramblin’ Lassie – (S. Sanders)exhibited by Ron Bannister15Mar2012
Rob’s Boolaroo – (R. Robinson)exhibited by Marge Farrand59Nov2012
Rob’s Chilly Willy – (R. Robinson)exhibited by Olga Vertlib40May2012
Rob’s Oolong – (R. Robinson)exhibited by Sandra Skalski20Nov2012
Rob’s Pink Prisms – (R. Robinson)exhibited by Debbie McInnis37Nov2012
Rob’s Scrumptious – (R. Robinson)exhibited by Kathy Lahti17Mar2012
Rob’s Soliloquy – (R. Robinson)exhibited by Sandra Skalski58Nov2012
Rob’s Whodunit – (R. Robinson)exhibited by Kathy Lahti48Sept2012
Rob’s Zipper Zapper – (Ralph Robinson)exhibited by Ralph Robinson41Jan2012
Ruby Lynn – (P. Addison)exhibited by Steve Turner25Sept2012
Ruffled Skies – (Stork/Boone)exhibited by Louise McPherson41 s.May2012
s. ionantha exhibited by Beverley Williams58May2012
Saintpaulia Neptunein article of a Family Portrait20Jan2012
Saintpaulia shumensisexhibited by B.J. Ohme41May2012
Shirl’s Hawaiian Lei – (S. Sanders)exhibited by Paula Bal33July2012
Sinningia speciosa ‘Carangola’exhibited by Eileen McGrath37July2012
Sinningia ‘Diva’ (Thad Scaggs)24Mar2012
Sinningia ‘Florida Floozie’ – (Thad Scaggs)24Mar2012
Sinningia ‘Party Dress’ – (Thad Scaggs)exhibited by Thad Scaggs11May2012
Smokey Mountainexhibited by Olga Semova25Nov2012
Sora Kaleidoscope – (B. Werness)exhibited by Donna Turner29Sept2012
Sport of Ethyl’s Wild SideExhibited by Joan Santino21Sept2012
Streptocarpus ‘Bristol’s Black Light’exhibited by Mary Schaeffer11Jan2012
Streptocarpus ‘Bristol’s Daisy Doodle’exhibited by Neil Lipson51Nov2012
Streptocarpus ‘Dales Polar Lava’ – (D. Martens)exhibited by Dale Martens59Nov2012
Streptocarpus ‘Fernwood’s Morning Sunrise’exhibited by Mel Grice7Jan2012
Streptocarpus ‘Fire ‘n Ice’exhibited by Marie Burns20Mar2012
Streptocarpus ‘Fleischle’s Roulette Cherry’exhibited by Tony Hulleman7May2012
Streptocarpus ‘Heartland’s Peacock’ – (D. Martens)exhibited by Dale Martens7Sept2012
Streptocarpus ‘Honey Drops’in an article of A Family Portrait by Georgene Albrecht32Sept2012
Streptocarpus ‘Kim’exhibited by Susan Arnao51July2012
Streptocarpus ‘Mary Sakamoto’in an article of a Family Portrait20Jan2012
Streptocarpus ‘Stained Glass’in an article of a Family Portrait by Georgene Albrecht32Sept2012
Terrarium 12 inch or less(Designed by Paul Kroll)44Jan2012
Terrarium 24 inch or less(Designed by Karen Cichocki)45Jan2012
The Alps – (K. Horikoshi/H. Sawara)exhibited by Sandy Skalski6May2012
Vika – (B. Makuna)exhibited by Marie Burns48Jan2012
Woodtrail – (T. Khoe)exhibited by Sandy Skalski41Jan2012
Yesterday’s Evidence – (Dr. Jeff Smith)40Mar2012
“Philadelphia Flower Show”(Designed by Karen Cichocki)44Jan2012
“Please Touch”(Designed by Nicole Braidis)45Jan2012
“Three Rivers”(Designed by B.J. Ohme)45Jan2012
Arch BridgeB.J. Ohme40May-June2013
Arctic Frost (S. Sorano)Donna Brining37Jan-Feb2013
Bashou (F. Pilon)Doug AllenCoverMar-Apr2013
Beam BridgeMel Grice41May-June2013
Brazos Belle (L. Ray)Jane Rexilius25July-Aug2013
Bridge GameRandy Deutsch41May-June2013
Buckeye Country Gal (P. Hancock)Debbie McInnes21Mar-Apr2013
Buckeye Nostalgia (P. Hancock)Ben Haning33July-Aug2013
Buckeye Scrumptious (P. Hancock)Paula Bal36Nov-Dec2013
Buckeye Sketch Artist (P. Hancock)Ben Haning6Nov-Dec2013
Cajun's Fascinating Fury (B. Thibodeaux)B.J. Ohme33July-Aug2013
Cajun's Hot Expectations (Belinda Thibodeaux)Belinda Thibodeaux29July-Aug2013
Calico Queen (P. Sorano/L. Lyon Greenhouses)Marie Burns37Jan-Feb2013
Capitan's BridgeDanny Tidwell40May-June2013
Celina Dark Velvet (H. Pittman)Holly Walker41Jan-Feb2013
Chanticleer (Eyerdom)Donna Brinning21Mar-Apr2013
Cherry Chimes (D. Harrington)Mary Corondan24July-Aug2013
Cherry Princess (Paul Sorano)Paul Sorano41July-Aug2013
Chirita 'Diane Marie'Jean Marie Ross17Mar-Apr2013
Codonanthe devosiana 'Paula'Paul Sorano29Mar-Apr2013
Covered BridgeMel Grice40May-June2013
Dean's Silver Veil (C. Hobbs/ H. Hobbs)Tim Ferguson44Nov-Dec2013
DishgardenJudy Smith29May-June2013
Double Deck BridgeB.J. Ohme41May-June2013
Dress Rehearsal (D. DiCamillo/Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses)Libby Behnke48May-June2013
East Wind (S. Sorano/Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses)Barbara Reith20July-Aug2013
Episcia 'Blue Nile'Eunice Curry41Nov-Dec2013
Frosty Frolic (L. Lyon)Olga Semova15Jan-Feb2013
Frozen in Time (Lyon Greenhouses/Sorano)Paula Bal45Jan-Feb2013
Frozen in Time (Lyon Greenhouses/Sorano)Olga Semova44Mar-Apr2013
Gloxinia erinoides 'Red Satin'Kevin W. Degner51Jan-Feb2013
Heinz's Desert Song (H. Dornbusch)Donna Brining44Jan-Feb2013
Heinz's Stargazer (H. Dornbusch)Debbie McInnisCoverNov-Dec2013
Jersey Jackpot (Bob Kurzynski)Bob Kurzynski10Nov-Dec2013
Jersey Snow Flakes (R. Kurzynski)Richard Nicholas37Nov-Dec2013
Jolly Dazzler (H. Pittman)Jan Davidson41Nov-Dec2013
Jolly Happy Time (H. Pittman)Jan Davidson58July-Aug2013
Jolly Mel (H. Pittman)Ben Haning37Nov-Dec2013
Jolly Orchid (H. Pittman)Lorna Russell10May-June2013
Lil Runaround (S. Sorano)Carol Hastings33Mar-Apr2013
Lilac Fanfare (Paul Sorano/Lyon Greenhouses)Paul Sorano/Lyon Greenhouses CoverMay-June2013
Little Blue Bandit (P. Sorano/Llyon Greenhouses)Kathy Lahti14Nov-Dec2013
Ma's Moody Monday (O. Robinson)Judy Smith33Mar-Apr2013
Mac's Day Dream (G. McDonald)G. McDonald29Nov-Dec2013
Mac's Galactic Grandeur (G. McDonald)Catherine Thompson11Mar-Apr2013
Mac's Strawberry Sundae (G. McDonald)Debbie McInnesCoverJan-Feb2013
Making Waves (P. Sorano/Lyon Greenhouses)P. Sorano/Lyon Greenhouses7Jan-Feb2013
Mariah (D. Harrington)Ben Haning21Nov-Dec2013
My Fair Lady (Eyerdom)Alcie Maxwell36Mar-Apr2013
Natural Rose Gem (N. Levine)BJ Ohme7Nov-Dec2013
Nautilocalyx sp. GRF 960 4023Eileen McGrath45Mar-Apr2013
Neptune (Armacost & Royston)Kevin Degner11May-June2013
Ness' Angel Blush (D. Ness)Beverley Williams25May-June2013
Optimara Little Crystal (Holtkamp)Anne Brown11July-Aug2013
Orchard's Bumble Magnet (R. Wilson)Bobbie LaFashia32May-June2013
P.A. Longtin (D. Crouteau)Marge Farrand48Mar-Apr2013
Pink Dove (S. Sorano/Lyon Greenhouses)Doris Brownlie24May-June2013
Pink Patti (M. Burns)Laurel Brown37July-Aug2013
Pixie Runaround (S. Sorano/Llyon Greenhouses)Anne Nicholas24Nov-Dec2013
Plumberry Glow (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses/ Sorano)Lindi Wurzer33Mar-Apr2013
Radiant Glow (T. Davis)Paula Bal25Nov-Dec2013
Rainbow BridgePaul Kroll41May-June2013
Ramblin' Amethyst (E. Champion)Diane Page11May-June2013
Rhapsodie Rebecca (Holtkamp)Catherine Thommpson32July-Aug2013
Rickety BridgeMel Grice40May-June2013
Rob's Bo Peep (R. Robinson)Leonard Re45May-June2013
Rob's Cool Fruit (R. Robinson)Lindi Wurzer32Mar-Apr2013
Rob's Fuddy Duddy (R. Robinson)Phyllis Haggerty33May-June2013
Rob's Galiwinku (R. Robinson)Ben HaningCoverJuly-Aug2013
Rob's Galiwinku (R. Robinson)Paula Bal55Mar-Apr2013
Rob's Hallucination (R. Robinson)Paula Bal45Nov-Dec2013
Rob's Humpty Doo (R. Robinson)Debbie McInnes45Mar-Apr2013
Rob's Jitterbug (R. Robinson)Debbie McInnes17Jan-Feb2013
Rob's Loose Noodle (R. Robinson)Ken Froboese15Nov-Dec2013
Rob's Miriwinni (R. Robinson)Glenda Williams15Nov-Dec2013
Rob's Ooey Gooey (R. Robinson)Debbie McInnes20Mar-Apr2013
Rob's Rinky Dink (R. Robinson)Diane Miller7Jan-Feb2013
Rob's Soliloquy (R. Robinson)Sandra Skalsky10July-Aug2013
S. 5b clone confusa Mather EBen Haning40July-Aug2013
S.ionantha subsp. Ionantha var. diplotricha 'Parker'Bill Price6Jan-Feb2013
Saintpaulia confusa Mather EAlcie Maxwell15May-June2013
Sinningia 'Ozark Rosey Cheeks' (Dave Harris)Penny Smith-Kerker41July-Aug2013
Sinningia 'Summer Celebration'Martha Bell11Mar-Apr2013
Sport of Yukako Debbie McInnes50Jan-Feb2013
Streptocarpus 'Fernwood's Jiminy Cricket'Lorna Russell24May-June2013
Streptocarpus 'Heartland's Midnight Sun' (D. Martens)Judy Smith50May-June2013
Streptocarpus 'Ladyslippers Blue Moon' Paul Spisak59July-Aug2013
Streptocarpus 'Raydar's Ruthie' (R. Pittman)R. Pittman10Jan-Feb2013
Streptocarpus 'Raydar's Tensie' (R. Pittman)R. Pittman10Jan-Feb2013
Take it at the BridgeDanny Tidwell21May-June2013
Thunder Surprise (S. Sanders)Leonard Re44May-June2013
Von's Small Gift (Y. Lambert)Doris Brownlie28May-June2013
xAchimenantha 'Yellow Submarine' (Thad Scaggs)Thad Scaggs10Mar-Apr2013
xPhinastema 'California Dreaming'Bill Price29May-June2013
Zhemchuzhnye Zverdy (E. Arkhipov)Catherine Thompson17Nov-Dec2013
AE-Avantura (E. Arkhipov)Elena Morazova40May2014
Amour Elite (E. Arkhipov)Sue Hoffmann7May2014
Amour Elite (E. Arkhipov)Paula Bal54Nov-Dec2014
AntebellumCandace Baldwin50Nov-Dec2014
Bertha (B. Foster)Meredith Hall24May2014
Buckeye Blue Ice (Pat Hancock)Paula Bal55Nov-Dec2014
Buckeye Cherry Topping (P. Hancock)Sandra Skalski45Sept-Oct 2014
Buckeye Dedication (P. Hancock)Sandra Skalski55Jul-Aug2014
Buckeye Scrumptious (P. Hancock)Paula Bal33Jan - Feb2014
Buckeye Seductress (Pat Hancock)Catherine Thompson41March2014
Cajun's Freckleface Kid (Belinda Thibodeaux)Belinda Thibodeaux5-FebMarch2014
Cajun's Pink Crepe Paper (B. Thibodeaux)B.J. Ohme31-JanMay2014
Cajun's Star Studded (B. Thibodeaux)Susan Arnao25Jul-Aug2014
Cajun's Storm Watch (Belinda Thibodeaux)BJ Ohme41March2014
Call Me Friend (J. Domiano)Dale Parker54Jan - Feb2014
Columnea 'Light Prince'Marian Meschkow8-FebMarch2014
Columnea HybridSallie Barlow17Nov-Dec2014
Convention Fun While Violet Pickin' in Nashville58Jul-Aug2014
Creatively Designed: BirdingRhonda Thurman55May2014
Creatively Designed: Boot Scootin'Jane Rexilius54May2014
Creatively Designed: Chili Cook-OffRhona Thurman54May2014
Creatively Designed: Cool WaterGlenda Williams54May2014
Creatively Designed: Indian PowwowRuth Goeke55May2014
Creatively Designed: Sunday Afternoon DriveLinda Hall55May2014
Creatively Designed: Wild CavernSuzanne Roberts54May2014
Creativley Designed: Edward's AquiferDolores Gibbs55May2014
Del's Spring Blush (D. Setchell)Peggy Mooney13-FebJul-Aug2014
Designing in Tennesee:50-51Nov-Dec2014
Designs in Texas: County FairBetty Ferguson21March2014
Designs in Texas: EnergyMel Grice20March2014
Designs in Texas: FiestaRuth Goeke21March2014
Designs in Texas: Friday Night LightsRuth Goeke21March2014
Designs in Texas: Rhinestone CowgirlGlenda Williams21March2014
Designs in Texas: SanctuaryFran Russom20March2014
Designs in Texas: Steel and GlassFran Russom20March2014
Designs in Texas: Texas FarmerFran Russom20March2014
DollywoodRuth Goeke50Nov-Dec2014
Dolores (C. Raskopf)Catherine Thompson14Jul-Aug2014
Edge of Darkness (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses)Paul Sorano48Sept-Oct 2014
Edge of Night (Baker)Paul Sorano15Jul-Aug2014
EK-Goluboglazaia (E. Korshunova)Debbie McInnis36Nov-Dec2014
Episcia 'Karlyn'Donna Turner48May2014
Episcia 'Ronnie'Jane Rexilius21Jan - Feb2014
Everdina (H. Inpijn/R. Nadeau)Anne Brown11Jan - Feb2014
Fiery Trail (B. Elkin)Sandy Skalski58March2014
Grand Ole OpryKaryn Cichocki51Nov-Dec2014
Hawaiian Cloud (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses)Paul SoranoCoverSept-Oct 2014
Jersey Lilacs (B. Kurzynski)Paula Bal51Jan - Feb2014
Jolly Disco (H. Pittman)Kathy Lahti21Jan - Feb2014
Jolly Jubilee (H. Pittman)Debbie McInnesCoverMarch2014
Jolly Orchid (H. Pittman)Anne Brown7May2014
K's Lilac Infusion (Kathy Hajner)Kathy Hajner36Jul-Aug2014
Kohleria 'Peridot's Rolo' (I. James)Richard Nicholas26-FebSept-Oct 2014
Lady Baltimore (I. Fredette)Debbie McInnis24Nov-Dec2014
Lakeshore Silver (J. Brownlie)Leonard Re33March2014
LE-Hozyaika Mednoi Gory (E. Lebetskaia)Margarita Nesterova40May2014
Lonestar Snowstorm (Richard Nicholas)Richard NicholasCoverNov-Dec2014
Lovely Rainbow (Marge Farrand)Marge Farrand7Jul-Aug2014
Lunar Lily WhiteDiane MillerCoverJan - Feb2014
Lyon's Red Rocket (P. Sorano/L. Lyons Greenhouses)Michele Gazzara59May2014
Mac's Coral Carillion (G. Macdonald)Gary Thurman11May2014
Mac's Misty Meadow (G. McDonald)Anne Brown14Jan - Feb2014
Mac's Misty Meadow (G. McDonald)Anne Nicholas54Nov-Dec2014
Markiza (T. Dadoyan)Margarita Tyurina41May2014
MemphisMel Grice51Nov-Dec2014
MississippiPaul Kroll51Nov-Dec2014
Misty Blue Trinket (E. Champion)Steven Spachek32March2014
Mountain Mist Trail (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses)Claire Ulanoff36Sept-Oct 2014
N-Adam (N. Berdnikova)Margarita Nesterova41May2014
N-Avatar (N. Berdnikova)Margarita Nesterova41May2014
N-Vera (N. Berdnikova)Elena Morazova40May2014
NashvilleB.J. Ohme51Nov-Dec2014
Ness' Candy Pink (D. Ness)Richard Nicholas55March2014
Optimara ChicoSharon Rosenzweig8-FebJul-Aug2014
Optimara Little Arapahoe (Holtcamp)Debbie McInnis6Sept-Oct 2014
Optimara Little Aztec (Holtcamp)Debbie McInnis54Jul-Aug2014
Optimara Little Comanche (Holtcamp)Sharon Rosenzweig32Jul-Aug2014
Optimara Little Maya (Holtcamp)Debbie McInnis40Sept-Oct 2014
Optimara Little Pueblo (Holtcamp)Susan Arnao55Jul-Aug2014
Optimara Little Sapphire (Holtkamp)Kathy Lahti17March2014
Optimara My Desire (Holtcamp)Elmer GodenyCoverMay2014
Optimara Rose Quartz (Optimara/HoltcampKathy Lahti7Nov-Dec2014
Petite Blarney (H. Pittman)Anne Brown4Jan - Feb2014
Petrocosmea species 'HT-2'Gary Thurman15Jul-Aug2014
Pixie Blue (L. Lyon)Rodney Barnett25Nov-Dec2014
Precious Red (H. Pittman)Debbie McInnis6Jul-Aug2014
Primulina linearifoliaElmer Godeny11Jul-Aug2014
Primulina wentsaiiBill Price6Nov-Dec2014
PT - Anzhelika (T. Pugacheva)Picture courtesy of Dmitry Ozherelyev15Sept-Oct 2014
PT-Louise (Tatyana Pugacheva)28Jan - Feb2014
PT-Temptress (Tatyana Pugacheva)28Jan - Feb2014
Rebel's Restless Heart (R. Bann)Donna Brining17Jul-Aug2014
Red Summit (S. Sorano/L. Lyon Greenhouses)Ben Haning17May2014
RM - Pavlina (N. Skornyakova)Picture courtesy of Dmitry Ozherelyev15Sept-Oct 2014
RM-Alexandria (Natalya Skornyakova)55Jan - Feb2014
RM-Royal Laces (Natalya Skornyakova)55Jan - Feb2014
RM-Vesna (N. Skornyakova)Vera Khokhlova41May2014
Rob's Bad Bunny (R. Robinson)Margaret DePhillippo29Jan - Feb2014
Rob's Boolaroo (R. Robinson)Ben Haning11Nov-Dec2014
Rob's Combustible Pigeon (R. Robinson)Janet Scheaffer17Nov-Dec2014
Rob's Ditzi Mitzi (Ralph Robinson)Ralph Robinson6May2014
Rob's Dodo Bird (R. Robinson)Debbie McInnes40Jan - Feb2014
Rob's Dust Storm (R. Robinson)Debbie McInnis33May2014
Rob's Fuddy Duddy (R. Robinson)Andrea Worrell33March2014
Rob's Galiwinku (R. Robinson)Lacera DeWilde37Sept-Oct 2014
Rob's Inner Orbit (R. Robinson)Lindi Wurzer54Jan - Feb2014
Rob's Oolong (R. Robinson)Sandy Skalski20Jul-Aug2014
Rob's Outer Orbit (R. Robinson)Paula Bal59March2014
Rob's Slap Happy (R. Robinson)Debbie McInnes20Jan - Feb2014
Rob's Slap Happy (R. Robinson)Debbie McInnis5-JanNov-Dec2014
Rob's Vanilla Pink (R. Robinson)Catherine Thompson21Sept-Oct 2014
Roulette (L. Egenites)Penny Smith-Kerker10May2014
S. 5b clone magungensisBen Haning7Sept-Oct 2014
S. 5c1 clone ionanthaAlcie Maxwell28-JanMay2014
S. 5f clone orbicularis var. purpureaSandy SkalskiCoverJul-Aug2014
Sassy Sister (Sorano/Llyon Greenhouses)Tim Ferguson26-FebNov-Dec2014
Shirl's Red Sky (S. Sanders)Lindi Wurzer32Jan - Feb2014
Shy Blue (S. Sorano/Lyon Greenhouses)Ben Haning17Nov-Dec2014
Sierra Sunrise (P. Sorano/L.Lyons Greenhouses)Diane Kaluhiokalani29Jul-Aug2014
Silent Prayer (K. Stork)Ben Haning5Jan - Feb2014
Sinningia 'Amizade' (Dave Zaitlen)na25May2014
Sinningia 'Esther'Joe Palagonia21Jul-Aug2014
Sinningia 'Kevin Garnett' (Tim Tuttle)Louise Cheung11March2014
Sinningia 'Venetian Moon'Susan AranoSept-Oct 2014
Sinningia PusillaSandra Skalski59Nov-Dec2014
Smokie Mountain MemoriesKaryn Cichocki50Nov-Dec2014
Sport of Amore Elite (E. Arkhipov)Alcie Maxwell7Jan - Feb2014
Streptocarpus ' Heartland's Baby Kisses' (D. Martens)Louise McPherson37Sept-Oct 2014
Streptocarpus 'Arctic Twilight'Picture courtesy of Georgene Albrecht17Sept-Oct 2014
Streptocarpus 'DS Aphrodisiac' (Pavel Enikeev)Dimetris20May2014
Streptocarpus 'DS Baby Chick' (Pavel Enikeev)Dimetris20May2014
Streptocarpus 'DS Golden Key' (Pavel Enikeev)Dimetris21May2014
Streptocarpus 'DS Horus' (Pavel Enikeev)Dimetris21May2014
Streptocarpus 'Fleischle's Roulette Azur' (Fleischle)Gary Dunlap14Sept-Oct 2014
Streptocarpus 'Sweet Ella Bella'Majorie Bullard50March2014
Streptocarpus 'TSF Zhizel' (Dave Zaitlen)na25May2014
Sweet Affair (Paul Sorano LL Greenhouses)Paul Sorano7Jan - Feb2014
Western Sunrise (M. Hall/ B. Foster)Ben Haning6Jan - Feb2014
White LightningB.J. Ohme50Nov-Dec2014
"Violets Love KC Jazz, Blues and Barbecue"20 -21Sept - Oct2015
Allegro Pepto Pink (J. Stromborg)Tim Ferguson41Mar-Apr2015
Anna Kreeck (E. Trent)Donna Brining7 Jan-Feb2015
Annabelle (K. Stork)Mary Jo Bradley24July-Aug2015
AVSA Tours the Optimara Greenhouses, Nashville, TN (Neil Lipson)48, 50 & 51Mar-Apr2015
Blossom of Buckeye Especially Mine (P. Hancock)36May-June2015
Blossom of Buckeye Extravaganza (P. Hancock)37May-June2015
Blossom of Buckeye Galactic Shower (P. Hancock)36May-June2015
Blossom of Buckeye Inspiration Pink (P. Hancock)37May-June2015
Blossom of Buckeye Patent Pending (P. Hancock)37May-June2015
Blossom of Buckeye Petty Larceny (P. Hancock)36May-June2015
Buckeye Cranberry Sparkler (P. Hancock)Mary Jo Bradley7Sept - Oct2015
Buckeye Delight (P. Hancock)Debbie McInnis6Jan-Feb2015
Buckeye Love's Caress (P. Hancock)Susan Arnao59Mar-Apr2015
Buckeye Seductress (P. Hancock)Sandra Skalski17Mar-Apr2015
Buckeye Tea Party (P. Hancock)Sandra Skalski25Jan-Feb2015
Cajun's Coujon (Belinda Thibodeaux)Belinda Thibodeaux14Mar-Apr2015
Cajun's Simply Elegant (B. Thibodeaux)Kurt JablonskiCoverMar-Apr2015
Cajun's Sundowners (B. Thibodeaux)Debbie McInnis7May-June2015
Cajun's Zydeco (Belinda Thibodeaux)Belinda ThibodeauxCoverJuly-Aug2015
Carnival Confetti (Paul Sorano/Lyndon Lyon GreenhousesPaul Sorano6Nov - Dec2015
Chicago Flair (D. Hoover)Neil Lipson32Jan-Feb2015
Chrysothemis pulchella 'Bronze'David Harris17Jan-Feb2015
Circus Fascination (P. Sorano/LLyon GreenhousesP. Sorano21May-June2015
Circus Fascination (Sorano/Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses40Mar-Apr2015
Cupid's Jewel (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses/P. SoranoRose Bosch45Mar-Apr2015
Dale's 'Scarlet Macaw' (Dale Martens)Bill Price20Jan-Feb2015
Dark Kiss (LLyon Greenhouses/SoranoErika Geimonen58July-Aug2015
Dark Night of the Soul (George McDonald)George McDonald36Mar-Apr2015
Dish GardenDolores Gibbs55Jan-Feb2015
Dish GardenMel Grice54Jan-Feb2015
Dish GardenJudy Smith20Mar-Apr2015
EK-Laskovyi Mai (E. Korshunova)Debbie McInnis33May-June2015
Episcia cupreata 'La Solidad Bronze'Mel Grice15July-Aug2015
Fairy Castle (Sorano/Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses)40Mar-Apr2015
Heartbreak Kid (P. Sorano/Lyon Greenhouses)Debbie McInnis51Jan-Feb2015
Heinz's Seduction (H. Dornbusch)Dale Martens45Sept - Oct2015
High Expectations (P. Sorano/Llyon GreenhousesP. Sorano/LLyon Greenhouses15Mar-Apr2015
Hot-Wired Wizard (Sorano/Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses40Mar-Apr2015
Imp's Magic Swirls (J. Jackson)Carol Tjaden10May-June2015
Jolly Diamond (H. Pittman)Jan Davidson7Nov - Dec2015
Jolly Eyes (H. Pittman)Janet Shaeffer45July-Aug2015
Jolly Fireball (J. Pittman)Kevin Degner15May-June2015
Jolly Jazz (H. Pittman)Jan Davidson36July-Aug2015
K's Dancing Spree (Kathy Hajner)Kathy Hajner25July-Aug2015
K's Tipsy Spritzer (Kathy Hajner)Kathy Hajner59July-Aug2015
Kiss Prints (K. Stork)Donna Brining11Sept - Oct2015
LC's Raspberry Whisper (Lynn Canning)Lynn Canning15Nov - Dec2015
Le Chata Brion (E. Lebetskaia)Donna Brining21Mar-Apr2015
LE-Freiya (E. Lebetskaia) New from Ukraine28Nov - Dec2015
LE-Mokhito (E. Lebetskaia) New from Ukraine28Nov - Dec2015
Leaf Characteristics Displayed by African Violets22Sept - Oct2015
Lollipop Kid (S. Sorano)Debbie McInnis37Sept - Oct2015
Lyon's Black Magic (S. Sorono/LLyon Greenhouses)Mary Corondan11May-June2015
Lyon's Lavender Magic (P. Sorano/Lyon Greenhouses)Rodney BarnetCoverJan-Feb2015
Ma's King Carnival (O. Ma Robinson)Rhona Thurman48May-June2015
Ma's Spanish Eyes (O. Robinson)Barbara Reith28May-June2015
Mac's Blowing Bubbles (G. McDonald)Tmothy Ferguson29Sept - Oct2015
Mac's Callow Fellow (G. McDonald)Anne Nicholas15Mar-Apr2015
Mac's Camelot Cameo (G. McDonald)Paula Bal44Sept - Oct2015
Mac's Misty Meadow (G. McDonald)Anne Nicholas10July-Aug2015
Mac's Pure Poetry (G. McDonald)Rhona Thurman10Jan-Feb2015
Mindy Rose (G. Boone)Karen Dirzuweit45Nov - Dec2015
Mini Sinningia 'Butterflies are Free' (Thad Scaggs)Thad Scaggs29May-June2015
Morgan's Sweet Patootie (C. Eros)Sayeh Beheshti6July-Aug2015
My Darling (Holtkamp/Optimara)11Jan-Feb2015
N-Kaprizulia (N. Berdnikova) New from Russia17Nov - Dec2015
N-Podsnezhnik (N. Berdnikova)Dmitry Ozherelyev 32Nov - Dec2015
N-Snezhnyi Georgin (N. Berdnikova) New from Russia29Nov - Dec2015
N. Thumbelina (N. Diuimovochka)Ben Haning10Sept - Oct2015
Natural GardenSuzanne Roberts55Jan-Feb2015
Neptune (Armacost & Royston)Rodney Barnett11May-June2015
Ness' Crinkle Blue (D. Ness)Peggy Mooney25Mar-Apr2015
Ness' Satin Rose (D. Ness)Sandra Skalski14May-June2015
Oak RidgeRandy Deutsch54Jan-Feb2015
Optimara 'My Joy' (Holtcamp)Sherrie Wallace44Mar-Apr2015
Optimara Degas II (Holtkamp)Alice Delaney33July-Aug2015
Optimara EverGrace (Optimara/R. Holtcamp)Ben Haning24May-June2015
Optimara Little Azurite (Holtkamp)Kathy Lahti10July-Aug2015
Optimara Little Maya (Holtkamp)Debbie McInnis25July-Aug2015
Optimara Little Ruby (Holtcamp)Brett Flewelling6Mar-Apr2015
Optimara MyDelight (Optimara/Holtcamp)Barbara Reith28May-June2015
Optimara Ontario (Optimara/Holtcamp)Ben Haning33Nov - Dec2015
Persian Prince (S. Sorano/LLyon Greenhouses)Heather Demers6May-June2015
Picasso (M. Tremblay)Ben Haning41Jan-Feb2015
Pink Blueberry (M. Kartuz)Laurel Brown45Mar-Apr2015
Precious Red (H. Pittman)Debbie McInnisCoverNov - Dec2015
Primulina linearifoliaSusan Arano58Sept - Oct2015
Rainbow's Quiet Riot (R. Wasmund)David Tooker44Sept - Oct2015
Rhapsodie Ingrid (Holtkamp/Optimara)11Jan-Feb2015
RhythmLinda Hall11July-Aug2015
RM-Alexandria (Natalya Shornyakova)48July-Aug2015
RM-Izabella (N. Skorniakova) New from Russia17Nov - Dec2015
RM-Royal Laces (Natalya Shornyakova)48July-Aug2015
Rob's Boolaroo (R. Robinson)Ben Haning29Sept - Oct2015
Rob's Combustible Pigeon (R. Robinson)Allan Reith28May-June2015
Rob's Cool Fruit (R. Robinson)Janet Sheaffer12-FebJan-Feb2015
Rob's Ditzi Mitzi (R. Robinson)Andrew Norris33Jan-Feb2015
Rob's Dodo Bird (R. Robinson)Allan Reith28May-June2015
Rob's Galiwinku (R. Robinson)Glenda Williams7Nov - Dec2015
Rob's Jitterbug (R. Robinson)Sandra Skalski58Mar-Apr2015
Rob's Kitten Caboodle (R. Robinson)Debbie McInnis50Nov - Dec2015
Rolling Pink Cloudburst (LLyon Greenhouses/Sorano)Peggy Mooney21July-Aug2015
RS-Annabel (S. Repkina) New from Ukraine29Nov - Dec2015
RS-Vikont (S. Repkina)Donna Brining15May-June2015
Senk's Snowy Egret (D. Senk)Erika Geimonen14July-Aug2015
Shirl's Senior Moment (S. Sanders)Anne Nicholas6Sept - Oct2015
Sinningia 'Ozark Sentimental Journey' (D. Harris)Dale Martens15Nov - Dec2015
Sinningia bullataEdna Alexander37July-Aug2015
Sinvana 'Special Distraction' (Thad Scaggs)Thad Scaggs29May-June2015
Smooch Me (Kent Stork)Kent Stork21Mar-Apr2015
Sport of Rob's Dodo BirdSusan Arnao44July-Aug2015
Streptocarppus 'DS-Kata Tjuta'Steve Turner36Sept - Oct2015
Streptocarpus 'Dale's Polar Blizzard' (D. Martens)Dale Martens59Nov - Dec2015
Streptocarpus 'DS Golden Key' (Dimetris)24Mar-Apr2015
Streptocarpus 'DS Kalaxari' (Dimetris)24Mar-Apr2015
Streptocarpus 'DS Little Rose' (Dimetris)24Mar-Apr2015
Streptocarpus 'German'Steve Turner37Mar-Apr2015
Streptocarpus 'Gloria'Lynn Allen11Sept - Oct2015
Streptocarpus 'Heartland's Gold' (Dale Martens)Bill Price21Jan-Feb2015
Streptocarpus 'Moscow Lady' (N. Pavliuk)Steve Turner7July-Aug2015
Streptocarpus FormosusBill Price21Jan-Feb2015
TerrariumSuzanne Roberts55Jan-Feb2015
TerrariumMel Grice54Jan-Feb2015
Thunder Surprise (S. Sanders)Lindi Smith51Nov - Dec2015
Tineki (Humako)Richard NicholasCoverMay-June2015
Twinkle Twirl (Sorano/Lyon Greenhouses)Paul Sorano13-FebJan-Feb2015
Windsome (H. Pittman)Kathy Lahti14Nov - Dec2015
Winter's Finale (Paul Sorano/Lyndon Lyon Greenhouse)Paul Sorano/Lyndon Lyon GreenhouseCoverSept - Oct2015
Yukako (Unknown/Japan)Rodney Barnett7Mar-Apr2015
Ace of Diamonds (Kent Stork)Kent StorkCoverJan-Feb2016
Amethyst (Armacost & Royston)Judith Carter15July-Aug2016
Ann (B. Bryant)Steve Turner7May-June2016
Beca's Queen Mother (C. Beca)Glenda Williams7May-June2016
Black Tie Affair (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses)54Nov -Dec2016
Bob Serbin (J. Brownlie)Donna Brining55Mar-Apr2016
Buckeye Nostalgia (P. Hancock)Susan Arnao33Mar-Apr2016
Buckeye Tea Party (Pat Hancock)Kurt Jablonski51May-June2016
Cajun's Alfie (B. Thibodeaux)Brenda Conner11Jan-Feb2016
Cajun's Blue Bayou (B. Thibodeaux)Brenda Thibodeaux58Jan-Feb2016
Cajun's Dixie Pride (B. Thibodeaux)Mary CorondanCoverMay-June2016
Cajun's Ethereal Fairy (B. Thibodeaux)Richard Nicholas52July-Aug2016
Cajun's Little Joy (B. Thibodeaux)Brenda Conner14May-June2016
Candy Fountain (I. Fredette)Lynn Canning11Jan-Feb2016
Carolina Ariosa (L. Abplanalp)Kathy Hajner32July-Aug2016
Cherokee Trail (L. Ray)Blanche Renz21July-Aug2016
Cirelda (P. Tracey)Bob Clark15May-June2016
Coming-Up-Roses (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses)54Nov -Dec2016
Day-'N' Night (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses)54Nov -Dec2016
Dean's Aquarius (C. Hobbs/H. Hobbs)Susan Arnao5July-Aug2016
Design: Anything GoesBJ Ohme42May-June2016
Design: BlowRon Davidson43May-June2016
Design: GrooveGlenda Williams43May-June2016
Design: Hot JazzGlenda Williams43May-June2016
Design: Night and DayFran Russom42May-June2016
Designs: Autumn LeavesFran Russom50Mar-Apr2016
Designs: Cool JazzFran Russom50Mar-Apr2016
Designs: Cotton CandyLinda Sumski51Mar-Apr2016
Designs: Jump BluesMel Grice50Mar-Apr2016
Designs: Rhythm and BluesGlenda Williams51Mar-Apr2016
Designs: Star DustMel Grice51Mar-Apr2016
Designs: SummertimeLinda Sumski50Mar-Apr2016
Designs: Sweet 'n' SpicyGlenda Williams51Mar-Apr2016
Dish GardenSuzanne Roberts42May-June2016
Dish GardenLinda Hall42May-June2016
Donna's Mother's Love (D. Brining)Richard Nicholas8Nov -Dec2016
Episcia 'Butter Oak'Penny Smith-Kerker30Sept-Oct2016
Episcia 'Pink Panther'Penny Smith-Kerker43Sept-Oct2016
Geyser-of-Color (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses)54Nov -Dec2016
Hawaiian-Cloud (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses)54Nov -Dec2016
Heartland's Lime Sherbet (Dale Martens)Dale Martens6May-June2016
Heinz's Blue Flair (H. Dornbusch)Kurt Jablonski20Sept-Oct2016
Heritage Frolic (A. E. Adams)Susan Shaw33July-Aug2016
Imp's Fairy Berry (J. Jackson)Charles Rowe33May-June2016
Imp's Fairy Berry (Jeff Jackson)Jeff Jackson47July-Aug2016
Imp's Fortuitous Fancy (Jeff Jackson)Jeff Jackson47July-Aug2016
Imp's Jellyfish Sting (Jeff Jackson)Jeff Jackson47July-Aug2016
Imp's Karmic Kaleidoscope2 (Jeff Jackson)Jeff Jackson47July-Aug2016
Imp's Kyanite Sparkle (Jeff Jackson)Jeff Jackson47July-Aug2016
Imp's Little Deathcap (Jeff Jackson)Jeff Jackson47July-Aug2016
Jack of Clubs (K. Stork)Richard Nicholas26Sept-Oct2016
Jersey Girl Trail (Bob Kurzynski)Kurt Jablonski57May-June2016
Jersey Little Devil (R. Kurzynski)BJ Ohme9Nov -Dec2016
Jersey Little Devil (R. Kurzynski)B. J. Ohme14Sept-Oct2016
Jersey Snow Flakes (R. Kurzynski)Richard Nicholas44Jan-Feb2016
Jolly Jingle (H. Pittman)Diane Kaluhiokalani23July-Aug2016
Jolly Jubilee (H. Pittman)Debbie McInnis6Mar-Apr2016
Jolly Star (H. Pittman)Ron Davidson34May-June2016
K's Pinkitini (Kathy Hajner)Kathy Hajner45Sept-Oct2016
K's Sage Wand (Kathy Hajner)Kathy Hajner13Nov -Dec2016
K's Salsarita (Kathy Hajner)Kathy HajnerCoverSept-Oct2016
K's Slingshot (Kathy Hajner)Kathy Hajner47Nov -Dec2016
K's Snowy Montana (Kathy Hajner)JoEllen Bowden61May-June2016
K's Tipsy Spritzer (Kathy Hajner)Kathy Hajner8July-Aug2016
K's Want Some Wine (Kathy Hajner)Kathy Hajner12Nov -Dec2016
Kentucky Berry Bush (D. Rollins)Patricia GibsonCoverNov -Dec2016
Kohleria 'Rongo' Dodie Nelson55Sept-Oct2016
LE-Karusel (E. Lebetskaia)Donna Turner56Sept-Oct2016
LE-Prekrasnaia Kreolka (E. Lebetskaia)Suzanne Roberts29Jan-Feb2016
Lilliana (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses)54Nov -Dec2016
Linda Darnel (P. Tracey)Patty Daniel45Jan-Feb2016
Little Axel (Anthoflores)Debbie McInnis55Sept-Oct2016
Lonestar Lady (R. Nicholas)Ann Schubert30Sept-Oct2016
Lovestruck (L. Lyon Greenhouses)Drew Norris59Mar-Apr2016
Ma's Debutante' (O. Robinson)Susan Arnao51Nov -Dec2016
Ma's King Carnival (O. Ma)Mary Corondan17Sept-Oct2016
Mac's Callow Fellow (G. McDonald)Anne Nicholas21Sept-Oct2016
Mac's Southern Springtime (G. MacDonald)Penny Kerker-Smith10Jan-Feb2016
Marsnail's Purrty Pooka (Sharon Vantuyl)Sharon Vantuyl6Jan-Feb2016
Milang Skies (G. Ford)Terri Post24Nov -Dec2016
Mini Papa (H. Pittman)Susan Arnao41Mar-Apr2016
Morgan's Declan Duff (C. Eros)Erika Geimonen53July-Aug2016
Morgan's Junior Mint (C. Eros)Oriana Harrison25Nov -Dec2016
Morgan's Pu Yi (C. Eros)Bob Clark45Mar-Apr2016
Morgan's Sweet Patootie (C. Eros)Mary Corondan29July-Aug2016
Natural GardenSuzanne Roberts43May-June2016
Nautilocalyx pictus17Jan-Feb2016
Nautilocalyx pictus 'Jade'17Jan-Feb2016
Nematanthus 'Black Gold'Robert McMeel12Sept-Oct2016
Ness' Mini Sota (D. Ness)Kathy Lahti14July-Aug2016
Ness' Satin Rose (D. Ness)Patricia Gibson46Nov -Dec2016
Nortex's Snowkist Haven (Nortes/B. Johnson)Richard Nicholas49Sept-Oct2016
Optimara 'Little Azurite' (Holtkamp)Michelle Wickersheim15May-June2016
Optimara 'MySunshine' (Holtkamp)Barbara Jones32May-June2016
Optimara Little Arapahoe (Holtkamp)Susan Arnao48July-Aug2016
Optimara Little Blackfoot (Holtkamp)Debbie McInnis45Jan-Feb2016
Optimara Rose Quartz (Holtkamp)Kathy Lahti33May-June2016
Orchard's Bumble Magnet (R. Wilson)Richard Nicholas58Mar-Apr2016
Petite Blarney (H. Pittman)Sue Hoffmann11Mar-Apr2016
Petite Tart (H. Pittman)Michele Wickersham28Mar-Apr2016
Phoenix (S. Saliba)Mary Corondan25May-June2016
Planet Kid (H. Pittman)Mary Corondan28July-Aug2016
Plumberry Glow (Sorano/LLyon Greenhouses)Debbie McInnis42Nov -Dec2016
Primulina 'Finella'Nancy Carr29Mar-Apr2016
Primulina bipinnatifidaBill Price41May-June2016
Primulina dryas lattifoliaRichard Nicholas14July-Aug2016
Primulina ophiopogoidesRonald Davidson22July-Aug2016
Primulina species USBRGRon Davidson7Jan-Feb2016
Private Dancer (S. Sorano)Neil Lipson51July-Aug2016
Ramblin' Amethyst (E. Champion)Erika Geimonen5May-June2016
RD's Illusion (R.& D. TownsendLaurel Brown15Jan-Feb2016
Red Bandito (H. Pittman)Anne Nicholas35May-June2016
Rhapsodie Joan (Holtkamp)Erika Geimonen5May-June2016
Rhapsodie Stephanie (Holtkamp)Kenneth Rein43July-Aug2016
Rob's Sarsparilla (R. Robinson)Erika Geimonen20Nov -Dec2016
Rob's Slap Happy (R. Robinson)Debbie McInnis59Mar-Apr2016
Rob's Twinkle Pink (R. Robinson)Lynn Canning28Jan-Feb2016
Rob's Vanilla Trail (R. Robinson)Sherry Savar59Jan-Feb2016
Rob's Wooloomooloo (R. Robinson)Mary Jo Bradley7Mar-Apr2016
Rolling Pink Cloudburst (L. Lyon Greenhouses/P. Sorano)Erika Geimonen32May-June2016
RS-Ogon Zhelanie ('Fire of Desire') (S. Repkina)Donna Turner34Nov -Dec2016
S. 5c2 clone diplotricha ParkerWilliam PriceCoverJuly-Aug2016
S.5c2 clone diplotricha 'Parker'Bill PriceCoverMar-Apr2016
Senk's Fruit Fly (R. Follett/D. Senk)Sayeh Beheshti6Mar-Apr2016
Senk's Snowy Egret' (R. Follett & D. Senk)Erika Geimonen50Nov -Dec2016
Shirl's Hawaiian Lei (S. Sanders)Anne Nicholas46Nov -Dec2016
Sierra Sunrise (P. Sorano/Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses)Diane Kaluhiokalani8Nov -Dec2016
Sinningia 'Colorado Sunset'Elaine Niece50Nov -Dec2016
Sinningia 'Country Prayer'Betty Ferguson29Mar-Apr2016
Sinningia 'Gabriel's Horn'Dale Martens37Mar-Apr2016
Smithiantha "An's Misty Twilight"Thad Scaggs14Mar-Apr2016
Smithiantha 'Splashdance'Thad Scaggs14Mar-Apr2016
Smithiantha 'STx S1'Thad Scaggs15Mar-Apr2016
Smithiantha 'Thad's Custard Pie' (T. Scaggs)Thad Scaggs15Mar-Apr2016
Smithiantha 'Thad's Neon Freckles' (T. Scaggs)Thad Scaggs15Mar-Apr2016
Star Turn (Margaret Rose)Margaret Rose22Nov -Dec2016
Storm's Eye (L. Lyon Greenhouses, P. Sorano)Ann Shubert39July-Aug2016
Streptocarpus 'D's Imp'Donna Turner17July-Aug2016
Streptocarpus 'Emily'Elaine Niece51Sept-Oct2016
Streptocarpus 'Lady Slipper Blue Ice'Richard Nicholas25Nov -Dec2016
Streptocarpus 'Tunnel Vision'Josh McKinney32Mar-Apr2016
The Alps (K. Horikoshi/H. Sawara)Paris Merriam40July-Aug2016
8E SykosparkPatrick DelaneyCoverSept-Oct2017
Aeschynanthus x splendidusPaul Sorano24Nov-Dec2017
Allegro Blueberry Bliss (Janet Stromberg)Sylvia A Farnum33July-Aug2017
Allegro Chicory Charm (Janet Stromborg)Penny Smith-Kerker31July-Aug2017
Allegro Pepto Pink (Janet Stromborg)Sylvia A Farnum33July-Aug2017
Allegro Watermelon Ruffles (J. Stromborg)Rhona Thurman6Jan-Feb2017
Allegro Watermelon Ruffles (Janet Stromborg)Sylvia A Farnum32July-Aug2017
Amour Elite (E. Arkhipov)Paula Bal26Mar-Apr2017
AVSA Design - FetishesB.J. Ohme33Mar-Apr2017
AVSA Design - Kirkland Air Force BaseCandace Baldwin59Mar-Apr2017
AVSA Design - Loretto ChapelCandace Baldwin53Mar-Apr2017
AVSA Design - RistraDanny Tidwell37Mar-Apr2017
AVSA Design - Sandia Peak TramwayB.J. Ohme19Mar-Apr2017
AVSA Design - The Rio Grande RiverJudith Carter16Mar-Apr2017
AVSA Design - White Sands National MonumentGlenda Williams46Mar-Apr2017
Bob Serbin' (J. Brownlie)Donna Brining60May-June2017
Bol's Evening IrjaPatrick Delaney6Sept-Oct2017
Buckeye 'New Dawn' (P. Hancock)Linda Rowe39May-June2017
Buckeye 'Nostalgia' (P. Hancock)Kurt Jablonski52May-June2017
Buckeye 'Seductress' (P. Hancock)Kurt Jablonski52May-June2017
Buckeye Concord Grape (Pat Hancock)Debbie McInnis13Nov-Dec2017
Buckeye Cranberry Sparkler (Pat Hancock)Kurt Jablonski39July-Aug2017
Buckeye Cranberry Sparkler (Pat Hancock)Linda Lloyd15Nov-Dec2017
Buckeye Exotic Dancer (Pat Hancock)Linda Lloyd12Nov-Dec2017
Buckeye Freckles Galore (Pat Hancock)Linda Lieu21July-Aug2017
Buckeye Nocturne (P. Hancock)Sandra Skalski32Jan-Feb2017
Buckeye Nostalgia (P. Hancock)Kurt JablonskiCoverJan-Feb2017
Buckeye Patent Pending (Pat Hancock)Kurt Jablonski39July-Aug2017
Buckeye Scrumptious (P. Hancock)Paula Bal26Mar-Apr2017
Buckeye Scrumptious (Pat Hancock)Debbie McInnis59July-Aug2017
Buckeye Seductress (Pat Hancock)Debbie McInnis14July-Aug2017
Buckeye Tea Party (Pat Hancock)Kurt Jablonski33July-Aug2017
Buckeye Vavoom (P. Hancock)Debbie McInnis8Sept-Oct2017
Cajun Swamp Dancer (Belinda Thibodeaux)Belinda ThibodeauxCoverNov-Dec2017
Cajun's Beautiful Oblivion (Belinda Thibodeaux)Belinda Thibodeaux34July-Aug2017
Cajun's Fair Maiden (B. Thibodeaux)Terri Post9Jan-Feb2017
Cajun's Freckleface Kid (Belinda Thibodeaux)Belinda Thibodeaux61July-Aug2017
Cajun's Zydeco (Belinda Thibodeaux)Belinda Thibodeaux57July-Aug2017
Carolina Elegant Affair Richard Nicholas53May-June2017
Columnea 'Firebird'Paul Sorano9Sept-Oct2017
Columnea 'Melissa'Paul Kroll6Mar-Apr2017
Dean's Rosalie (K. Hobbs-Gregg)Penny Kerker-Smith12Sept-Oct2017
Drymonia chiriboganaBrandon Erikson57Nov-Dec2017
DS/Brayan/DS-BrianPatrick Delaney17Sept-Oct2017
Episcia 'Cleopatra' Canadian CloneRobert McMeel43Nov-Dec2017
Episcia (T. Skaggs)Jeri Anderson8Mar-Apr2017
Everdina (H. Inpijn/R. NadeauDebbie McGinnis39May-June2017
Funambule (N. Robitaille/D. Croteau)Neil Lipson54Jan-Feb2017
Harmony's GundartooLinda McQueen18Sept-Oct2017
Heinz's Good Vibrations (Heinz Dombusch)Carolee Carter25Nov-Dec2017
Heritage Frolic (A. E. Adams)Maureen Trachuk44May-June2017
Imp's Corroaded EdgePatrick Delaney23Sept-Oct2017
Irish Flirt (S. Sorano)Paula Bal49July-Aug2017
Jersey Snow Flakes (R. Kurzynski)Debbie McInnis25Sept-Oct2017
Jersey Sugar Plums (R. Kurzynski)Anne Nicholas35May-June2017
Jitterbug #6 (P. Hancock)Anne Nicholas53May-June2017
Jolly Andrea (H. Pittman)Anne Nicholas33Jan-Feb2017
Jolly Disco Kathy Lahti32Sept-Oct2017
Jolly Frills (Hortense Pittman)Debbie McInnis49Nov-Dec2017
Jolly Mars (H. Pittman)Laurel Brown25Jan-Feb2017
Jolly Moon Mist (H. Pittman)Anne Nicholas17May-June2017
Jolly Orchid (H. Pittman)Debbie McInnis38Jan-Feb2017
Jolly Star (H. Pittman)Laurel Brown25Jan-Feb2017
K's Cherry Chip Frosting (K. Hajner)Kathy Hajner16May-June2017
K's Salsarita (K. Hajner)Kathy Hajner52May-June2017
Kansas City Barbeque Richard Nicholas7Jan-Feb2017
Kohleria 'Bud's Little Gollum'32Sept-Oct2017
Lakeshore Silver (J. Brownlie)Beverley Williams37July-Aug2017
Lakeshore Silver (J. Brownlie)Leonard Re9Mar-Apr2017
LE-Erika (E. Lebetskaia)William Price32Sept-Oct2017
LE-Prekrasnaia Kreolka (E. Lebetskaia)Mary Corondan47Jan-Feb2017
LE-Prekrasnaia Kreolka (E. Lebetskaia)Debbie McInnis49Nov-Dec2017
Lil Glimpse o' Spring (Paul Sorano)Angela Newell34Nov-Dec2017
Lonestar Helen Mahr (R. Nicholas)Debbie McInnis53July-Aug2017
Lovestruck (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses)Drew Norris58May-June2017
Ma's Blue Spinner (O. Robinson)Marge Farrand53May-June2017
Ma's Glass Slipper (O. Robinson)Erika Geimonen5Jan-Feb2017
Mac's Callow FellowRichard Nicholas32Sept-Oct2017
Mac's Elegant Emerald (G. MacDonald)Beverley Williams42July-Aug2017
Mesmerizing Pink (LLyon Greenhouses)Penny Smith-Kerker10Mar-Apr2017
Mini Papa (H. Pittman)Susan Arnao36Jan-Feb2017
Moon Child (P. Sorano)Jean Melnechuk38May-June2017
Morgan's Angel Band (C. Eros)Winston J. Goretsky21May-June2017
Morgan's Declan Duff (C. Eros)50July-Aug2017
N. Avatar (Nadezhda Berdnikova)Dmitry Ozherelyev & Nina Starostenko15July-Aug2017
NautolocalyxGlenda Williams17May-June2017
Optimara Annabelle (R. Holtkamp)Erika Geimonen16Jan-Feb2017
Optimara Ingrid (Holtkamp)Winston J. Goretsky34May-June2017
Optimara Little Hopi II (Holtkamp)Penny Smith-Kerker39Nov-Dec2017
Optimara Little Moonstone (Holtcamp)Catherine Carter33Sept-Oct2017
Optimara Little Omaha (Holtkamp)Beverly Williams26May-June2017
Optimara Little Ottawa (Holtcamp)33Sept-Oct2017
Optimara Little Ruby (Holtcamp)Kathy Lahti33Sept-Oct2017
Optimara Yellowstone (Holtkamp Greenhouses)Neil Lipson37Jan-Feb2017
Painted Silk (J. Stokes)Mary Corondan49Jan-Feb2017
Peach Brandy (L Lyon Greenhouses)Kurt Jablonski55July-Aug2017
Petrocosmea 'Keystone's Blue Jay'Beverley Williams33Sept-Oct2017
Petrocosmea 'Keystone's Little Rascal'Steve Kerr36Sept-Oct2017
Petrocosmea forrestiiLa Donna Hopson33Sept-Oct2017
Precious Red (H. Pittman)Anne Nicholas53May-June2017
Primulina LinearifoliaJanice Davidson23July-Aug2017
Primulina LuteaBobbi Johannsen38Sept-Oct2017
Primulina USBRG 98 - 083Janice Davidson6May-June2017
PT - 'Luiza'Debbie McInnis27July-Aug2017
Radiant Glow (T. Davis)Paula Bal27Mar-Apr2017
Raspberry Glitz (P. Sorano)Susan Shaw45Mar-Apr2017
Rebel's Splatter Kake (R. Bann)51July-Aug2017
Rebel's Splatter Kake (R. Bann)Paris Merriam32Mar-Apr2017
Rhapsodie Joan (Holtcamp)35July-Aug2017
Rhapsodie Rebecca (Holtkamp)Kenneth Rein23May-June2017
Rob's Boogie Woogie (R. Robinson)39Sept-Oct2017
Rob's Boolaroo (R. Robinson)Kurt JablonskiCoverJuly-Aug2017
Rob's Chilly Willy (R. Robinson)Anne NicholasCoverMar-Apr2017
Rob's Combustible Pigeon (R. Robinson)Janet Sheaffer15Jan-Feb2017
Rob's Combustible Pigeon (R.Robinson)Debbie McGinnis52May-June2017
Rob's Dodo Bird (R. Robinson)Maureen Pratt9Mar-Apr2017
Rob's Hand Puppet (R. Robinson)Mary Corondan14Mar-Apr2017
Rob's Humpty Doo (R. Robinson)Kathy Hajner34Mar-Apr2017
Rob's Inner Orbit (R. Robinson)Mary Corondan52May-June2017
Rob's Kitten Caboodle (Ralph Robinson)Angela Newell25Nov-Dec2017
Rob's Lucky Stroke (Ralph Robinson)Kathy Lahti59Nov-Dec2017
Rob's Peedletuck (R. Robinson)Mary Corondan49Mar-Apr2017
Rob's Scrumptious (R. Robinson)Anne Nicholas13Jan-Feb2017
Rob's Slap Happy (Ralph Robinson)Debbie McInnis24Nov-Dec2017
S. 5b. cl. confusa Uppsala 2004-079016Nov-Dec2017
S. 5c2 clone diplotricha 'Parker'Bill Price52May-June2017
S. 5c2. cl. Diplotrichus Parker16Nov-Dec2017
S. 5cl. Cl. Tongwensis Uppsala 339719Nov-Dec2017
S. 5cl.cl. Ionanthus19Nov-Dec2017
S. 5h clone velutina liteWilliam Price39Sept-Oct2017
S. 5h. cl. Rupicolus Cha Simba or Chasimba17Nov-Dec2017
S. 5i. cl. velutinus19Nov-Dec2017
S. 8 clone Cha SimbaCandace Baldwin38Jan-Feb2017
S. shumenis Mather EEBeverly Williams52May-June2017
S.8 clone Cha SimbaCarolee Carter46July-Aug2017
Sassy Shirley (H. Pittman)Ken Muzalewski53May-June2017
Senk's Fruit Fly (R. Follett & D. Senk)Mary CorondanCoverMay-June2017
Senk's Springtime WaspPatrick Delaney43Sept-Oct2017
Senk's Springtime WaspPatrick Delaney43Sept-Oct2017
Sierra Sunrise (P. Sorano/Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses)Susan Shaw21Jan-Feb2017
Silent Prayer (K. Stork)Richard Nicholas32Jan-Feb2017
Sinningia 'Aurora Borealis' (Bobbi Johannsen)Bobbi Johannsen43Sept-Oct2017
Sinningia 'Rock Authority' (Jay Sespico)Jay Sespico53Nov-Dec2017
Sinningia 'Rock Council' (Jay Sespico)Jay Sespico53Nov-Dec2017
Sinningia 'Rock Washed' (Jay Sespico)Jay Sespico53Nov-Dec2017
Sister Sylvia (F. Wagman)Kenneth Rein48Jan-Feb2017
SK - Fenix Donna Turner45May-June2017
Sora Addison Rose (Barbara Werness)52Nov-Dec2017
Sora Kalikae (Barbara Werness)52Nov-Dec2017
Sora Raspberry Patch (Barbara Werness)52Nov-Dec2017
Sora Three Doors (Barbara Werness)52Nov-Dec2017
Spin-OutPenny Smith-Kerker31July-Aug2017
Streptocarpus 'Blueberry Butterfly'Trudy Brekle11Mar-Apr2017
Streptocarpus 'Gina'Trudy Brekle60Mar-Apr2017
Streptocarpus 'Wawel' Joann Freeman38July-Aug2017
Streptocarpus 'Ziva'Kathryn Spissman48Nov-Dec2017
Sugar Bear Blues (D. Ness)Kenneth Rein39Jan-Feb2017
Sweet Amy Sue (P. Harris)Paula Bal27Mar-Apr2017
The Alps (K. Horikosh/H. Sawara)Mary Corondan38Mar-Apr2017
Tomorrow's Pink Ice (Jeff Smith)Susan Arnao51Jan-Feb2017
Victorian Ribbons (S. Sorano)Neil Lipson47Nov-Dec2017
Wizard's Froststrike (S. Jones)Patrick Delaney46Sept-Oct2017
Wizard's Froststrike (S. Jones)Patrick Delaney48Sept-Oct2017
Wizard's PranksterPatrick Delaney48Sept-Oct2017
Wizard's Siege Perilous Patrick Delaney51Sept-Oct2017
"Hoop" (Best Design in Show)B.J. Ohme18July-Aug2018
2017 Convention Designs - Darkening SkiesViolet Hendershot32Jan-Feb2018
2017 Convention Designs - Flamingo PizzazzIrene Harney32Jan-Feb2018
2017 Convention Designs - Fun in the Tropical SunMel Grice33Jan-Feb2018
2017 Convention Designs - Jamaica Jammin'Mary Lou Harden33Jan-Feb2018
2017 Convention Designs - Sittin' on the Dock of the BayElvie Blakely33Jan-Feb2018
2017 Convention Designs - Tropical Happy HourLinda Hall33Jan-Feb2018
2017 Convention Designs - Tutti FruttiRebecca McMeel33Jan-Feb2018
2017 Convention Designs -ChiquitaBetty Ferguson32Jan-Feb2018
Aca's Libbie (J. Brownlie)Debbie McInnis16Sept-Oct2018
AE-Egorka Molodets (E. Arkhipov)Alla Kotova29Nov-Dec2018
Bashou (F. Pilon)Annie SimardCoverSept-Oct2018
Best Container GardenLee Hoke7July-Aug2018
Blossoms - Brother's Bond (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses)58Jan-Feb2018
Blossoms - Carnival Confetti (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses)58Jan-Feb2018
Blossoms - Free Falling (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses)58Jan-Feb2018
Blossoms - Girls Night Out (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses)58Jan-Feb2018
Blossoms - High Expectations (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses)58Jan-Feb2018
Blossoms - Key Lime Treat (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses)59Jan-Feb2018
Blossoms - Rolling Dew Drops (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses)59Jan-Feb2018
Blossoms - Summer Love (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses)59Jan-Feb2018
Blossoms - Surf's Up (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses)59Jan-Feb2018
Blossoms - Winter's Finale (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses)59Jan-Feb2018
Blue Boy (Armacost & Royston)Rodney Barnett18May-June2018
Buckeye Cranberry Sparkler (P. Hancock)Sandra Skalski17Nov-Dec2018
Buckeye Delightful (P. Hancock)Debbie McInnis53July-Aug2018
Buckeye Nostalgia (P. Hancock)Wayne Geeslin22Jan-Feb2018
Buckeye Requiem (P. Hancock)Debbie McInnisCoverMay-June2018
Buckeye Scrumptious (P. Hancock)Sandra Skalski40Sept-Oct2018
Cajun's Amaretto (B. Thibodeaux)Belinda Thibodeaux25Jan-Feb2018
Cajun's Beautiful Oblivion (B. Thibodeaux)Belinda Thibodeaux18Jan-Feb2018
Cajun's Fair Maiden (B. Thibodeaux)Debbie McInnisCoverJuly-Aug2018
Cajun's Star Studded (B. Thibodeaux)Susan Arnao61July-Aug2018
Cajun's Sugar 'n' Spice (B. Thibodeaux)Belinda Thibodeaux47May-June2018
Cajun's Zydeco (B. Thibodeaux)Belinda Thibodeaux43Mar-Apr2018
Demers Pixie Belle (N. Demers)Dr. William E.H. PriceCoverNov-Dec2018
EK-Laskovya Mai (E. Korshunova)Debbie McInnis37Mar-Apr2018
Episcia 'Faded Jade'Kitty Hedgepeth17Jan-Feb2018
Episcia 'Kee Wee'Steve Turner47July-Aug2018
Everdina (H. Inpijn./R. Nadeau)Anne Brown40Sept-Oct2018
Foxwood Trails (T. Khoe)Sandy Skalski43May-June2018
Frosty Bubbles ( P. Sorano/Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses)Debbie McInnis36May-June2018
Grape Glory (P. Sorano/Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses)Diane Kaluhiokalani43July-Aug2018
Ian-Minuet (N. Puminova)Rodney Barnett31May-June2018
Irish Ruffles (Paul Sorano)D. Lamphere/Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses23May-June2018
Jersey Blue Moonlight (R. Kurzynski)Debbie McInnis52Sept-Oct2018
Jersey Girl Trail (R. Kurzynski)Susan Arnao61Nov-Dec2018
Jersey Snow Flakes (R. Kurzynski)Diane Page60Nov-Dec2018
Jersey Sugar Plums (R. Kurzynski)Debbie McInnis51July-Aug2018
Jersey Trail (R. Kurzynski)Sandy Skalski50May-June2018
Jolly Dear (H. Pittman)Angela Newell21Jan-Feb2018
Jolly Dear (H. Pittman)Linda Abplanalp16Mar-Apr2018
Jolly Devil (H. Pittman)Debbie McInnis53Mar-Apr2018
Jolly Fireball (H. Pittman)Linda Hall41Sept-Oct2018
Jolly Glow (H. Pittman)B. J. Ohme48July-Aug2018
Jolly Jaden (H. Pittman)Kathy Lahti59Mar-Apr2018
Jolly LuLu (H. Pittman)Anne NicholasCoverJan-Feb2018
Jolly Moon Mist ( H. Pittman)Debbie McInnis57May-June2018
Jolly Orchid (H. Pittman)Barb Lafashia53Nov-Dec2018
Jolly Trinket (H. Pittman)Barbara Donsky41Sept-Oct2018
Jolly Wit's End (H. Pittman)Anne Nicholas53Mar-Apr2018
K's Freedom (Kathy Hajner)46Mar-Apr2018
K's Lilac Confusion (Kathy Hajner)46Mar-Apr2018
K's Lilac Infusion (Kathy Hajner)46Mar-Apr2018
King David (D. Thompson)Leslie Swezey16Mar-Apr2018
Kohleria 'Bud's Strawberry Shortcake' (B. Erikson)Brandon Erikson23Sept-Oct2018
Kohleria 'Gunsmoke'Vicki Carr17Mar-Apr2018
Kohleria 'Manchu'Margaret Califano5Sept-Oct2018
LE-Prekrasnaia Kreolka (E. Lebetskaia)Linda Sumski40Nov-Dec2018
Little Blue Bandit (P. Sorano)Kathy Lahti15Jan-Feb2018
Ma's Party Music (O. Robinson)Neil Lipson21May-June2018
Mac's Pizza Pizzicato (George McDonald)George McDonald60Nov-Dec2018
Mag's Lovely Rainbow (Marge Farrand)Marge Farrand11May-June2018
Mesmerizing Pink (P. Sorano)Penny Smith-Kerker47May-June2018
Midget Silver Fox (E. Champion)Diane Miller31Sept-Oct2018
Moonlight Waves (H. Pittman)Debbie McInnis31July-Aug2018
Morgan's Sophronia (C. Eros)Beverley Williams32July-Aug2018
My Sister BFF (P. Addison)Kathy Lahti15Jan-Feb2018
N-AvroraDmitry OzherelyevCoverMar-Apr2018
N-Kapelka (N. Berdnikova)Beth Baker57Sept-Oct2018
N-Morskoi Priboi (N. Berdnikova)Dmitry Ozherelyev/Nina Starostenko42Jan-Feb2018
Ness' Angel Glitter (D. Ness)Barbara Greenawalt49Mar-Apr2018
Omaha Thunder (K. Stork)Sharon Gartner38Mar-Apr2018
Optimara EverSpecial (R. Holtkamp)Janet Sheaffer14May-June2018
Optimara Little Rhodonite (Holtkamp)Kathy Lahti57Nov-Dec2018
Optimara My Love (M. Holtkamp)Leslie Swezey29Mar-Apr2018
Optimara myDesire (M. Holtkamp)Marie Gagnon11July-Aug2018
Optimara Rose Quartz (Holtkamp Greenhouses)Kathy Lahti39Jan-Feb2018
Persian Prince (S. Sorano)Heather Demers45Nov-Dec2018
Petrocosmea 'Keystone Blue Jay' (T. Tuttle)Barbara Jones28May-June2018
Pink Dove (S. Sorano)Debbie McInnis61Sept-Oct2018
Precious Red (H. Pittman)Paula Bal46July-Aug2018
Pride of Columbis (H. Pittman)Donna Brining24July-Aug2018
Primulina 'Loki' (Curly) (Shalit Hybrid)Linda Hall27July-Aug2018
Primulina 'Mickey Mouse'Pat Knight7May-June2018
Primulina dryas 'Hisako'Robert McMeel31May-June2018
Primulina maciejewskiiRonald Davidson23Mar-Apr2018
Primulina medicaPaul Kroll41July-Aug2018
Primulina ophiopogoidesRonald Davidson52Mar-Apr2018
Primulina sp. "USBRG 98-083"Janice Davidson18Mar-Apr2018
Primulina spadiciformisWilliam Price41Jan-Feb2018
Primulina yungfuensisKathryn Spissman31Mar-Apr2018
PT-Iunaia Pastushka (D. Ozherelyev/T. PugachevaDebbie McInnis53May-June2018
PT-Luiza (D. Ozherelyev/T. Pugacheva)Rodney Barnett40Nov-Dec2018
Rain Man (M. Burns)Rodney Barnett16May-June2018
RM-Rozovye Kudri (D. Ozherelyev/N. Skorniakova)Alla Kotova41Nov-Dec2018
Rob's Boolaroo (R. Robinson)Carolee Carter38Mar-Apr2018
Rob's Boolaroo (R. Robinson)Kitty Hedgepeth16May-June2018
Rob's Fe Fi (R. Robinson)Catherine Carter59Mar-Apr2018
Rob's Fuddy Duddy (R. Robinson)Barb Lafashia57July-Aug2018
Rob's Funny Bunny (R. Robinson)Violet Barn28July-Aug2018
Rob's Galiwinku (R. Robinson)Sue Arnao27May-June2018
Rob's Itchy Britches (R. Robinson)Angela Newell53Jan-Feb2018
Rob's Love Bite (R. Robinson)Sandra Skalski25July-Aug2018
Rob's Oolong (R. Robinson)Sandy Skalski37July-Aug2018
Rob's Scooter (R. Robinson)Kathy Lahti32Mar-Apr2018
Rob's Vanilla Trail (R. Robinson)Bobbi Johannsen41Jan-Feb2018
Rose Bouquet (G. T. Smith)Carol Chmiko53May-June2018
S. 5b clone confusaSandra Skalski60Sept-Oct2018
S. 5f clone orbicularisKitty Hedgepeth17May-June2018
S. 8 clone Cha SimbaCarolee Carter48May-June2018
Sansoucy' Olympe (P. Sansoucy)Annie Simard47July-Aug2018
Shirl's Hawaiian Lei (S. Sanders)Paula Bal37May-June2018
Sinningia 'Kevin Garnett'Sherrie Zimmerman53Sept-Oct2018
Sinningia 'Ozark Double Dip' (David Harris)47Mar-Apr2018
Sinningia 'Ozark Double Dreams' (David Harris)47Mar-Apr2018
Sinningia 'Ozark Fireworks' (David Harris47Mar-Apr2018
Sinningia 'Ozark Pink Sunrise' (David Harris)47Mar-Apr2018
Sinningia 'Ozark Red Lightning' (David Harris)47Mar-Apr2018
Sinningia 'Ozark Rosy Cheeks' (David Harris)47Mar-Apr2018
Sinningia pusillaKitty Hedgepeth17May-June2018
Sister Sylvia (F. Wagman)Jerry Kast38Mar-Apr2018
SK-Peizazsh v Tumane (S. Kuznetsov)Sharon Gartner31Mar-Apr2018
SK-Pered Grozoi (Kuznetsov)Sandra Skalski29Nov-Dec2018
Sport of Frozen in TimeJanet Riemer9Sept-Oct2018
Spring Peach (H. Pittman)Penny Smith-Kerker49Jan-Feb2018
Streptocarpus 'Dale's Starry Night'B.J. Ohme60Sept-Oct2018
Streptocarpus 'DS-Sophi Ruletovna' (P. Enikeev)Steve Turner8Nov-Dec2018
Streptocarpus 'Heartland's White Gold' (D. Martens)Adrienne Rieck24July-Aug2018
Summer Love (I. Fredette)Madelyn Sechler41Nov-Dec2018
Sunny Salmon (E. Champion)Barbara Carnicelli38Mar-Apr2018
Taffeta Blue (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses/P. Sorano)Alla Katova43Sept-Oct2018
Tiny Blue (L. Lyon)Penny Wichman61May-June2018
Tiny Wood Trail (L. Ray)Kitty Hedgepeth32May-June2018
Underwater Design - 2000'sPat Knight17Jan-Feb2018
Utomlennoe Solntse (K. Morev)Rodney Barnett17Mar-Apr2018
Victorian CarouselSharon Gartner38Mar-Apr2018
Windsome (H. Pittman)Kathy Lahti49Jan-Feb2018
Wrangler's Dixie Celebration (W. Smith)Phyliss King38Mar-Apr2018
Achimenes 'Petite Fadette'Julie Mavity-HudsonCoverJan-Feb2019
Achimenes 'Sauline'Ron Myhr5Jan-Feb2019
Across BordersVicki Ferguson29May-June2019
Aly's Rosy Baby (A. Droege)B.J. Ohme15Jan-Feb2019
Annabelle (K. Stork)Susan Joy23Jan-Feb2019
AttachmentMel Grice29May-June2019
Buckeye Extravaganza (P. Hancock)Wayne Geeslin59July - Aug2019
Buckeye My Oh My (P. Hancock)Wayne Geeslin33Sept-Oct2019
Buckeye Nostalgia (P. Hancock)Wayne GeeslinCoverJuly - Aug2019
Cajun's Blueprint (B. Thibodeaux)Brenda ThibodeauxCoverSept-Oct2019
Cajun's Coujon (B.Thibodeaux)Sharon Gartner26Jan-Feb2019
Cajun's Flamboyant Mistress (B. Thibodeaux)Kurt Jablonski49Sept-Oct2019
Cajun's Freckleface Kid (B. Thibodeaux)Debbie McInnis46May-June2019
Cajun's Joker Wild (B. Thibodeaux)Debbie McInnis26Jan-Feb2019
Cajun's Lil Forever Blue (B. Thibodeaux)Mary Corondan17Nov-Dec2019
Cajun's Mystical Star (B. Thibodeaux)Belinda Thibodeaux36July - Aug2019
Chain Gang Mel Grice27Jan-Feb2019
Chain LinkRobert Clark34May-June2019
Chain StitchLinda Sumski19May-June2019
Chain Stitch (Side 1)Judy Zinni41May-June2019
Chain Stitch (Side 2)Judy Zinni41May-June2019
Columnea microphyllaBeverley Williams27Jan-Feb2019
Dean's Cupid (H. Hobbs)Debbie McInnis49 Sept-Oct2019
Dish GardenCaroline Klein28May-June2019
Episcia 'Pink Smoke'28Jan-Feb2019
Everdina (H. Inpijn/R. Nadeau)Debbie McInnis5Nov-Dec2019
Food and WineBarbara Festenstein35May-June2019
Hunter's Antique (K. Muzalewski)Ken Muzalewski54Nov-Dec2019
Hunter's Hot Lips (K. Muzalewski)Ken Muzalewski35Nov-Dec2019
Hunter's Momma Jo (K. Muzalewski)Ken Muzalewski29 Sept-Oct2019
Hunter's Whitetail Fawn (K. Muzalewski)Randy Deutsch29Sept-Oct2019
Imp's Flamingo Feathers (J. Jackson)Linda Hall46May-June2019
Jazz Bouquet (R. Kurzynski)Debbie McInnisCoverNov-Dec2019
Jersey Girl Trail (R.Kurzynski)Jane Rexilius9July - Aug2019
Jersey Lilacs (R. Kurzynski)Sandra Skalski45May-JUne2019
Jersey Sugar Plums (R. Kurzynski)Debbie McInnis37July - Aug2019
Jolly Andrea (H. Pittman)Sandra Skalski43May-JUne2019
Jolly Frills (H. Pittman)Debbie McInnis50Nov-Dec2019
Jolly Jan (H. Pittman)B.J. Ohme10May-June2019
Jolly Wit's End (H. Pittman)Debbie McInnis13Nov-Dec2019
KeyPenny Moore35May-June2019
Knight Magic (H. Pittman)Linda SumskiCoverMay-June2019
LE-Koster (E.Lebetskaia)Debbie McInnis57Sept-Oct2019
LE-Zlato Skifov (E. Lebetskaia)Kathy Hajner11Sept-Oct2019
Mag's Lava Melt (M. Farrand)Marge Farrand28Jan-Feb2019
Morgan's Pu Yi (C. Eros)Donna Brining7May-June2019
N-Duimovochk (N. Berdnikova)Belinda Thibodeaux61July - Aug2019
N-Neitiri (N. Berdnikova)Mary Corondan45Nov-Dec2019
Natural GardenKaryn Cichocki34May-June2019
Nautilocalyx glanduliferPaul Kroll7Sept-Oct2019
Ness' Crinkle Blue (D. Ness)Linda Sumski58July - Aug2019
Optimara Little Arapahoe (Holtkamp)Debbie McInnis6Sept-Oct2019
Optimara Little Blackfoot (Holtkamp)Debbie McInnis37July - Aug2019
Optimara Little Crystal (Holtkamp)Kathy Lahti31May-June2019
Optimara Little Omaha (Holtkamp)Debbie McInnis60Nov-Dec2019
Pachycaulos nummulariaDale Martens23July - Aug2019
Primulina 'Deco' (P. Shalit)Robbie McMeel57July - Aug2019
Primulina 'Jade Moon'Dolores Gibbs45Sept-Oct2019
Primulina 'Loki 2'Paul Susi31Jan-Feb2019
Primulina 'Rachel'Paul Susi33Jan-Feb2019
Primulina bipinnatifidaDolores Gibbs56Sept-Oct2019
Primulina leprosaBill Price27May-June2019
Primulina sclerophyllaBeverley Williams33Jan-Feb2019
Rob's Boogie Woogie (R. Robinson)Kurt Jablonski29Nov-Dec2019
Rob's Boolaroo (R. Robinson)Sue Melson29Nov-Dec2019
Rob's Combustible Pigeon (R. Robinson)Vicki Ferguson35Jan-Feb2019
Rob's Fuddy Duddy (R. Robinson)Mary Corondan53Sept-Oct2019
Rob's Galiwinku (R. Robinson)Sue Melson55Nov-Dec2019
Rob's Humpty Doo (R. Robinson)Sue Melson55Nov-Dec2019
Rob's Lucky Snowflake (R. Robinson)The Violet Barn28Sept-Oct2019
Rob's Plaid Skirt (R. Robinson)Sandra Skalski59May-JUne2019
RS-Bomond (S. Repkina)Belinda Thibodeaux36July - Aug2019
RS-Zimniy Tsvetok (S. Repkina)Paul Sorano11Sept-Oct2019
Sinningia 'Deep Purple Dreaming'Pierre Laforrest61May-June2019
Sinningia 'Kevin Garnett'Mary Corondan56Sept-Oct2019
Sinningia tuberosaDr. William E.H. Price27July - Aug2019
Snake RiverLinda Sumski19May-June2019
Special FriendsBarb Lafashia29May-June2019
Sport of Lavender Bliss (H. Pittman)Randy McMahill47May-June2019
Sport of Rob's Chilly Willy (R. Robinson)Maureen Pratt47May-June2019
Steffano's Azure Diamonds'Steve Covolo's38Jan-Feb2019
Streptocarpus 'Bethan' (Dibleys Nurseries)Terri Vicenzi39Jan-Feb2019
Streptocarpus 'Crystal Ice' (Dibleys Nurseries)John deSaavedra51Jan-Feb2019
Streptocarpus 'Dale's Gingersnaps' (D. Martens)Dale Martens45Sept-Oct2019
Streptocarpus 'Dales's Smokin' Hot' (D. Martens)Dale Martens54Jan-Feb2019
Super Duper (S. Sorano)Minh Bui57Jan-Feb2019
The Alps (K. Horikoshi/H. Sawara)Mary Corondan28Sept-Oct2019
Tiny Tim (Storytella)Linda Sumski59Jan-Feb2019
Treasured MomentsLinda Hall5May-June2019
Vital LinkLinda Sumski29May-June2019
19-101 (Kathy Hajner)Kathy Hajner60Jan-Feb2020
19-104 (Kathy Hajner)Kathy Hajner60Jan-Feb2020
2020 Virtual Convention: African Violet Exhibits12July-Aug2020
2020 Virtual Convention: African Violet Exhibits13July-Aug2020
2020 Virtual Convention: New Introductions9July-Aug2020
Aca's Libbie (J. Brownlie)55July-Aug2020
Annabelle (K. Stork)21July-Aug2020
Beginner's Luck (Pritchet)Kathy Lahti42July-Aug2020
Buckeye Blue Indigo (P. Hancock)Wayne Geeslin5Mar-Apr2020
Buckeye Center of Attention (P. Hancock)Linda Lloyd19May-June2020
Buckeye Claret Wine (P. Hancock)Debbie McInnis7Jan-Feb2020
Buckeye Cranberry Sparkler (P. Hancock)61July-Aug2020
Buckeye Requiem (P. Hancock)Debbie McIinnis56July-Aug2020
Cajun's Beautiful Oblivion (B. Thibodeaux)Wayne GeeslinCoverMay-June2020
Cajun's Coujon (B. Thibodeaux)Belinda ThibodeauxCoverMar-Apr2020
Cajun's Freckleface Kid (B. Thibodeaux)Wayne Geeslin21Jan-Feb2020
Cajun's Party Favor (B. Thibodeaux)Belinda Thibodeaux59Jan-Feb2020
Cirelda (P. Tracey)Sandra Skalski49May-June2020
Design - EnergyDanny Tidwell25May-June2020
Design - Flamenco DancerDanny Tidwell40May-June2020
Design - FootballElmer Godeny25May-June2020
Design - In a NutshellAnne Nicholas40May-June2020
Design - RodeoFran Russom9May-June2020
Design - The Dolphin DanceDanny Tidwell9May-June2020
Design: MargaritasLinda Sumski50Mar-Apr2020
Design: TechnologyPaul Kroll50Mar-Apr2020
Design: Treasures of the GulfFran Russom51Mar-Apr2020
Design: Winged JewelsJudith Carter51Mar-Apr2020
EK-Goluboglazaia Rossiia (E. Korshunova)Richard Nicholas28Mar-Apr2020
Fun Trail (H. Pittman)Sam Cunningham54Jan-Feb2020
Happy Cricket (Painesville Town & Country AVS/R. Hollada)Debbie McInnis49May-June2020
Hunter's Chipmunk Cheeks (K. Muzalewski)Wayne Geeslin35May-June2020
Hunter's Muy Grande (K. Muzalweski)Wayne Geeslin35May-June2020
Hunter's Remember When (K. Muzalewski)Ken Muzalewski8May-June2020
Hunter's Sweet Emotion (K. Muzalewski)Ken Muzalewski35Mar-Apr2020
Hunter's Twilight Glow (K. Muzalewski)Ken Muzalewski59May-June2020
Imp's Billowing Cloak (J. Jackson)Beverley Williams15Mar-Apr2020
Jersey Cloudchaser (B. Kurzynski)Kathy Hajner29Jan-Feb2020
Jersey Snow Flakes (R. Kurzynski)Kathy Hajner61Mar-Apr2020
Jolly Mimi (H. Pittman)Randy Deutsch54Jan-Feb2020
K's Devil's Due (Kathy Hajner)Kathy Hajner30Jan-Feb2020
K's Favorite Trick (Kathy Hajner)Kathy HajnerCoverJan-Feb2020
Ma's King Carnival (O. Robinson)Mary CorondanCoverJuly-Aug2020
Mag's Cher Amour (M. Farrand)Marge Farrand58Mar-Apr2020
Mag's Molten Magic (M. Farrand)Marge Farland53May-June2020
Mag's Volcanic Love (M. Farrand)Marge Farrand39Jan-Feb2020
Mary Craig (R. Nadeau)Wayne Geeslin52May-June2020
Milky Way Trail (J. Stahl)5July-Aug2020
N-Korolevichna (N. Berdnikova)Penny Smith-Kerker19May-June2020
Nancy Demers (N. Demers)Wilhelmina Allen59Mar-Apr2020
Nautilocalyx speciesKathryn Spissman55Jan-Feb2020
Ness' Crinkle Blue (D. Ness)Pat Richards43July-Aug2020
Ness' Satin Rose (D. Ness)43July-Aug2020
Optimara Rose Quartz (Holtkamp)Sandra Skalski25Mar-Apr2020
Petite Blarney (H. Pittman)Diane Miller15Mar-Apr2020
Picasso (M. Tremblay)49July-Aug2020
Plants from AVM Article Contest Contributors58July-Aug2020
Primulina baishouensisDale Martens32Mar-Apr2020
PT-lunaia Pastushka (D. Ozherelyev/T. Pugacheva)Kathy Hajner29May-June2020
Rob's Fuddy (R. Robinson)Beverly Promersberger42July-Aug2020
S. 5a clone grandifolius No. 237Debbie McInnis41May-June2020
S. 5cI clone tongwensis Uppsala 3397Belinda Thibodeauz41May-June2020
Senk's Anemone (R. Follett/D. Senk)Sam Cunningham18May-June2020
Senk's Fruit Fly (R. Follett/D. Senk)Wilhelmina Allen18May-June2020
Sinningia 'California Sunset'Mel Grice24July-Aug2020
SK-Volioushka (A. Kuznetsov)Debbie McInnis17Jan-Feb2020
SK-Yablonevyi Sad (A. Kuznetsov)Glenda Williams16Jan-Feb2020
Skart Litet Moln (I. Lindskog)Glenda Williams55Jan-Feb2020
Streptocarpus 'MK-Markiza'Sherrie Zimmerman37July-Aug2020
Streptocarpus Heartland's White Gold (D. Martens)Mary McFarland55Mar-Apr2020
Streptocarpus Ladyslipper Blue Ice (K. Muzalewski)Randy Deutsch55Mar-Apr2020
Thunder Surprise (S. Sanders)Debbie McInnis9Mar-Apr2020
Wesley's Dreamy Lucille (W. Carter)Kristie Moore29July-Aug2020
Wesley's Fairy Lights (W. Carter)26July-Aug2020
Wesley's Forest Dancer (W. Carter)27July-Aug2020
Wesley's Pixie Dust (W. Carter)27July-Aug2020
Wesley's Samwise Salutations (W. Carter)Kristie Moore29July-Aug2020
Wesley's Windblown Ragamuffin (W. Carter)28July-Aug2020
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