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Graphic Join African Violet Society of America
A Greenhouse For My VioletsMaxineWangbergV.2 N.351949
A Timely Warning, OverwateringHarriettLawtonV.2 N.3321949
Adventure! African Violets from SeedMarthaMearsV.2 N.4131949
Another saintpaulia AilmentEloiseDysartV.2 N.4261949
Brief GuidanceHelen Van PeltWilsonV.2 N.441949
Charity Begins at HomeElsie C.FreedV.2 N.4181949
Collecting Then and NowMarthaMearsV.2 N.3101949
ColorHelen Van PeltWilsonV.2 N.4351949
Combating DiseaseIvaWoodsV.2 N.3311949
Cyclamen MiteEarl T.BakerV.2 N.3111949
Growing 'em OutsideAlethaSturdivanV.2 N.4341949
Homing PigeonElsie C.FreedV.2 N.3351949
Homing PigeonElsie C.FreedV.2 N.4231949
Importance of SoilHarriettLawtonV.2 N.4161949
Let's Visit: Martha HustedV.2 N.4281949
Mite, Water Bath and Selenate Mrs. Neil C.MillerV.2 N.3171949
My HobbyNellieNaugelV.2 N.341949
New Life for Old PlantsRuthWalshV.2 N.3141949
On the Trail of the African Violet in British ColumbiaAdaMuirV.2 N.3301949
Potting, Pots, and Potting SoilArthur G.ChardV.2 N.4361949
Prescriptions for Saintpaulias (leaves)V.2 N.381949
President's Message: MembershipAlmaWrightV.2 N.431949
President's Message: A Plan for RegistrationAlmaWrightV.2 N.331949
Propagation and Care of SaintpauliasEloiseDysartV.2 N.4241949
Seasonal Care of SaintpauliasRegina and WilliamGottshallV.2 N.4101949
Seedlings - Pro and ConRegina and WilliamGottshallV.2 N.3281949
Signs of the ZodiacCharlotteHughesV.2 N.4271949
The Unpredictable African Violet LeafMartha E.HustedV.2 N.3291949
Thrips Regina and WilliamGottshallV.2 N.461949
Transplanting aidHelenPochurekV.2 N.451949
VariegatedsPhyllisFerrallV.2 N.371949
Violets by Parcel PostRuthSillersV.2 N.4321949
Your Hint HunterPhyllisFerrallV.2 N.3161949
Your Hint HunterPhyllisFerrallV.2 N.4301949
"Saintpaulia" (poem)EllaNipperV.1 N.4151948
A Christmas MessageFrankTinariV.2 N.2281948
Acid Versus Limestone SoilPhyllisFerrallV.2 N.1111948
Address by Mr. John M. Good, Atlanta National AV show (DuPont strain)V.1 N.3111948
African Violet Magazine - Secretary ReportsV.2 N.171948
African Violets Commercially (soil pH)RuthYoarsV.1 N.4231948
African Violets from SeedsMrs. E.M.FonbuenaV.1 N.3181948
Anthracnose in African VioletsDeaneWaskeyV.1 N.4271948
Botanical Analysis of Saintpaulia and Method of Pollination (plant parts diagrams)Dr. ClarissaHarrisV.1 N.341948
Club News (Flint Mi; Dayton OH; Omaha NE clubs)V.1 N.3151948
Club News: Cincinnati, Springfield PA, Richmond Va, Los AngelesV.2 N.2261948
Club shows: Huntington WV, Oak Ridge Tn, Richmond IN , otherV.2 N.1191948
Club Suggestions (from Handbook)Mary MargaretOdomV.1 N.4181948
Collecting Curse or BlessingRegina and WarrenGottshallV.1 N.4141948
Convention Highlights - 2nd Cincinnati (new varieties)InquisitiveV.2 N.141948
Cyclamen Mite and Broad Mite and Their ControlPauline E.WylandV.2 N.2121948
Direct Sunlight on African VioletsHarriet F.LawtonV.1 N.4171948
Experiences with "Fermate"Regian and WarrenGottshallV.2 N.1231948
Fundamentals in Judging (First scale of points)Mrs. ArthurRadtkeV.1 N.491948
Growing African Violets in Nutrient Solution- "Hydroponics"Harry S.HoughtonV.2 N.241948
Handbook for African violet GrowersMary MargaretOdomV.1 N.441948
Have you Met Mrs. Boles?V.1 N.4211948
Having Trouble with Your African Violets? Here's How They Grow in Native LandEvanRobertsV.1 N.3131948
Helpful suggestions (Pot size, suckers, potting)R.G.BaxterV.1 N.391948
Hints on Leaf PropagationRosaPetersV.1 N.4101948
How I Became Interested in African VioletsLois F.WilliamsonV.1 N.4191948
Import from Africa (3 new species )EvanRobertsV.2 N.1131948
Just in Brief (comparing color tones of different varieties)InquisitiveV.1 N.4221948
Just in Brief (reverting to type if planted close together?InquisitiveV.1 N.361948
Meet Your District Director: Helen FarnhamV.2 N.2171948
Midwest African Violet Exhibit- OmahaV.2 N.1181948
My 1948 Plan For saint Paulias, Plus a Vacation Away From HomeHelenPochurekV.1 N.4251948
My Favorite DozenEsther E.SchadewaldV.1 N.4111948
My Favorite DozenGladysCannerV.1 N.4121948
Nematodes C.J. Jr.HudsonV.1 N.481948
Nematodes in African VioletsAlmaWrightV.1 N.471948
President's Message - Local African Violet SocietiesMrs. O.EKellerV.2 N.131948
President's Message: AppreciationMrs. O.E.KellerV.2 N.231948
Presidents Message - Past and Future ProgressMrs. O.E.KellerV.1 N.331948
Presidents Message: We Meet AgainMrs. E.O.KellerV.1 N.431948
Propagation -- A New Slant By a New GardnerWarren E.J.GottshallV.1 N.381948
Report of Growers Exhibit at Cincinnati ConventionJeanCroweV.2 N.1141948
Report of the Classification CommitteeV.2 N.2181948
Report of the Classification Committee of the AVSA V.2 N.181948
Rooting Leaves Out of Doors in the GardenRuth NoelWalshV.2 N.291948
Saint Paulias (poem)NevaBeersV.1 N.4241948
Saint Paulias Can Be Hardy (cold frame)Mrs. William L.ForrestV.1 N.4261948
Saintpaulia IdiosyncrasiesArthurChardV.2 N.2101948
Sodium SelenateAlta H.DeckerV.1 N.3161948
Soil Sterilization of Small Lots of SoilW.F.JeffersV.1 N.4161948
Some Causes of Bud DropHarriet F.LawtonV.2 N.1151948
Starting African Violet Leaves in Chicken FeedersGraceLynnV.2 N.2221948
The Homing PigeonElsie CroasdaleFreedV.1 N.4131948
The Homing Pigeon (Cyclamen mite epidemic, articles in popular magazinesElsie C.FreedV.2 N.1121948
The Homing Pigeon (patents)Elsie CroasdaleFreedV.1 N.3101948
The Homing Pigeon ( soil additives; charcoal)V.2 N.2211948
The Naegelia (rhyzome - gesneriad)Ruth M.De YoungV.1 N.371948
Tinari Exhibit at Flower Show - Award of Merit (Philadelphia Flower Show)V.1 N.4201948
Valuable Pointers Given by H. G. HarveyH. G.HarveyV.1 N.3141948
Violet AdventuringMrs. GuySuttonV.2 N.1161948
Violets for Disabled VeteransHarveyCoxV.2 N.2241948
Watering by the Constant Water LevelHarriet F.LawtonV.2 N.261948
We Build a GreenhouseBoyce M.EdensV.1 N.3171948
Wick-watering with GlaswikCarolyn K.RectorV.1 N.3121948
Your Hint HunterPhyllisFerrallV.2 N.2271948
African Violet Culture (series on propagation and care)Ethel T.CrispV1 N2101947
Constitution and By-Laws of the African Violet Society of America, Inc.V1 N141947
Contstant Water-level Used in Watering African VioletsHarriett F.LawtonV1 N2131947
Cyclamen MitesVirginia Lee GardensV1 N1111947
Early Days of the African Violet (discovery; now; future)Helen Van PeltWilsonV1 N261947
First Annual Convention (October 1947 - Atlanta) reportC. J., Jr.HudsonV1 N151947
Highlights Regarding Our Glamorous Patented PlantsElsie CroasdaleFreedV1 N281947
Just in Brief (culture/health problems of Avs)InquisitiveV1 N2141947
Just in Brief (membership)InquisitiveV1 N1101947
Major Ills of Saint Paulias (root rot, ring spot, nematodes, mites)RuthCareyV1 N291947
National African Violet Show (1st Show - Atlanta Oct. 1947)C. J., Jr.HudsonV1 N161947
President's Message - Welcome to Our New African Violet SocietyMrs. O. E.KellerV1 N131947
The African Violet (Saintpaulia) (exposure, temperature, watering, feeding)Mrs. O. E.KellerV1 N181947
The Homing PigeonElsie CroasdaleFreedV1 N2121947
The Homing Pigeon (circular units; guidelines for correspondence groups)Elsie CroasdaleFreedV1 N171947
VermiculiteMrs. Pat J.CroweV1 N2111947
Thank You for Your SupportRandyDeutschMar-Apr142020
A Family Portrait : powdery mildewGeorgeneAlbrechtJanuary162013
A Visit With SonjaSonjaHolmJanuary382013
An Education Tool in Container Garden DesignKarynCichockiJanuary342013
Another Virus on African Violets?RonnNadeauJanuary202013
Designing an African Violet RoomNeilLipsonJanuary272013
For Beginners: Documenting Your Violet AdventuresMary S.SchaefferJanuary182013
Hey Mr. PostmanKathyBellJanuary292013
How Best to Protect African Violets from INSV and Other VirusesRonnNadeauJanuary212013
Humidity and Pesky Fungus (from YOU CAN Grow African Violets)Kent and JoyceStorkJanuary392013
In Search of New Violets: will environmental changes alter genetics?Dr. JeffSmithJanuary82013
Make Fertilizer Your FriendClaireO'SheaJanuary522013
Never Too OldRay "Sundown"PittmanJanuary102013
Petrocosmea: The Perfect RosetteSayeh D.BeheshtiJanuary552013
Question Box: trailers RalphRobinsonJanuary122013
Small TalkLaurelGoretskyJanuary282013
Snowflake UpdateRonnNadeauJanuary402013
The Definition of ChimerasDr. JeffSmithJanuary572013
Thrips Last StandKathyBrewsterJanuary362013
Utilizing Old Copies of the African Violet MagazineBeverleeNelsonJanuary452013
Warm Water to Kill MitesElenaPeraltaJanuary322013
Where did It come from? How did I get it?PatHancockJanuary582013
A Family Portrait: MarathonGeorgeneAlbrechtJanuary202012
African Violet HoardingMaryMartinJanuary612012
Disbudding and Deblooming for Show: Two Steps . .Kent and JoyceStorkJanuary222012
For African Violets, "Hands Off" Means HealthierOhio State AVS January492012
For Beginners: Getting Ready for Your First AV Show Mary S.SchaefferJanuary272012
Imidacloprid - Part Two - An UpdateNeilLipsonJanuary212012
In Search of New Violets: for disease resistanceSr. JeffSmithJanuary122012
Is That A Fungus Gnat or a ThripsNancyManozziJanuary582012
Judges' Comments 2011SueRamserJanuary462012
My Florist Gloxinia Finished Blooming, Now What?DaleMartensJanuary502012
Packing Plants for Safe MailingHelenWilliamsJanuary602012
Question Box: pot size for sinningiaRalphRobinsonJanuary82012
Shipping African Violets in Winter" Heat Packs or IceDonLandekJanuary242012
Shows and JudgesBillFosterJanuary52012
Small Talk: potting up, repotting, potting downLaurelGoretskyJanuary352012
Ten Questions You Should Ask YourselfRichardFollettJanuary162012
Tips from Our Friends at Lyndon Lyon GreenhousesJanuary572012
Transporting PlantsClaireO'SheaJanuary522012
Using Pave' Techniques When Designing with African VioletsJoyceStorkJanuary312012
What is a Rhizome?MargeHuntleyJanuary532012
Worth Repeating: Recognizing and Correcting Light ProblemsAmyCash-AllisonJanuary382012
A Family Portrait: AchimenesGeorgeneAlbrechtJanuary202010
AVSA AffiliatesLynneWilsonJanuary52010
For Beginners: Spring CleaningElmerGodenyJanuary122010
Grooming and Judging Your Plants Before ShowMarieMontagueJanuary222010
How to Get Trailers to Multi-CrownNancyManozziJanuary312010
How to Prepare for a ShowMarianaDeSouzaJanuary402010
In Search of New Violets: thumbprint patternDr. JeffSmithJanuary82010
Petro PatternsJohnBeauleiuJanuary242010
Question Box: potting and watering basics; culture infoRalphRobinsonJanuary162010
Shows and JudgesBillFosterJanuary392010
Small Talk: preparing for showLaurelGoretslyJanuary382010
Sterilizing and Starting Leaves and CrownsTomMooreJanuary492010
The "Once A NOID, Always A NOID" Approach to Violet IdentificationMarySchaefferJanuary562010
Traveling with PlantsDaleMartensJanuary342010
We Met the Yard Sale Challenge!KathyBellJanuary272010
What controls the number of Streptocarpus flowers per stem?DaleMartensJanuary302010
A Better Way to Water!PatHancockJanuary432011
A Family Portrait: Chirita sinenses 'Hisako'GeorgeneAlbrechtJanuary102011
African Violet Trailers: Why I Love ThemSylviaBlanchardJanuary302011
Around and About the Cherry Hill Area - 2011 Convention (Philadelphia, PA)January352011
Fill the Coffers and Increase MembershipSharonRosenzweigJanuary382011
For Beginners :Do you belong to a local chapter?MarySchaefferJanuary262011
In Search of New Violets - cause of birthmarks on leavesDr. JeffSmithJanuary92011
In Search of New Violets - self pollinationDr. JeffSmithJanuary82011
One-Light StandsMargaretTaylorJanuary192011
Question Box - is it OK to leave lights on 24/7RalphRobinsonJanuary222011
Question Box - keeping variegation on new growthRalphRobinsonJanuary242011
Question Box - repotting, wateringRalphRobinsonJanuary232011
Remembering Winston G. Smith, HybridizerChrisMasonJanuary362011
Results of 2010 Convention SurveyLinsaHallJanuary52011
Size Really Matters - small arrangementsBobGreenJanuary582011
Small Talk: mini and semi trailersLaurelGoretskyJanuary342011
Steven Spachek and 'Tommie Lou' at 2010 ConventionNicholeAlvarezJanuary412011
Tale of Two SuckersDonLandekJanuary402011
Terrarium cleaning…PaulKrollJanuary392011
Thank a Hybridizer- H.Pittman, Brownlies, P Sorano, Robinsons, P HancockGeorgeneAlbrechtJanuary442011
The "Brat Pack" Bids Farewell To Its Founding BratJanetStromborgJanuary422011
The First African Violet Show in RomaniaDianaPara-GoropceanuJanuary202011
The Responsibilities of AVSA AffiliatesLynneWilsonJanuary182011
Vintage VioletsBarbaraElkinJanuary112011
What Makes African Violets so Special; ..still America's Favorite House PlantMary LouHardenJanuary212011
"Viva Violets!"GeorgeneAlbrechtJanuary452009
2009 AVSA - Reno NV- "African Violets Around the Biggest Little City"January322009
A Family Portrait: Sinningia conspicuaGeorgeneAlbrechtJanuary162009
A Violet BucketJoyceStorkJanuary542009
AVSA Affiliates: Benefits galore when helping othersLynneWilsonJanuary232009
AVSA LeadershipJohnCarterJanuary62009
Brush, Brush, Brush, Blow, Wash, and All That JazzSandraLexJanuary352009
Garden State AVSJanuary472009
Growing and Flowering Saintpaulia goetzeanaKenjiHiroseJanuary122009
Growing Violets in the Office Setting: Chapter IIMary W.BridgmanJanuary252009
Growing Violets Is EasySusanGimbletJanuary152009
In Search of New Violets: Hybridizing with speciesJeffSmithJanuary102009
Looking for 'Ethel Twiford'KayMitchellJanuary82009
Practical Hybridizing of African VioletsSueGardnerJanuary502009
Question Box: birthmarksRalphRobinsonJanuary202009
Review of Growing to ShowBillPriceJanuary72009
Soilless Mix?NancyCarrJanuary482009
Springtails: Website FAQJoyceStorkJanuary462009
Suspended, Kinetic, or Mobile Designs? What's the Difference?Claire J.SchirtzerJanuary222009
Table 1: Plant Nutrition: 17 elements required for healthy growthNancyCarrJanuary192009
The Mystery if the White "Pellets"JoyceStorkJanuary342009
Working with the Wee OnesJohnBeaulieuJanuary282009
"The Stars at Night are Big ad Bright, Deep in the Heart of Texas . . "AronJohnstonJanuary522008
2008 Convention - Tulsa OK "Get Your Violet Kicks on Route 66"January322008
A Family Portrait: AchimenesGeorgeneAlbrechtJanuary172008
African Violets Set In StoneSharonHoltzmanJanuary442008
After the ShowSheilaWaltonJanuary502008
Creating a Window GardenKevinJacobsJanuary122008
Culture Break?BobClarkJanuary112008
Ebb and FlowSharonRosenzweigJanuary262008
Entering Russian Cultivars in ShowsJoeBrunsJanuary272008
Experimenting with a Different Potting MediaSheilaWaltonJanuary482008
FAQ: Mailing a Small PlantJoyceStorkJanuary232008
FAQ: Saving Your Plant From Crown RotJoyceStorkJanuary352008
From Passion to ProfitSharonRosenzweigJanuary542008
Getting Ready for ShowMaryMartinJanuary452008
In Search of New Violets: hybridizing strepsDr. JeffSmithJanuary142008
In Search of the Perfect TrailerRichardFollettJanuary202008
Judges Comments, 2007SueRamserJanuary382008
Question Box: How often do you fertilize?Dr. RalphRobinsonJanuary62008
Show MannersPaulineBartholomewJanuary412008
Shows and Judges ColumnBillFosterJanuary222008
Small Talk: Growing tipsLaurel D.GoretskyJanuary102008
Thoughts on African VioletsPamelaLundJanuary152008
Tinari Fund for the FutureRichardNicholasJanuary242008
Why Should I Go to the AVSA Convention?JohnCarterJanuary302008
Wick WateringMargeHuntleyJanuary342008
Worth Repeating: From 2000 - Understanding Fertilizer FormulasDr. RalphRobinsonJanuary472008
"And the winners are…"MaryCorondanJanuary242007
2007 Convention - Denver CO. - "Colorado From the Mountains to the Prairies"January322007
A Family PortraitGeorgeneAlbrechtJanuary142007
Affiliate Leaders: Is It Time For You to Have an "Out of Body" Experience?JohnCarterJanuary172007
African Violet LeavesMargaretTaylorJanuary412007
Capillary MattingMartyMinesJanuary502007
Educational Exhibits Attracting New MembersBevPromersbergerJanuary82007
Fascinated with FasciationJohnBeaulieuJanuary282007
For Beginners: Let there be Light!!!ElmerGodenyJanuary262007
Grow Your Mind at Denver Botanic GardensJanuary222007
Growing Show Plants That WinPatHancockJanuary422007
Growing Yellow African VioletsBettyPecoreJanuary462007
If First You Don't Succeed!Karl-HeinzDornbuschJanuary382007
In Search of New VioletsDr. JeffSmithJanuary62007
Petrocosmea--Our Furry FriendLindaGolubskiJanuary162007
Question BoxRalphRobinsonJanuary102007
Rumors, Lies and the TruthJohnCarterJanuary472007
Shows and Judges ColumnBillFosterJanuary52007
Sixtieth Anniversary PartyJanetRiemerJanuary332007
Small Talk (regular feature in each issue)LaurelGoretskyJanuary342007
Thrips WoesNellyLevineJanuary152007
Tissue CultureMarciaKilpatrickJanuary122007
Training and Grooming Your African VioletLeonieChirgwinJanuary482007
Vintage VioletsBarbaraElkinJanuary452007
2006 Convention - Minneapolis MN - "Violets Vacation in Minnesota"January322006
A Family PortraitGeorgeneAlbrechtJanuary62006
AVSA Affiliates: Bee A Good Member, continuedBeverlyPromersbergerJanuary512006
Cultural Differences Between Episcias and African VioletsNancyRobitailleJanuary522006
Culture Nuggets (Reprint California Council News)BarbaraBurdeJanuary332006
Dirt - It Isn't All The SameJackWilsonJanuary202006
Disbudding (From Blossoms, Seattle AVS)DennyVan DornJanuary432006
Flagging Your ProblemsNancyRobitailleJanuary212006
For Beginners: The Right Tool for the Right JobElmerGodenyJanuary422006
Fragile African VioletsAnn L.ArnoldJanuary252006
Getting A Dish Garden Ready for ShowLibbyWatkinsJanuary222006
Gifting Violets to Family and FriendsMarieMontagueJanuary82006
In Search of New VioletsDr. JeffSmithJanuary102006
Light is More Than Meets the Eye!Kent and JoyceStorkJanuary452006
My Wicked World of VioletsMaryHoskinsJanuary402006
New BiopesticidesNancyRobitailleJanuary502006
Preparing to Show Your African Violets Illinois AVSJanuary272006
Question BoxRalphRobinsonJanuary462006
Recovering From Hurricane Rita - Beaumont AVSA OfficeRuthRumseyJanuary42006
Registration Report (in each issue)JoeBrunsJanuary262006
Show and TellBarbaraConradJanuary442006
Show Plants From Soup To NutsBeverlyWilliamsJanuary172006
Shows and JudgesBillFosterJanuary242006
Small Talk: Using minis and semiminis in designLaurelGoretskyJanuary382006
Soil Mealybugs (From Chatter, AVS of Canada)JimTomsJanuary352006
Vacation Juggling (From Ye Bay Stater, Bay State AVS)SusanGimbletJanuary552006
Wranglers Ride Again!MargeSavageJanuary282006
2005 Convention - Cincinnati, OH "Violets Reign in the Queen City"January322005
A Community ProjectJoyceStengerJanuary442005
A Family Portrait (petrocosmea parryorum)GeorgeneAlbrechtJanuary162005
A New Report of Control Gene Mutation in AV Flower (s. botanika)Dr. JeffSmithJanuary232005
African Violet New Year's Resolutions You Can Make-and KEEP!RichardFollettJanuary142005
Are You Starving Your African VioletsNancyRobitailleJanuary262005
Brazil, The Trip of a Lifetime: A search for gesneriadsLeeStradleyJanuary522005
Committees of the African Violet Society of AmericaJanetRiemerJanuary202005
In Praise of Moist-Rite PlantersSharonHoltzmanJanuary562005
In Search of New Violets (leaf chimeras)Dr. JeffSmithJanuary62005
Judging for the Top Horticulture AwardsCathyCornibeJanuary472005
Learning the Hard WayKyleHedbergJanuary462005
Location and LightSusanGimbletJanuary382005
My Passion for Episcias!SharonKempJanuary502005
My Quest to Preserve Rob's HybridsRichardFollettJanuary542005
New Friends from Old Friends - Growing and Showing Vintage VioletsRodLoweJanuary412005
Preparing for ShowAnnetteKennedyJanuary392005
Question Box RalphRobinsonJanuary182005
Repotting Large Standards and trailersMarieMoontagueJanuary72005
Shows and JudgesBillFosterJanuary242005
Some Things Never Change: A History LessonNorahOttoJanuary302005
Tools and Their Uses for Growing African VioletsMarieMontagueJanuary152005
Vintage Violets: Around the WorldJanuary102005
Visit to the AVSA OfficeJanetRiemerJanuary52005
Winter Care of Violets and gesneriadsSueHodgesJanuary132005
2004 Convention - Tucson, AZ - "Fiesta of Violets"January322004
A Violet SagaAgathaGarrisonJanuary102004
AVSA Affiliates: Strive For the A+, Part IBevPromersbergerJanuary212004
Container GardeningPhyllisKingJanuary232004
Dive Into DesignMadalineWhittakerJanuary542004
Family Portrait (Achimenes review)GeorgeneAlbrechtJanuary142004
For Beginners: Temperature & HumidityElmerGodenyJanuary62004
How to Assess a "Good" African VioletMargaretTaylorJanuary442004
In Search of New Violets (wasp looses crowns)Dr. JeffSmithJanuary122004
Judges ClassJanuary302004
Keeping Track of Your Plants (using First Class)ClaudeNortonJanuary222004
Liquid Lysol and Powdery MildewMarieMontagueJanuary392004
Mather No. 21 - A New Species CloneDr. JeffSmithJanuary412004
More About Broad Mites Up Close and Personal!Allison R.BrighamJanuary452004
Petiole Rot - or a Disorder By Any Other Name SueHaffnerJanuary312004
Question Box: (which varieties easiest to grow)RalphRobinsonJanuary82004
Repotting A PlantSheilaWaltonJanuary462004
Shows and Judges: BillFosterJanuary382004
Shows and Judges: questions on container gardensBillFosterJanuary2004
Students' Artwork Exhibited at Violet ShowMary AnnSwitzerJanuary482004
The Journey for Tally Time WinnersParisMerriamJanuary472004
Thinking Small: What is your goal?PatRichardsJanuary262004
Those (*&A%$#@) MealiesSharonHoltzmanJanuary532004
Tips From the Potter's CornerJanuary492004
Trailers: From "Growing AV's in Southern Africa"JoanHalfordJanuary552004
Variegated African VioletsPatHancockJanuary502004
Violet Water MythsByronBorckJanuary242004
Where to Grow African Violets (from AVSA Handbook)January432004
Why Remove Suckers/Side ShootsSueGardnerJanuary272004
A Family Portrait: Kohleria 'Manchu'GeorgeneAlbrechtJanuary182003
Air Pollution, Drafts and Humidity Will Affect Your PlantsSueGardnerJanuary492003
AVSA Affiliates: Program Planning, Part IBevPromersbergerJanuary242003
Cultivating a New Crop of AV & Gesneriad. .Enthusiasts!TamiRawlingsJanuary352003
Dividing StreptocarpusMargeHuntleyJanuary142003
First Aid for Leaf CuttingsPaulKrollJanuary512003
Fluorescent LightsSheilaWaltonJanuary342003
For Beginners: TipsAl & CathyCornibeJanuary62003
Growing African Violets While Away From HomeVicBrinkleyJanuary442003
How to Use First Class to Manage Your CollectionBillDanielsJanuary162003
In Search of New Violets (chimeras)Dr. JeffSmithJanuary102003
Microfilming ProjectJanetRiemerJanuary502003
Natural Controls to Manage Saintpaulia PestsJoshuaMcKinneyJanuary542003
Not Only For BeginnersAdrienneStringerJanuary152003
Question Box (generiads)RalphRobinsonJanuary122003
Report from the Gesneriaceae Workshop Royal Botanic GardenDr. JeffSmithJanuary262003
Taking Your Plants for a RideSheilaWaltonJanuary532003
Thank Goodness for SportsDr. JeffSmithJanuary412003
Two Piece Ceramic "Self-watering" PotsPegEatonJanuary482003
Vintage Violets: Dinosaurs and SuchBarbaraElkinJanuary522003
Wicking My Little Ones -- UpdateJoyceMyersJanuary232003
Winter ChallengesBarbaraPershingJanuary192003
A Family Portrait: Chirita tamianaGeorgeneAlbrectJanuary142002
A New Additive For Your Soil (lava rock)PatHancockJanuary312002
Adventures in HybridizingMargaretTaylorJanuary202002
AV Vendors 101: Getting the Plants You WANTRichardFollettJanuary242002
Candied VioletsInaBeaverJanuary452002
Foliar FeedingSueGardnerJanuary232002
For Beginners: What Works For UsAl & CathyCornibeJanuary62002
Growing for SaleShielaWaltonJanuary422002
In Search of New Violets: Girl FoliageDr. JeffSmithJanuary102002
Light and PlantsSueGardnerJanuary342002
Mat WateringLauraWalkerJanuary382002
Miniatures and Semi-miniaturesDorisBrownlieJanuary462002
Mystery Solved: Welcome Resolution of a Baffling ProblemPatLewisJanuary222002
Pot MaintenanceRuthGreicoJanuary492002
Potting Up PlantletsCarolynConlin-LaneJanuary112002
Question Box (leaf problems)RalphRobinsonJanuary272002
Question Box (what is a sport?)RalphRobinsonJanuary262002
Root Rot and/or Crown RotPatHancockJanuary392002
Shows and Judges: Q&ABillFosterJanuary302002
Specialty Plants (chimeras and sinningias)NeilLipsonJanuary522002
The $100 African VioletPatVinciguerraJanuary212002
The Good News IsNancyHayesJanuary52002
The Story of Bristol's "Popsicle"Ralph & Olive MARobinsonJanuary442002
The Trials of ReducingJeanHaystonJanuary82002
Thinking Small (light)PatRichardsJanuary502002
What's BloomingSueHodgesJanuary192002
Whose Club Is It?BevPromersbergerJanuary182002
Accent With AccessoriesJoyceStengerJanuary302001
Discovering StreptocarpusDr. RalphRobinsonJanuary502001
Going Home – My Violet MemoriesLindaGolubskiJanuary212001
Growing Species African VioletsLeonieChirgwinJanuary442001
In Search of New Violets (dominate genetic traits)Dr. JeffSmithJanuary162001
Judging the Show Plant: drawings of symmetry etc.Mary AnnCorriganJanuary462001
Just in TimeBevPromersbergerJanuary132001
Leaves Marked After RepottingMarilynJonesJanuary412001
Looking For Perfect FoliageCherylSalatinoJanuary452001
Marvelous MinisDorothyBullenJanuary272001
MobilesAl & CathyCornibeJanuary62001
Natural Planting Made EasyOlive MaRobinsonJanuary222001
New Violet Friend, APatCrowleyJanuary522001
Pasteurizing SoilJanuary232001
Problem Solving With Project PlantsBarbaraPershingJanuary182001
Question Box (miniatures) RalphRobinsonJanuary102001
Quick And Easy RepottingSylviaHarrisonJanuary142001
Rejuvenating A Sad PlantPamKennedyJanuary242001
Thinking Small: Growing Small Show PlantsPatRichardsJanuary322001
Tips Before A ShowMargueriteFavroJanuary172001
Watering TechniquesLisaDiMambroJanuary262001
Why Won’t My Plants Flower?SueGardnerJanuary312001
Yellowing Outer LeavesBridgitteMcKnightJanuary532001
2000 Convention - Omaha NE - "Go Wild In Omaha"January322000
Affiliate Committee (Meeting the Needs of New Members)BevPromersbergerJanuary482000
Basics For BeginnersYvonneBlake January302000
But It's Too ColdJanuary342000
Care of VariegatesJanuary512000
Does Your Plant Have "Spaghetti Leaves"RalphRobinsonJanuary272000
Evaluating Your PlantsDorothyKosowskyJanuary432000
For Beginners: Create a Dish GardenAl & CathyCornibeJanuary222000
Gesneri-Advice: It's Fragrant (Streptocarpus vandeleurii)DaleMartensJanuary62000
GroomingMary AnnCorriganJanuary182000
Growing Saintpaulia Under Fluorescent LightsJamesRubottomJanuary422000
How To Care For That New PlantPamKennedyJanuary392000
In Search of New Violets (genetic engineering)Dr. JeffSmithJanuary142000
In Search of New Violets (selecting plants to cross)Dr. JeffSmithJanuary152000
Leaves or Starter Plants?ByronBorckJanuary212000
Musing From A Student JudgeCherylSalatinoJanuary192000
New Year ResolutionsClaudetteBrownJanuary312000
Propagating ChimerasFrancoiseMallacJanuary452000
Question Box (cool temp - effects on violets)RalphRobinsonJanuary162000
Question Box (how often should I fertilize?)RalphRobinsonJanuary172000
Questions About MitesJanuary242000
Seedlings Are Such Fun & Much stronger Than You ThinkPatHancockJanuary352000
Shows and JudgesBillFosterJanuary202000
Soil Mealy BugsBarbaraPershingJanuary382000
Thinking Small (repotting)PatRichardsJanuary82000
Virtual VioletsGaryBeckJanuary442000
Winter VioletsCherylSalatinoJanuary72000
1999 Convention Houston TX "Lone Star African Violet Round-Up"January321999
Crown Rot In VioletsJoyceStorkJanuary51999
For Beginners: Miniatures and semi-miniaturesAl & CathyCornibeJanuary121999
Gesneri-Advice: Judging GesneriadsDaleMartensJanuary111999
Grow the Best and Leave the RestSteveCovoloJanuary471999
Growing TipsInaBeaverJanuary391999
Happy New Year Affiliates (getting new members)BevPromersbergerJanuary461999
In Search of New Violets (can violets be crossed with other gesneriads.)Dr. JeffSmithJanuary341999
In Search of New Violets (how to create a "true" shade of blue violet)Dr. JeffSmithJanuary351999
Interpretive Flower ArrangementsEdnaRourkeJanuary381999
Let's Go to ConventionLindaGolubskiJanuary261999
Powdery Mildew January211999
Pre-Show GroomingKyleColemanJanuary1999
Propagating African VioletsJanuary431999
Question Box (choosing plants for school project)RalphRobinsonJanuary311999
Question Box (why do blooms not open fully)RalphRobinsonJanuary301999
Shows and Judges (corrections to judges handbook)BillFosterJanuary101999
Something New Is ComingRonDavidson January221999
Something New Is ComingBillFosterJanuary1999
Spreading the CheerAmyCashJanuary201999
The Joy of Growing African VioletsAnneTinariJanuary441999
Thinking Small: Refresher on growing small onesPatRichardsJanuary161999
Transporting Plants To ShowBarbaraPershingJanuary511999
Vigorous Violets: Effect of NPK on growth (school science project)JoshuaPatelJanuary421999
Violets Are Meant To Be EnjoyedSarahMcGahaJanuary451999
Who Said It Was Easy?DonGeissJanuary501999
1998 Convention - Sacramento CA " Discover California"January321998
A Report on Growing African Violets From Commercial SeedK.C.ArceneauxJanuary461998
AVSA and Today's TechnologiesJohnCarterJanuary51998
Constructing and Judging A Bubble BowlCathyCornibeJanuary271998
Curls and FrillsRuthCoulson January301998
Everyone Is An ExpertDonGeissJanuary241998
Fantastic IdeasPatVinciguerraJanuary311998
For Beginners: Mail Orders-Some Tips For SuccessKent and JoyceStorkJanuary71998
Gesneri-Advice: Growing Gesneriads in Sphagnum MossDaleMartensJanuary381998
Goodbye Granger GardensDavidButtramJanuary401998
In Search of New Violets (how cooler weather affects blossom colors)Dr. JeffSmithJanuary141998
In Search of New Violets (crossing w/puff fantasy)Dr. JeffSmithJanuary151998
Let Me Tell You About My WifeHenry B.RinickJanuary231998
Let's Go UndergroundRenaDouglasJanuary341998
Not Dead YetElizabethWhitesidesJanuary211998
Question Box (how to get rid of springtails)RalphRobinsonJanuary101998
Question Box (strep leaves have missing sections from the edges of leaves)RalphRobinsonJanuary121998
Question Box (when to repot a trailing violet into a larger pot)RalphRobinsonJanuary111998
Shows and Judges (when is judging of a show officially closed)BillFosterJanuary91998
Thinking Small: Keeping 'Em "in Size"PatRichardsJanuary161998
Violets in RetirementJoanHalfordJanuary261998
What Happened To My Plants-Hunger Signs In VioletsDr. CharlesColeJanuary431998
Why Join An AffiliateBevPromersbergerJanuary181998
1997 Convention - St.Pete Beach FL, "A Florida Fantasy"January321997
A Basement ParadiseAnneGannettJanuary401997
A Family Portrait - Achimenes 'Pink Rose'GeorgeneAlbrechtJanuary161997
African Violets From SeedLolaRossiJanuary301997
Every African Violet Society Should Be So Lucky (Elmer Godeny)MaryMcFarlandJanuary341997
For Beginners: When Repotting is Inevitable...Relax and Enjoy ItKent and JoyceStorkJanuary61997
Growing & Showing African Violet TrailersArdathMillerJanuary261997
In Search of New Violets (environment where a plant is hybridized) Dr. JeffSmithJanuary91997
In Search of New Violets (fantasy crosses)Dr. JeffSmithJanuary81997
Love, ViRobertBerkenbushJanuary441997
New Collections of the Saintpaulia SpeciesDr. JeffSmithJanuary361997
On the Detective Trail to Solving My Plant's MaladyCaroleeCarterJanuary311997
Question Box (center growth turns light yellowish green after repotting)RalphRobinsonJanuary131997
Question Box (crown stops growing and begins producing sucker crowns)RalphRobinsonJanuary121997
Shows & Judges (why do violets not have to predominate in container garden?) BillFosterJanuary101997
The African Violet Around Kambai ForestDianaPercyJanuary221997
Thinking Small - Growing the small ones for showPatRichardsJanuary141997
Violets by Airplane: How Do I Carry All Those Plants on AirplanesJohnNaborsJanuary241997
What Next-Aphids In January!!!BarbaraPershingJanuary411997
1996 Convention, Atlanta GA "Fifty Golden Years With Violets"January321996
A Family Portrait: Streptocarpus CyanandrusGeorgeneAlbrechtJanuary181996
About SportsPatHancockJanuary301996
Feeding African VioletsAdelleJohnsonJanuary391996
Flower Arrangement & Design, Part 2AntoinetteBredenJanuary281996
For Beginners: Big and BeautifulKent and JoyceStorkJanuary61996
Have You Tried This? Tips from AV Growers .January271996
How Do You Prepare For ShowRuthGoekeJanuary231996
How to Plant A LeafBarbaraPershingJanuary201996
In Search of New Violets ( is bloom count genetically inherited)Dr. JeffSmithJanuary101996
Observations on Growing & Breeding the YellowsDr. JeffSmithJanuary361996
Open Your Own Violet Factory, Part 2KyleColemanJanuary261996
Over the Edge (first time convention experiences)AndreaWorrellJanuary381996
Question Box (should soil be premoistened when repotting)RalphRobinsonJanuary141996
Question Box (what is the definition of 'stick-tite' and 'wasp' blossoms)RalphRobinsonJanuary151996
Roots: Your Plan's AnchorBarbaraPershingJanuary411996
Shows & JudgesBillFosterJanuary161996
Some Thoughts on LightsPatRichardsJanuary241996
Thinking Small: Watering the small onesPatRichardsJanuary121996
Thrips Are InJanetBandyJanuary211996
Tools of the TradeAdelleJohnsonJanuary351996
Unorthodox ProceduresFrankMartinJanuary341996
Where's the Heat?LeslieCoxJanuary191996
1995 Convention - St. Louis MOJanuary211995
A Family Portrait - Nautilocalyx pemphidiusGeorgeneAlbrechtJanuary381995
A Tribute To Ruth CareySusanHapnerJanuary401995
Don't Confuse Sphagnum Moss with Peat MossGerryHoodJanuary341995
For Beginners: Violet Health CareKent and JoyceStorkJanuary61995
Hooked on HydroponicsMary PatWeberJanuary331995
In Search of New Violets (coral and coral red flowers - dilution factor)Dr. JeffSmithJanuary171995
In Search of New Violets (genetic trait for white)Dr. JeffSmithJanuary161995
Question Box (how to maximized number of babies from a single leaf)RalphRobinsonJanuary71995
Shows & Judges- Corrections to Judges HandbookBillFosterJanuary121995
Solving the Mystery of Botrytis Blossom BlightKent and JoyceStockJanuary351995
1994 Convention (48th) Denver CO - "Colorado Violet Festival"January261994
A Family Portrait - Sinningia 'Star Eyes'GeorgeneAlbrechtJanuary191994
Beginners Column: Beginner's Guide to Giving Expert AdviceKent and JoyceStorkJanuary91994
In Search of New Violets (expected results using dominant & recessive traits)Dr. JeffSmithJanuary411994
Proposed Amendments to AVSA BylawsJanuary381994
Question Box (what does "Geneva edged" mean)RalphRobinsonJanuary141994
Question Box (how can I keep foliar mealy bugs off my plants)RalphRobinsonJanuary131994
Shows & Judges - corrections to handbookBillFosterJanuary211994
The African Violet Stamp Becomes a RealityLynda WelchelJanuary41994
1993 Convention- Lancaster PA "You've Got A Friend in Pennsylvania"January321993
A Family Portrait: Episcia 'Cleopatra'GeorgeneAlbrechtJanuary211993
AVSA Spotlight - Betty TappingChantalPareJanuary441993
Creating w/Fredette (seedling vigor)IreneFredetteJanuary201993
Mini-Tidbits (column in each issue)FlorenceNaylorJanuary231993
Proposed Amendments to AVSA BylawsJanuary341993
Question Box (fertilizer numbers)RalphRobinsonJanuary131993
Question Box (girl foliage)RalphRobinsonJanuary141993
Shows & Judges-handbook changesBillFosterJanuary241993
Two Ways to Propagate ChimerasPatHancockJanuary381993
A Family Portrait - Achimenes 'Desiree'GeorgeneAlbrechtJanuary491992
A Partial Glossary of African Violet Terms Part IIPaulineBartholomewJanuary441992
A Race with Tropical Rainbelt DeforestationMaryGallJanuary201992
African Violets Under LightsMarieBurnsJanuary471992
Beginners Column - Buying Violets That Suit YouKent and JoyceStockJanuary111992
Mini-tidbits (in each issue)FlorenceNaylorJanuary431992
Question Box (plant doesn't bloom)JamesSmithJanuary291992
Question Box (tight centers)JamesSmithJanuary301992
Shows and JudgesBillFosterJanuary261992
1991 Convention (45th) Santa Clara CA - "Violets in the Golden State"January361991
Beginners Column: PropagationKent and JoyceStorkJanuary111991
Massachusetts Member Judges at Bermuda ShowDavidLassJanuary271991
mini-tidbits (each issue)FlorenceNaylorJanuary171991
Question Box? Reprinted from Jan. 1979 AVMAnneTinariJanuary291991
Shows & Judges Q&ABillFosterJanuary61991
A Family Portrait (first column by Georgene)GeorgeneAlbrechtJanuary411990
A Timely ReminderAnneTinariJanuary301990
Ask Your Hybridizer (Royal Horticultural Colour Chart)BillJohnsonJanuary111990
AVSA Commercials: Violets Galore of Georgia - Jim WrightDavidButtramJanuary371990
mini-tidbits (regular feature - each issue)FlorenceNaylorJanuary231990
NOT For Beginners Only: Stacked in Their FavorEdwardBradfordJanuary71990
Question Box? (mushy leaves - how to prevent)JamesSmithJanuary181990
Shows and Judges: Q&AEmilieSavageJanuary261990
What Does My Convention Registration Pay For?DeDeWhitakerJanuary491990
Yellow Fever Continues (yellow blossom pigments)Dr. JeffSmithJanuary431990
Ask Your Hybridizer (why not publish parents of new intros?)BillJohnsonJanuary261989
AVSA AffiliatesBillFosterJanuary151989
Beginner's Forum: DisbuddingMarieBurnsJanuary81989
Letters to the Editor (affiliate has culture class at each meeting)DaleMartensJanuary491989
Planning Your Club's African Violet SaleDawnPenlandJanuary461989
Question Box (treating woodland moss for pests)NancyHayesJanuary331989
Shows & Judges: Handbook corrections; Q&AEmilieSavageJanuary221989
The Poetry CornerFranRussomJanuary501989
These Beautiful Saintpaulia Species Names (how to pronounce them)WaltMaurusJanuary411989
Violets Out of AfricaJanuary431989
1988 Convention - Dallas TX - "Grand Reunion in Texas with Violets"January291988
African Violets on StampsJanetRiemerJanuary231988
Are You Growing These Plants: A-G (delete old cultivars from registration list)January471988
Ask Your HybridizerBillJohnsonJanuary191988
AVSA Commercials: Swifts' African VioletsDavidButtramJanuary51988
Beginner's Forum - Floral DesignHughMackeyJanuary91988
Fungus DiseaseDawnPenlandJanuary171988
Inorganic Mix Components (Part 5 of Research Soil Mixes for Avs)HeatherGladneyJanuary491988
Japanese Technique for Growing African Violet Trailers (includes figures)ChiakoKisamoreJanuary141988
Question Box (removing trailer crowns that are too large/small)NancyHayesJanuary111988
Shows and Judges Column (discussion of seedling entries)EmilySavageJanuary261988
1987 Convention Orlando, FL - The Florida Experience"January291987
A Foote on the Violet Path (search for lost oldies)GraceFooteJanuary101987
Ask Your Hybridizer!BillJohnsonJanuary141987
Beginner's Column (judging - scale of points)BobGreenJanuary51987
Floral Design - An Art: Part 2RayLangeJanuary91987
Shows And Judges: Q&A EmilieSavageJanuary121987
1986 Convention - St. Paul, MN - "Star of the North"January291986
AVSA Commercials: Kent's FlowersDavidButtramJanuary61986
Beginner's Column - "Growing to Show" Book ReviewBobGreenJanuary171986
Beginner's Column - Suddenly SummerBobGreenJanuary271986
Bowman African Violets Will Survive Fire!January91986
First Inductees in the AVSA Hall of Fame (Boyce Edens)AnneTinariJanuary101986
More About LeavesTameraDePhillippoJanuary261986
My Violet AffairKKrewerJanuary161986
Question Box? (care for streps)NancyHayesJanuary121986
The Beginning of a Permanent HomeJanetRiemerJanuary41986
1985 Convention - Los Angeles CA - "Let Us Entertain You"January411985
A Foote on the Violet Path (regular column each month)GraceFooteJanuary161985
A New Leaf Comes Up Winner At FairPamStacyJanuary641985
A Tiger By The Tail -How to Let Go GracefullyLouiseWherryJanuary71985
African Violets in EuropeBettySalzerJanuary231985
African Violets in West TexasSharonHindmanJanuary591985
AVSA AffiliatesMildred (Mrs. Wayne)SchroederJanuary271985
Beginner's Column - pH, Rx for Healthy PlantsBob L.GreenJanuary211985
Even Little Details Make Big DifferenceEmory E.LelandJanuary621985
Gets Rid of AlgaeCarlHelmJanuary201985
In Memory of Ruth CareyJanuary611985
Light: My Plants Like FluorescentsHelenWilsonJanuary171985
Master JudgeJanuary631985
More Than One WayCarlWalker, Jr.January581985
Moving with VioletsConnie JeanLucasJanuary601985
Musings From the "Mini Mam" (regular column each month)EllieBoginJanuary131985
Seasonable Suggestions (growing in southwest)SandraWilliamsJanuary81985
Underwater ArrangementsMrs. C. MDelmolimoJanuary301985
1984 Convention - Philadelphia, PA - "A Childhood Fantasy"January411984
1984 Fuchsia African Violet Named for Titian-Haired MayorMary AnnMargerJanuary571984
A Call to OrderGaryBeckJanuary101984
Beginner's Column: Handle With CareBob L.GreenJanuary171984
Bubble BowlsHugh N.MackeyJanuary181984
Control of the Foliar NematodeR.M.RiedelJanuary41984
Drying African Violet BlossomsNancyRobitailleJanuary121984
Musings from the "Mini-Mam"EllieBoginJanuary391984
My Friend's VioletLarryHodgsonJanuary401984
Question Box (column each month)NancyHayesJanuary141984
Roots Need to Breathe, Too . . . SoilHelenWilsonJanuary91984
Seasonable SuggestionsAnneTinariJanuary111984
Takin' It All Off (Disbudding)JeanneBohnJanuary131984
Try Your Hand At ArrangingBettyBlackJanuary261984
Violets Down UnderMarionDohertyJanuary231984
Violets in a HurricaneMargueriteMcDonaldJanuary241984
Violets Through The MailBarbaraBilgerJanuary311984
What Do We Know About Fluoride!RaymondSheldrakeJanuary361984
1983 Convention - Milwaukee WI "Gathering Place by the Waters"January431983
Affiliate Editors WorkshopEstherHopperJanuary121983
Beginner's Column: Notes For Better GrowingAnnRichardsonJanuary151983
Birth of A Series (Nortex Haven)BillJohnsonJanuary81983
Brace Your Violets (paper plate ring)FannieBeckerJanuary581983
Capillary Matting - A PanaceaDoDeWhitakerJanuary141983
Concerning That First ShowDanaMoffattaJanuary391983
Fertilizing ScheduleBettyTerryJanuary71983
Growing African Violets by DaylightJanuary311983
Hints on Violet CultureTonkadale GreenhousesJanuary401983
Hobby Turns Into Budding Enterprise (Roy & Irene Jensen)January161983
How To List Or Register New VarietiesRonnNadeauJanuary41983
Hybridizers Beware! (naming violets for famous peopleIreneLinebergJanuary91983
Let Them Water ThemselvesHelenWilsonJanuary181983
Mix Materials: Peat MossRaymondSheldrakeJanuary111983
My Ignorance Was Bliss (join a club)Cricket PierceMuelloJanuary591983
Question Box rRegular feature - each issue)NancyHayesJanuary211983
Seasonable SuggestionsAnneTinariJanuary61983
The Elusive Blue RibbonJanuary301983
Thoughts From A BeginnerWaltMaurusJanuary51983
Tribute to AV Club Members: I'm Learning To Grow African VioletsFlorenceMcQuaterJanuary271983
1982 Convention, Syracuse NY - "I Love New York"January511982
Alters "Texas Style' Potting (tips)DonaldConyeaJanuary201982
AV Maladies Related To Nutrients, pH and SoilEmory E.LelandJanuary41982
Beginner's Column: The Propers of GrowingAnnRichardsonJanuary121982
Best In Show -- At LastMary S.ReedJanuary371982
Dazzling BatiksRettaHamiltonJanuary151982
Foliage, Blooms, ColorAnneAdamsJanuary101982
From Registered Nurse To Registered Hybridizer (DiB's - Doris Iola Bearman))Ruth E.HullJanuary591982
Grow AV s Under Fluorescent LightsMrs. WilliamKrogmanJanuary131982
Grow Quality Avs From Hybrid SeedChristinePaylorJanuary231982
Grower Experiments With ChemicalDr. Alvin W.SchultzJanuary91982
Has Success With Her Plant RackJ.D.TaylorJanuary171982
Hybridizing -- Part 3MargeCorsonJanuary581982
Judges Council Offers GuidelinesJanuary141982
One Man's African Violet ExperiencesGaryBeckJanuary331982
Question Box (Regular feature)NancyHayesJanuary181982
Raw Bone meal vs. Steamed Bone Meal: What's The DifferenceMelvin J.RobeyJanuary611982
Read The Label ---Then Read It Again!AnneTinariJanuary241982
Seasonable Suggestions (trailers)AnneTinariJanuary221982
Trailers -- An Intriguing MysteryMaryannDelauneJanuary361982
Virginia Champion Thinks of Her Violets as "My Children"DonaldRainsJanuary351982
1981 Convention - San Francisco CA - "Memories of San Francisco"January511981
A Foote on the Violet Path (Regular column - AVM editor)GraceFooteJanuary181981
AVs Grow Better in Soilless Mixes Designed with Optimum pHEmory E.LelandJanuary41981
Beginner's Column: There's No Business Like Show Business Part 2Mrs. C.M.DelmolimoJanuary351981
Bugs: Eradication or Population ControlDaleEyerdomJanuary131981
Confessions of a Hard-Core ProcrastinatorKaren AndersonLynchJanuary161981
It's Incredible - 'codonanthe macradenia'Martha WisenburgReedJanuary581981
Les Floralies (Quebec World's Fair of flowers)JulianaJacoberJanuary321981
Musings from the "Mini-Mam" (Regular feature each issue)EllieBoginJanuary201981
My Experience with ThripsMarieDeschampsJanuary81981
Penn State Publishes Energy Saving ManualJanuary171981
Pros and Cons of Ceramic PotsShirleyJeffreyJanuary261981
Question Box (Regular Feature)Mrs. CharlesHawleyJanuary91981
Real African Violet Paperweights & Key ChainsRettaHamiltonJanuary411981
Seasonable SuggestionsAnneTinariJanuary221981
Success of 'Tommie Lou' Not so Apparent at FirstGraceFooteJanuary191981
AV Grower Troubled by Mounting Price of Heating OilJanuary61980
'Blue Thunder' Amazing SemiJanuary91980
1980 Convention - New Orleans LA - "Way Down Yonder in New Orleans"January441980
All Male Club Has 25 MembersCarl H.HelmJanuary111980
AVs Apparently Immune to Two Common Viruses (tobacco mosaic)January41980
Cape Cod Violetry Gets Silver CupJanuary141980
Do 20 Years Make Too Much Difference?Mrs. AnthonyReheiserJanuary371980
Do You Want To Be A Judge?Mary AnnLelauneJanuary271980
From USA to RSA - Growing in South AfricaJoanHalfordJanuary321980
House of Violets Mail-Order OnlyCharlyneReedJanuary241980
Many Minis Mile HighHortensePittmanJanuary71980
More on Capillary MattingPamelaGroffJanuary261980
Named Varieties Hard to Get in EnglandJoanHill, JoanJanuary181980
Our Venture With Senior CitizensMrs. PaulBuckleyJanuary311980
pH Questions And AnswersJanuary531980
Preparing AV Plant for ShowSuzetteSmithJanuary341980
Question Box (Regular feature each issue)Mrs. CharlesHawleyJanuary191980
Search And Research (essential nutrients)Elmer & MildredLuskJanuary161980
Seasonable Suggestions (spring)AnneTinari, AnneJanuary51980
The Editorial You (Handbooks) (Part 2)SallyHavenJanuary101980
Violet Jewelry & Desk SetsRettaHamiltonJanuary121980
Violets in GreenhouseCatherineKolzmanJanuary361980
1979 Convention - Denver CO -"Violets--A Prospector's Delight"January471979
A 'Tony' for 'Tommie Lou'AnneDanielsJanuary591979
Across the Great DivideJanuary271979
African Violets Are Hardier Than You ThinkJoeFalchJanuary371979
Are You Guilty?IreneLinebergJanuary311979
Beginner's Column: Put Yourself in Their PlaceAnneRichardsonJanuary301979
Cross Your I's and Dot Your T'sMrs. W. F.AndersonJanuary131979
Gal Grows Gobs of Greenhouse GemsMarilouBerryJanuary231979
Growing Violets on Capillary MatsRitaSendicJanuary381979
High Drama In ArrangingSandraLearyJanuary41979
Installing Fluorescent Lamps CorrectlyC.M.ConlonJanuary211979
Leaf Rooting BoxToniBrownJanuary171979
Musings from the "Mini-Mam" (Regular feature each issue)EllieBoginJanuary121979
My Incredible Journey With MamaMontyDaleJanuary141979
Panic: Memoirs of Novice ExhibitorPamela M.PriceJanuary221979
Question Box (Regular feature each issue)Mrs. C.S.HawleyJanuary71979
Seasonable Suggestions (winter)AnneTinariJanuary331979
She Can't Turn Down a VioletAnn FairDodsonJanuary361979
Top Floor to BasementIreneFredetteJanuary401979
Variegated Violets Are Very PopularRonnNadeauJanuary181979
"Ruth" (personal story of entering plant in show)SharonDickJanuary391978
1978 Convention, Austin TX - "Deep In The Heart of Texas"January401978
A Fading Beauty Candidate For Cosmetic Surgery?Mrs. D.J.LidiakJanuary81978
Beginner's Column: Know Your Leaves? (definitions)AnneRichardsonJanuary271978
By A Mini…Up the Ladder to SuccessMontyDaleJanuary41978
Cross Your I's . . .and Dot Your T's (using hyphens)Mrs. W.F.AndersonJanuary61978
Demons in Your AV Collection (Quiz on pests and diseases)Dr. HoraceNelsonJanuary241978
Do I Really Need This? (Birth of an Affiliate)SandraLexJanuary301978
Growing African Violets From SeedRonnNadeauJanuary71978
How About Making Own AV Pots? (foam drinking cups)Howard S.KnaackJanuary591978
Husband Fashions Wrought Iron ShelfJanuary551978
Leaf Propagation OF African VioletsMrs. James B.WhitakerJanuary221978
Mrs. O. D. St. Clair Gives advice On growing violetsJanuary581978
Musings From the "Mini-Mam" (Regular feature each issue)EllieBoginJanuary121978
Pamper Your Violets In a Strawberry JarCarl H.ClawsonJanuary331978
Plants Have Way of "Talking"January691978
Question Box (temp, light, grooming, propagation)AnneTinariJanuary191978
Species Collection Seen at ConventionJanuary161978
Texas PotsDr. AlvinShultzJanuary141978
Violets On WheelsLaila M.WhitfieldJanuary621978
Wick WateringBetsyEvansJanuary361978
1977 Convention - St. Louis MO: "Third Time Around"January331977
A Soil of Your OwnScottSnyderJanuary751977
African Violets and Tissue CulturePeter C.& A.C. HildebrandBikeyJanuary221977
Beginner's Column: Collar ItAnnRichardsonJanuary621977
Educational Tables: What They're All AboutChristine D.LeppardJanuary371977
From Coffee Cups to Pots (styrofoam cups)DannyMahenJanuary201977
Her Four Plants Get Five RibbonsCherylKochJanuary681977
Musings from the "Mini-Mam" (Regular in each issue)Mrs. SidneyBoginJanuary571977
Nothing to Do? Retiree Says: Get With VioletsJohnMurphyJanuary741977
Of Cats, and Mites --Cyclamen That Is!Mrs. C. W.BeattieJanuary781977
Over-Fertilizing and Its ResultsMaryLaClairJanuary601977
Question Box (Regular column in each issue)AnneTinariJanuary701977
Random Notes--From Here to ThereJanuary211977
Revitalizing Soil Energy in Potted PlantsDr. C.GustavJanuary261977
Rooting Leaves QuicklySuzetteSmithJanuary731977
Watering the Lazy WaySybilBehrensJanuary671977
When to TransplantMrs. Jesse M.SwinkJanuary241977
Why Not a Pole of Violets?LindaCarrJanuary691977
Wick Watering in Vermiculite RebeccaFelberJanuary581977
1975 Convention - Atlanta, GA "Our American Heritage"January331976
Air-Layer Your VioletsMrs. Thomas E.PopeJanuary581976
Beginner's Column: Packing and Traveling With A Show PlantAnnRichardsonJanuary111976
Fungus Can Be Deadly If You Let ItMrs. L.F..LidiakJanuary281976
Grower Tells His Wicking MethodMatthewWrightJanuary461976
Growing and Grooming TrailersEllieBoginJanuary721976
If I Can Grow 'Em, So Can YouSharon P.ConnerJanuary651976
Lighting African Violets Part IDr. StuartDunnJanuary601976
Musings from the 'Mini'Mam' (Regular column each issue)ElieBoginJanuary321976
Mystic Guiding HandsMrs. RobertVidrockJanuary641976
Notes About Your Wick WateringMrs. W. F.AndersonJanuary591976
Pythium Root Rot Strikes SouthlandPaulineBartholomewJanuary251976
Research in Red Disease - Results NegativeFrankTinariJanuary311976
Revived Interest In EpisciasMrs. W.M.PlasterJanuary471976
Saintpaulia's Family (family, genus, species, variety, registration)Mrs. W. F.AndersonJanuary221976
The Question Box AnneTinariJanuary501976
"Congratulations, You Have Another Girl"WildaBeattieJanuary541975
1975 Convention - Boston, MA "Violets by Land and bySea"January331975
A Terrarium Goes to ConventionPaulineBartholomewJanuary301975
African Violets Go To The Art ShowCarolBruceJanuary251975
Beginner's Column (Good Grooming is a "Must)AnnRichardsonJanuary51975
Club Formed In Retirement HomeLillian M.BrauningJanuary601975
Cross Your I...s and Dot Your T ...s - Variety or Cultivar?Mrs. W. F.AndersonJanuary611975
GesneriadsMrs. ThomasAustinJanuary221975
Getting HookedMrs. Carl B.CharpingJanuary231975
Labels? All Kinds of Styles, ColorsBernardGreesonJanuary471975
Neophyte Gardeners Learn About VioletsNancyPikeJanuary571975
Question Box (cyclamen mites, nematodes)AnneTinariJanuary281975
Question Box (propagating)AnneTinariJanuary271975
Resist That UrgeNevaAndersonJanuary671975
Violetry in the Arizona DesertBetsyEvansJanuary641975
1974 Convention - Hartford CT "Violets in the Nutmeg State"January331974
A Foote On The Violet Path (AVM Editor -regular feature)GraceFooteJanuary161974
A Method of Leaf PropagationMargaretThorntonJanuary721974
African Violet EscapadesMarcelMichaudJanuary571974
African Violets Thrive With Fluorescent LampsJanuary91974
AV Hints From Here and ThereMrs. SamuelPalermoJanuary111974
Beginner's Column: LightAnneRichardsonJanuary131974
Boyce Edens Research Fund Encourages Young GrowerCordeliaRienhardtJanuary251974
Calling All Affiliates (Regular feature)January481974
Calling All Men: Comments From A Judges 'ChairmanArnoldWahrenJanuary611974
Don't ExperimentCeliaLaroseJanuary651974
Ecology of African Violet Potting MixturesEmoryLelandJanuary301974
From Chaos To CamelotIreneFredetteJanuary511974
Gives African Violet Advice: 10 Days in a HospitalMontyDaleJanuary691974
Grooming Show PlantsJanuary231974
Hogarth Curve Easy To MakeElsbethOhlsonJanuary671974
Musings From the "Mini-Mam" (Regular feature)EllieBoginJanuary51974
One Woman African Violet Clinic (Dorothy Gray)JuneHicksJanuary501974
President's Message -For new year 1974 (Regular feature)CordeliaRienhardtJanuary41974
Question Box (Regular feature)AnneTinariJanuary451974
Some Suggestions on ArrangementsEthelChampionJanuary631974
The African Violet and I (growing in West Africa)ElizabethHovanecJanuary281974
Things You Hear -- Don't Believe 'EmJanuary551974
Violets Enjoy Long and Colorful History (family violaceae)GraceFooteJanuary711974
Wicking is the Answer (For ME)E.HansenJanuary601974
You Have To Grow 'Em to Know 'Em (third of series)EleanorCramondJanuary261974
"Streptocarpus" by Foremost Authorities (Hilliard and Burtt)January161973
1973: 27th Annual Convention, Minneapolis MNJanuary361973
A Foote on the Violet Path (Editor's Column)GraceFooteJanuary541973
African Violet Shows are FunLoisMuellerJanuary601973
African Violets Make Beautiful House Plants.RaymondLangeJanuary641973
Beginner's Column: What! No Blooms?AnnRichardsonJanuary221973
Bugs That Like African VioletsChrisHuebscherJanuary301973
Calling All Affiliates; Do You Read Me?BettyWeekesJanuary501973
Dry AirJanuary271973
Gesneriad Plant Family Names After C. GesnerJanuary701973
Grows Violets To Give 'Em AwayJanuary321973
Humidifiers? They're GreatMrs. DonaldMcDonaldJanuary351973
Learn What Is MissingMrs. JosephLaroseJanuary621973
Magazine is in New Home (Beaumont, TX)January71973
Musings From the "Mini-Mam" (regular column)EllieBoginJanuary141973
My Love; My VioletsJohnson, Mrs. JamesJanuary81973
My Way Of Growing African VioletsMrs. CecilTiptonJanuary711973
People, People and Violets (Education exhibits)Mrs. RichardChaseJanuary511973
Population Explosion!Mrs. JohnLegreidJanuary551973
Question Box (Regular column)AnneTinariJanuary461973
Renew Your Violets (suckers and crowns)Mrs. W.F.AndersonJanuary291973
State (CA) Law Protected By Plant LawsBethGoodmanJanuary721973
Suggestions for ProgramsMrs. HerbertSullivanJanuary591973
Tempering The Trauma of TransplantingMrs. L.F.LidiakJanuary331973
That's Bad. No, That's Good (suckers)HelenVan ZeleJanuary481973
There's No Secret Formula: Feeding and PottingMrs. JosephLaroseJanuary691973
Thrips: A Safer Means of Eradication (Malathion)KennethReschJanuary451973
Try A TerrariumAnneTinariJanuary281973
Two Frogs Fell Into a Churn Of MilkMontyDaleJanuary681973
Violet Growers Are Human, Too!AbigailSullivanJanuary181973
Violets for FavorsJoanSteckowychJanuary51973
What About An AV Correspondence Club?Mrs. TerryClawsonJanuary631973
What's a Poor Violet to Do?January611973
Why So Long! (Granger Gardens)GraceEyerdomJanuary571973
Wiggly Tails Brought Purple FlowersAlysseMarshallJanuary661973
"Hooked For Life" (exhibits in Kenya)SylviaMatherJanuary391972
"TLC"Mrs. RobertEntzmingerJanuary561972
1972 Convention "Great White Way" New York CityJanuary261972
A "Sucker" is Growing SuckersMargaretO'DonnellJanuary581972
A Foote on the Violet Path (AVM Editor - each issue)GraceFooteJanuary551972
Beginner's Column: WaterAnnRichardsonJanuary61972
Calling All MenLillieMeyersJanuary461972
Centerpiece ImpromptuMrs. LoneyPageJanuary591972
Don't Be Afraid to Move Your Violets Across CountryNellRiggsJanuary491972
Encouraging HusbandSuzetteSmithJanuary141972
Exit Mushrooms, Enter VioletsJanuary681972
Food for Thought (soil mix, water, fertilizer)Mrs. JohnGutridgeJanuary161972
From the Woodlands - seemannia sylvaticaPaulArnoldJanuary541972
Have You Tried Sphagnum Moss?Dr. J.B.LungJanuary601972
History of the African VioletMrs. RossLahrJanuary371972
How I Started in African VioletsMrs. WilliamGarrettJanuary721972
Musing's from the "Mini-Mam" (Regular feature each issue)EllieBoginJanuary81972
My Collection of African Violet Blooms (drying)M.LarochelleJanuary661972
Of Pests and Pesticides (Nematodes)SandraLearyJanuary121972
Penguin PetalsJanuary481972
Plant Stands (display stands for show)FfflorenceGarrityJanuary671972
Question Box (Column in each issue)AnneTinariJanuary421972
Terrariums . . .January651972
The Unbelievables And Other YummiesFffloraStevensJanuary471972
Vine Without Vices - HoyaBillGentryJanuary641972
Watering Methods Vary in EuropeJanuary181972
Welcome . . . Our Revised HandbookJanuary191972
What Fluorescent Light Fixture Design Promotes Best Plant growth?HenryKirkleyJanuary691972
A History of African Violet Types (Original 10)BarbaraMcGeeJanuary481971
Beginner's Column (What to do with a Neck)Mrs. J. A. W.RichardsonJanuary551971
Beware of Pesticides! My Bucket of TearsMyrtleWoodwardJanuary111971
Chapter ChatterJanuary201971
Do-It-Yourselfer Builds LighthouseFloraStevensJanuary281971
Enjoy Growing Violets…Polio Victim Says Folks Like Culture SheetsJanuary331971
Finds Problems in Apartment GrowingMarjorieHawleyJanuary601971
Husband Grateful to Violets for OxygenAllynChanJanuary51971
I lost my Love (help beginners)TomPasquaJanuary561971
Like Puzzles? (word puzzle)January451971
Mealy BugsHeleneGalpinJanuary631971
Musings from the "Mini-Mam"BettyWeekesJanuary571971
No More Mealy BugsIslaMontgomeryJanuary291971
One True LoveAnnMixJanuary321971
Planting by the MoonCarlWeschckeJanuary541971
Plants Fail to Thrive on Hit-And-Miss FeedingJanuary341971
Pollution and You!JosephineEberhardtJanuary61971
Psalm of the 20th Century (poem)JayJarrettJanuary191971
Question Box (disbudding)AnneTinariJanuary521971
Registration ReportAdeleTretterJanuary251971
San Franscisco Convention Program SummaryJanuary381971
She Compares Violet Care to HousekeepingMrs. JosephRoseJanuary511971
Sick Soil and the CauseFredVeithJanuary91971
Some Pros and ConsVioletFrathelJanuary671971
Stop, Look and See (mite infestation, symptions, treatment)NevaAndersonJanuary301971
Tells How to Grow, Display Violets in an ApartmentRuthKingsolverJanuary121971
The Fringe (fringed blossom edges)J. A.BarnardJanuary151971
To Clean Foliage (hint -use vinegar)January351971
Too Big a PotJanuary641971
A Preventive MiticideBernardGreesonJanuary191970
All Those in Favor----Say VioletsHelenVan ZeleJanuary221970
At War With The African VioletJane L.HilkebrandtJanuary121970
Beginner's Column (Propagation)AnneRichardsonJanuary241970
Bugs! Bugs! Who Got The Bugs? Mrs. & Mr. Michael J.ShirockJanuary491970
Calling All Men (men's club)H. O. (Bud)FeddersenJanuary331970
Dreams Do Come True! (30 min. film of African violets produced)AnneTinariJanuary431970
Exhibiting and JudgingRuthCareyJanuary461970
Greenhouse Violets on the Kansas PrairiesJamesMcKinneyJanuary501970
Growing Plants Under Fluorescent LightsJanuary371970
Here's a Solution for a Pesky PestJosephLaroseJanuary551970
Judges! Stand Up and Be CountedMrs. W. F.AndersonJanuary131970
Musings From the "Mini-Mam"BettyWeekesJanuary341970
Plants as Air PurifiersSaulRichJanuary181970
Saintpaulia Species and I (second in series)Mrs. Glenn HudsonJanuary161970
She Finds Violets Growing In Ledges in East AfricaJanuary141970
The Language of the GavelAnnRichardsonJanuary291970
The Sporting BlueMrs. LloydConnelJanuary261970
This is Your AVSA OfficeHelenVan ZeleJanuary541970
Violets Go To LibraryMaryMelcerJanuary361970
VIPs Urge Rank and File To Participate in AVSAAnneTinariJanuary301970
"We're Making Progress!" (In A Miniature Sort of Way)BettyWeekesJanuary311969
African Violets Compete With Orchids In HawaiiOliviaRobinsonJanuary411969
African Violets Continue "TO Go Mod on the Mall"January721969
African Violets Tolerate Severer Conditions in Australia than USAMargaretThorntonJanuary321969
An Experiment (reaching new members)Mrs. J.A.W.RichardsonJanuary281969
Beauty Must Go Hand In Hand With Progress (Rose Benke)MildredSchhroederJanuary251969
Beginner's Column: Questions on WateringMrs. J.A.W.RichardsonJanuary401969
Convert Unused Bedroom Into Bay For Her VioletsAliceMeisenheimerJanuary451969
Did I Win? Or Didn't I? Or is That a Bug? (mealy bug/kelthane)AnnNixJanuary191969
Effects of Fluorescent Light . . . Part IVTribbleDicksJanuary661969
Found! A Good Growing Medium Easily Available, InexpensiveMaisieYakieJanuary301969
Limited Space? Then Grow Them in Strawberry JarMrs. R.MoyeJanuary181969
People: What African Violets Think of ThemMichaelShirockJanuary441969
Question Box: miniaturesAnneTinariJanuary341969
Saintpaulia Species Create Interest (at national show)AnneTinariJanuary291969
The 1969 Convention Show - PhiladelphiaJanuary521969
The Glenn Hudsons Visit B.L. Burtt in ScotlandGlennHudsonJanuary431969
The Simple Method of Growing African VioletsA.D.DatesJanuary231969
The Wooly-Flowered Kohleria Is Cousin to African VioletPaulArnoldJanuary211969
Violet Growers Warned To Read Labels On (pesticide) CansJanuary371969
Window Sill Grower Shares Her SuccessesMrs. C.KonkktolJanuary171969
You Can Become AV 'Addict" Just By Acquiring OneJanuary161969
"Violets On The Move"StellaFlynnJanuary301968
African Violets Easily Cross the Language BarrierMrs. B.A,PetersJanuary171968
Can Violets Go Mod On the Mall?January211968
Cousin Kohleria Easy To GrowPaulArnoldJanuary221968
Do Men Grow African Violets, Too?H.R.EikelandJanuary391968
Educational Exhibit Draws InterestJanuary181968
Fact or Fallacy?JeanNiggliJanuary261968
Feeling Self-Satisfied? Forget It!AnnMixJanuary271968
Hints on ArrangementsHeleneGalpinJanuary331968
Hurrah For CommercialsMrs. J.A.W.RichardsonJanuary681968
Modern MathLillianBodineJanuary281968
Mrs. W. F. Anderson, AVSA President CitedJanuary311968
Plant Propagation and Violet CultureMrs. AbnerSmithaJanuary721968
Raising African Violets in Ireland Is DifficultKathleenGrieserJanuary481968
Temperature Does Affect VariegationCathyAnschutzJanuary491968
Tending Violets A Labor of Love - Not WorkMrs. J.LaroseJanuary341968
Texas Brags! (AVS of Panhandle)Mrs. N.WalbergJanuary431968
Tommie Lou a FavoriteJanuary321968
Violets Brighten Canadian WindowsillMrs. R.HainstockJanuary471968
When Winter Winds BlowJanuary161968
A Beginner's Journey with 'Rob's Love Bite'Jeannie M.MyersJanuary242014
A Familly Portrait: Streptocarpus 'Purple Panda'GeorgeneAlbrechtJanuary152014
AVSA ScholarshipCharlesRamserJanuary92014
Controlling the Amount of VariegationKent and JoyceStorkJanuary602014
Do Your African Violets Have Droopy Leaves?RuthCoulsonJanuary342014
Foliar Feeding Baby PlantletsNancy ManozziJanuary182014
For Beginners: Making Order out of the Chaos that has Invaded Your Violet CollectionMary SchaefferJanuary422014
Growing and Transportation of a Large Show PlantPaulLeeJanuary102014
How Did the 'Wasp' African Violet Varieties Begin?TinaMorenoJanuary442014
Identifying Problems in Your Growing ConditionsDougBurdickJanuary472014
In Search of New VioletsDr. Jeff SmithJanuary82014
Propagating African VioletsCarieNixonJanuary302014
Question Box:Ralph RobinsonJanuary382014
Regional Preferences: Fact or Fiction?Paul KrollJanuary122014
Shows and Judges: Handbook ChangesBillFosterJanuary312014
Small TalkLaurelGoretskyJanuary272014
Sucker RemovalKent and JoyceStorkJanuary462014
Technically Speaking…or Not: The Trials and Tribulations of the New GrowerNeilLipsonJanuary162014
Temperature Regulation in Growing African VioletsNeil LipsonJanuary582014
The "Perfect" Bloom Head!ElmerGodenyJanuary522014
Water QualitySharonRosenzweigJanuary262014
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"What About Those Philly Girls?"Members of the AVS of Springfield, PAJan-Feb402016
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A Worthwhile ContestPatHancockJan-Feb142016
About African Violet Seeds and How We Produce ThemRonnNadeau, Ph DJan-Feb322016
Adventures in Lighting…Not for the Faint of Heart, or the Clumsy of HandSandiMynattJan-Feb192016
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Definition of ChimerasDr. JeffSmitihJan-Feb162016
Dramatic Effect of Fertilizer on Growth of Germinated African Violet SeedlingsRonnNadeau, Ph DJan-Feb422016
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Foliar FeedingMaria NewhouseJan-Feb472016
From the AVSA Website - FAQs- BloomingJoyceStorkJan-Feb602016
Going to Your First ConventionCandace BaldwinJan-Feb52016
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How I Grow StreptocarpusHolly WalkerJan-Feb272016
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Kent Stork's Method of Hitting Full Bloom on the Day of the ShowKentStorkJan-Feb542016
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Report from Persia: Cyclamen mite, miticide and chimera plantsParviz ParvinMehrJan-Feb102017
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Tips for Success with Saintpaulia: Presentation by Betty TappingToronto Gesneriad Society NLMarch502009
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Book Review: African Violets, by Reinhold RaistrickDr. BillPriceMarch92008
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A Family Portrait: alsobia punctataGeorgeneAlbrechtMarch312007
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But my trays were clean: Part I: Micronutrient Toxicity, pH and WaterBarbaraPershingMarch282007
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AVSA Categories of JudgesJoyceStengerMarch342004
Disbudding Streptocarpus for Show DaleMartensMarch532004
Family Portrait: Chirita "Moonlight"GeorgeneAlbrechtMarch162004
For Beginners: Not All Violets Are the SameKent and JoyceStorkMarch82004
How Many Ways? (from Feb. 1994 Toronto Gesneriad Society NL)BettyTappingMarch502004
In Search of New Violets (inheritance of ivory trait in blossom; green edge)Dr. JeffSmithMarch62004
Is Your Membership in Drive or Reverse?CaroleeCarterMarch542004
Mather No. 2 - An Alternate s. difficilis CloneDr. JeffSmithMarch412004
Placement of African VioletsNancyRobitailleMarch302004
Propagation by Bloom StalkMaryWalbrickMarch492004
Question Box: (blossoms fade quickly)DorothyKosowskyMarch142004
Root Pruning (from Growing African Violets in South Africa)JoanHalfordMarch522004
Some Implied Rules for JudgingGretaDurandMarch152004
Some Violets Are Born WinnersFredHillMarch352004
Sunday Morning FriendsLeonardReMarch552004
Thinking Small (Shirley's House of Violets, San Antonio TX)PatRichardsMarch182004
Tips From the Experts from FAQ web site: Drooping LeavesElmerGodenyMarch52004
Watering MethodsMarch482004
What Does It All Mean?March242004
Why You Should Isolate New PlantsZeldaOwensMarch212004
A Family Portrait: Petrocosmea forrestiiGeorgeneAlbrechtMarch182003
African Violet "Tough Love" . . .RichardFollettMarch522003
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Constructive Observations from JudgingGaryBeckMarch112003
Creating Exciting New HybridsKyleColemanMarch172003
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Getting the Bugs Out: Blossom ThripsJimTomsMarch562003
How Do I Do It?RobertAlbroMarch482003
How Does Thy Garden Grow, Part IILindaGolubskiMarch462003
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Light for African Violets, Part OneNancyRobitailleMarch422003
Plant Registration InformationAVSAMarch272003
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Question Box (what to do for mildew)DorothyKosowskyMarch142003
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Soil Mixes for Your Watering System From the Illinois AVC, Inc.Reprint Illinois AV LeavesMarch262003
Starting LeavesSuzanneRessMarch572003
The Realization of a Dream (Interviews with George E. Gay)Dr. Tammy L.TurnerMarch412003
Thinking Small: PotsPatRichardsMarch62003
Vintage Violets: Old Age ( most wanted list)BarbaraElkinMarch302003
Violets on the MovePhyllisKingMarch342003
Wick WateringLisaDiMambroMarch592003
12 Steps of AV AddictionRichardFollettMarch242002
2002 Convention - Washington DC - "Mr. Violet Goes to Washington"March322002
A Visit to the Rain ForestEthelCampbellMarch262002
Baby, It's Cold Inside: How I Coped with Winter Power OutageSharonRosenzweigMarch352002
Care of African Violets in the SpringBeverlyDonsworthMarch182002
Container Gardening (terrariums, dish and natural gardens)GaryGordonMarch492002
Growing and Enjoying African VioletsSusanGimbletMarch302002
Growing, Showing and Judging Saintpaulia Species: Part IBarbaraPershingMarch382002
Hybridizing Our WayJenny and PeteWhiteMarch452002
In Search of New Violets (genetics)Dr. JeffSmithMarch142002
Light and WaterMarch152002
My Views on FertilizerReneeTrenholmMarch522002
Preparing to Show Your African VioletsGary R.BeckMarch192002
Question Box (thrips)DorothyKosowskyMarch62002
Reverse OsmosisAllison BrighamMarch392002
Seeing the LightRuthCoulsonMarch482002
Separating the PlantletsCarolynConlin-LaneMarch342002
Some Notes on African Violet TrailersRalphRobinsonMarch162002
Starting Violets from LeavesKent & JoyceStorkMarch222002
Streptocarpus "Jamboree' GeorgeneAlbrechtMarch82002
Thinking Small (watering)PatRichardsMarch102002
Violet Photos and . . Copyrights?Laurie A.E.O'MearaMarch462002
We Need Judges: South AfricaJoanHalfordMarch202002
What's Your pH?CarolSchreckMarch412002
Where Do Your Violets Perform Their Best?JennyWhiteMarch532002
Yellowing LeavesMarch72002
Challenge of Growing in Natural LightSharonRosenzweigMarch522001
Change Just One ThingKent and JoyceStorkMarch62001
Growing From SeedsConnieLeifesteMarch162001
How Does Thy Garden GrowLindaGolubskiMarch502001
How To Avoid Boring MeetingsMarch512001
How to Select Proper Pot SizeMarch232001
In Search of New Violets (red back pigment)Dr. JeffSmithMarch102001
In Search Of The Perfect SoilDonGeissMarch342001
Lazy Susan Plant Stand From The FiftiesBarbaraPershingMarch392001
Nancy’s Hobby, My PleasureRolandManozziMarch242001
On-Going Applied African Violet ResearchLarry W.BarnesMarch192001
Plant Registrations Microfilming ProjectJanetRiemerMarch452001
Question Box (problem solving)DorothyKosowskyMarch222001
Research: Mgm't of Phytophthora Root And Crown Rot in AVsLarry W.BarnesMarch462001
Some Chores For SpringMarch82001
Spring PottingBeverleyDonsworthMarch122001
Thinking Small: WateringPatRichardsMarch302001
Tips For Selling Gesneriads At Local ShowsDaleMartensMarch92001
Transporting Violets To A ShowMarch312001
Watering Your VioletIanBeaverMarch132001
A Tisket A Tasket The Bride Prefers Violets in A BasketAnnTinariMarch502000
African Violets Should Not Be CrowdedAdelleJohnsonMarch342000
An Introduction to the Saintpaulia SpeciesRob & Olive MaRobinsonMarch242000
Design Box BasicsDorothyRaymondMarch552000
For Beginners: Sucker Facts Kent & JoyceStorkMarch102000
Gesneri-Advice: Medicinal GesneriadsDaleMartensMarch132000
Hardening Blossoms for DesignDorothySchroederMarch222000
How Do You Water Your African Violets?DonGeissMarch422000
In Search of New Violets (what is modified girl foliate)Dr. JeffSmithMarch82000
Life with Root Knot Nematodes" a personal documentaryBarbaraWernessMarch452000
Light for Plant GrowthSueHodgesMarch392000
No, I Didn'tEthelChampionMarch232000
Propagation of African VioletsBeverlyDonsworthMarch352000
Question Box (differences in plys of wicks)DorothyKosowskyMarch272000
Question Box (do you foliar feed your plants?)DorothyKosowskyMarch262000
Regional Reviews (review of various grower methods) PatRichardsMarch462000
Scanning African Violet FlowersHectorWongMarch402000
Shaping a PlantLeonieChirgwinMarch212000
Spring CleaningRuthCoulsonMarch382000
Thinking Small (choosing easy to grow plants)PatRichardsMarch142000
Update From RussiaIrinaDanilinaMarch512000
What is a Gesneriad?DorothyTownsendMarch192000
A Follow Up From RussiaShirleySandersMarch191999
A Modern Irrigation System At Dave's VioletsDaveHarrisMarch401999
Ah, Youth (Heather and Heath Borck)BarbaraElkinMarch471999
Avoiding Transplant Shock In Variegated PlantsSueGardnerMarch531999
AVSA Commercials: A Closer Look - Sonja's VioletsDavidButtramMarch101999
Be AwareLolaRossiMarch431999
Dear Editor: My experience with soil mealybugsCarlHelmMarch91999
Finding New African Violet LoversDonGeissMarch511999
For Beginners: What's My ProblemKent and JoyceStorkMarch61999
Gesneri-Advice: StreptocarpusDaleMartensMarch141999
Growing African Violets Deep in the Heart of TexasRonDavidsonMarch441999
In Search of New Violets (is African violet hybridizing seasonal?)Dr. JeffSmithMarch311999
In Search of New Violets (is it important which is the pollen parent?)Dr. JeffSmithMarch301999
Making the Most of Your LeavesJoshuaMcKinneyMarch181999
Question Box (infestation of mealybugs and scale)DorothyKosowskyMarch131999
Question Box (problems growing violets in Hong Kong-crown rot)DorothyKosowskyMarch121999
Regional Reviews - Part 1 PatRichardsMarch201999
Soil Mealybugs and Their Close Friends, Thrips & Cyclamen MitesPatHancockMarch461999
Thinking Small: Guest columnist growing habitsFayWagmanMarch261999
Concerning Foliar Feeding African VioletsDr. Jeff SmithMarch261998
Electronic Violets for Every ComputerEllen WassBeckermanMarch391998
For Beginners: Is This How My Violet Should Look?Kent and JoyceStorkMarch131998
Gesneri-Advice: advise from growers CA, AK, Australia, SwedenDaleMartensMarch351998
Growing A Show PlantDorisBrownlieMarch121998
Hide and Seek With A ReservoirMaxineGeissMarch201998
In Search of New Violets (what is meant by a high bud count in first bloom)Dr. JeffSmithMarch171998
In Search of New Violets (hybridizing for shades, dark or pale) Dr. JeffSmithMarch161998
Long Division for African Violets, not ArithmeticRuthCoulsonMarch521998
Question Box (does disbudding encourage foliage repair)DorothyKosowskyMarch231998
Question Box (what are culture folders)DorothyKosowskyMarch221998
School PartnershipsEllaBroomMarch281998
Some Thoughts On SeedJohnBeaulieuMarch411998
Spring ChoresSueHodgesMarch401998
The Name of the Game is the NameDavidButtramMarch181998
Thinking Small : Regional Reviews- Australia; VA ;OH, TX, NMPatRichardsMarch431998
Thinking Small: Guest columnist Janice Bruns, growing minis & semiminisPatRichardsMarch61998
Violets and RomanceKyleColemanMarch111998
Violets Bloom For MaggieJeanMcCainMarch461998
What's New on the InternetWayneDonohoMarch511998
A Family Portrait: Streptocarpus 'Bristol's Sunset'GeorgeneAlbrechtMarch111997
A Wicked SituationDonGeissMarch341997
African Violets & Pest Control: The Use of Beneficial InsectsKathleenArceneaux Ph.D.March291997
Dear EditorErnieZieglerMarch471997
Does Your Club Need A TransfusionLindaGolubskiMarch241997
For Beginners-What's That White StuffKent and JoyceStorkMarch61997
Getting Ready For ShowMarileeBeamMarch501997
Good Ideas From CaliforniaSueHaffnerMarch391997
Growing & Grooming Tips From AustraliaMarch521997
Hooked on GesneriadsPeggyPayneMarch401997
How Design Entries Are JudgedEdnaRoukeMarch51997
In Search of New Violets (crossing violets & petrocosmea)Dr. JeffSmithMarch121997
Isolation - An Ounce of PreventionMontieWatlerMarch351997
New Collections of the Saintpaulia Species - CorrectionDr. JeffSmithMarch281997
Permanent Marker on Your Pots?ElizabethFrigstadMarch371997
Potting TipsCatherineThompsonMarch131997
Question Box (can you speed up the root growth of a leaf)JamesSmithMarch101997
Question Box (do variegated varieties grow better on lower shelves)JamesSmithMarch91997
Question Box (using super phosphate, fish emulsion)JamesSmithMarch81997
Recycling and African VioletsEvelynHeylMarch231997
Rooting MethodsIrisKeatingMarch481997
Some Thoughts on Getting From Here To TherePatRichardsMarch381997
The "Facts of Light" for African VioletsCarlaRyanMarch221997
Thinking Small - Guest columnistDarrylHooverMarch141997
Violet ObsessionKyleColemanMarch461997
Why Is My Plant Not FloweringSueGardnerMarch491997
A Family Portrait: Saintpaulia 'Centennial Salute'GeorgeneAlbrechtMarch61996
African Violets and the Incredible JourneyDr. Jon C.LovettMarch281996
Effective Club ProgramsKyleColemanMarch381996
Eye On Design - small arrangementsBobGreenMarch361996
For Beginners: Water: The Essential Growing FactorKent and JoyceStorkMarch81996
Growing the "Cool" SpeciesDr. JeffSmithMarch221996
Have You Checked Your Pot Lately?JosephSchulzMarch501996
How are your plants doing?IrisKeating March391996
I Would Never Have SuspectedBarbaraThompsonMarch271996
In Search of New Violets (are large African violet plants polypoids)Dr. JeffSmithMarch171996
In Search of New Violets (why do bicolor or colored eyes change in warm temps)Dr. JeffSmithMarch161996
Keeping RecordsCaroleeCarterMarch461996
Packaged Potting Soils... Can We Trust ThemDonThornburgMarch421996
Pressing AV BlossomsSharonHoltzmanMarch411996
Question Box (what do you think of using Sturdy, fish emulsion etc.)JamesSmithMarch151996
Shows and Show Schedules - What is it all about?SharonJohnsonMarch71996
Take the Plunge (underwater design)LindaGolubskiMarch311996
That's Not a Weed, It's a Nautilocalyx pemphidius!!March451996
The African Violet Marketplace: Skin Coat, DuraGuard, & CataloguesDavidButtramMarch261996
The Case of the Missing African VioletDonGeissMarch241996
Thinking Small: Spring, a great time - How to grow the small onesPatRichardsMarch121996
Warning! Raising African Violets Could Be ContagiousDoraHubble March441996
Where Have The Golden Years GoneAnneTinariMarch201996
A Family Portrait - Achimenes 'Warren'GeorgeneAlbrechtMarch61995
African Violets Visit Silver Dollar CityEthelCampbellMarch281995
AVSA Commercials: A Closer Look - Pat's Pets - Gary and Pat DunlapDavidButtramMarch421995
Desperate Measures - catsMarianYoungMarch291995
For Beginners - Beginner's Travel Guide to a First ConventionKent and JoyceStorkMarch121995
In My ExperienceLolaRossiMarch351995
In Search of New Violets (explaining the "sparkle" in violets-genetic dominant)Dr. JeffSmithMarch81995
Mail Order Violets & Supplies-Who is Responsible for What?M. DianeRichardsonMarch441995
Observations on Breeding a Blue Raspberry Edge Flower in African VioletsDr. JeffSmithMarch401995
Of Interest to Our Affiliate Clubs: The Perils of a Public SpeakerLindaWeltnerMarch331995
Office VioletsKyleColemanMarch221995
Question Box (starter plants have tight centers- why)JamesSmithMarch111995
Question Box (how do you tell if a plant is a single or multiple crown or multiple)JamesSmithMarch101995
Ten Ways to Make Your Club GrowJoyceStorkMarch271995
Terrific TerrariumsJoyceStengerMarch341995
Where Have All The Flowers GoneLindaGolubskiMarch91995
A Family Portrait - Saintpaulia 'Rob's Gray Ghost'GeorgeneAlbrechtMarch81994
Be(e) Somebody for AVSAAnneTinariMarch351994
Beginners Column - Violet QuirksKent and JoyceStorkMarch41994
Comments for Exhibits (suggestions for entry card comments)SueRamserMarch461994
How do you get there from hereDr. JeffSmithMarch441994
In Search of New Violets (can a lavender & white chimera produce a pink flower)Dr. JeffSmithMarch261994
In Search of New Violets (can the yellow color be intensified or increase)Dr. JeffSmithMarch271994
Isolate - You will be glad you didSylviaFarnum PhDMarch341994
Make a travel case for your violetsMary AnnSwitzerMarch481994
No one wants ... a scrawny neck!!VirginiaGasperMarch321994
Pritchard's PandemoniumMarileeBeamMarch381994
Question Box (blossoms wilt prematurely & lower leaves turn mushy brown)JamesSmithMarch171994
Question Box (is there any way to increase blossom size)JamesSmithMarch191994
Question Box (plants from leaves bloom true to color but are very small)JamesSmithMarch181994
Save an old friend from extinctionBarbaraElkinMarch391994
Something Old - Something NewPeggyPayneMarch241994
The Poet's CornerLucileWassonMarch311994
A Family Portrait: x-Achimenantha 'Inferno'GeorgeneAlbrechtMarch151993
African Violet Stamp UnveiledAnneTinariMarch71993
Another Kind of Yellow Invader (a canary) by Iownantha, Violet Town, USAMarch481993
Are the Newest Winners the Only Winners?NancyRobitailleMarch321993
AVSA Spotlight is on Dr. Jeff SmithMarch171993
Beginners Column: How to Kill an AVKent & JoyceStorkMarch91993
Culture Tip for MicrominiaturesCharlotteEberhardMarch241993
Growing AV with Aquarium Fluorescents (Triton tube)SherryJesbergerMarch201993
Growing Conditions Can Really VaryPeggyPayneMarch141993
I Wanna Be a Star! by Ima Saintpaulia IrisKeatingMarch231993
Know Your Fertilizers, A Brief Overview (descriptions of components)March251993
Maximizing Your Convention DollarDavidButtramMarch301993
Mini-tidbits (preparing for show)FlorenceNaylorMarch341993
Photographing VioletsCarolBruceMarch181993
Question Box (chemicals in smaller quantities?)JamesSmithMarch391993
Question Box (wilting blossoms &mushy lower leaves)JamesSmithMarch381993
Question Box - "halos"JamesSmithMarch401993
Repotting the MiniaturesMarjorieArmstrongMarch491993
The Thrips Returned (PT-1300 - orthene)NeilLipsonMarch221993
A Family Portrait - Sinningia 'Bright Eyes'GeorgeneAlbrechtMarch211992
African Violets for Everyone! (horticulture therapy)AbigailGreenbankMarch491992
America's Celebration of Discovery (Holtkamp AmeriFlora'92)ReinholdHoltkamp, Jr.March431992
AV Chlorosis Related to Excess Soil AlkalinityCharles E.Sledge, M.D.March501992
AVSA Commercials - Joan's African Violets (Joan Halford, South Africa)DavidButtramMarch391992
Beginners Column: AV Myths & the Real TruthKent and JoyceStorkMarch71992
Books: Growing AV in Southern AfricaJoanHalfordMarch201992
Comparison of Leaf Anthocyanins in Genus SaintpauliaDr. Jeff SmithMarch541992
Creating with Fredette (is there money in African V.)IreneFredetteMarch231992
Creating with Fredette (new at hybridizing)IreneFredetteMarch241992
Green with Envy (Green Circle Growers; Nolan Blansit)GeorgeneAlbrechtMarch101992
Question Box (variegates grown better where?)JamesSmithMarch471992
Question Box (alternate feeding products)JamesSmithMarch461992
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Micropropagation of African Violets (tissue culture)Sharol & Ron C. CookLindensteinMarch361990
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Shedding Light on The Secrets of Saintpauilia Seed GerminationRonnNadeauMarch361982
Styrofoam For RootingDr. Alvin W.SchultzMarch441982
Symptoms, Causes, Remedies (Chart)March551982
The Japanese Experience: Chapter TwoPaulineBartholomewMarch421982
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Troubled With Yellowing Leaves?Dr. Alvin W.SchultzMarch561982
Violets Debut At County FairRettaHamiltonMarch191982
Watch Out! Minis Are ThievesCandyPhillipsMarch51982
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African Violets: A Gift from God - Mildred SchroederCarolZebbMarch571981
Always Label Your LeavesMarch641981
Bugs: Eradication or Population ControlDaleEyerdomMarch151981
First Judged Show in Tokyo, JapanPaulineBartholomewMarch41981
Helpful Hints and Gadgets for Growing Healthy African VioletsJeanCampbellMarch201981
Indigo Blues (hybridizing pure blue tones)JerryBarmardMarch91981
On Violets and Green ThumbsIreneFredetteMarch631981
Saintpaulia SpeciesMrs. JackBalonisMarch591981
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Control Duplication?JackSimencMarch361979
Cross Your I's and Dot Your T's: Help! (AV Magazine)Mrs. W. F.AndersonMarch271979
Dried Violet Pictures, Greeting CardsRettaHamiltonMarch41979
Edith Peterson's Death Is MournedAnneDaniesMarch111979
Fantasies -- Nature's Gorgeous Goof!DonaldBakerMarch201979
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The Green Machine" Inside LeavesPatHillMarch161979
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African Violets "Grow on You"JaneJoyMarch211978
African Violets -- His Specialty (only male member of club)March231978
Alkaline-Acid Relationship Most Important to PlantsEdgar MWeaverMarch111978
Allergic to Pesticides? Try Harmless Witch's Brew (coriander/anise oil)NinaChristianMarch621978
Beginner's Column: Pests and DiseasesAnneRichardsonMarch131978
Burglars, Too, Like VioletsRomaWilsonMarch541978
Create Beautiful World With African VioletsLeeMcCallMarch261978
Cross Your I's . . .and Dot Your T's (Patented plants)Mrs. W.F.AndersonMarch71978
Don't Throw Away The ThrowawaysJaneMacDonaldMarch561978
Easy--Made HothouseDr. AlvinSchultzMarch591978
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His Attic Is Full OF African VioletsMargeFischerMarch141978
Hybridizes 'Bell Ringing Fool'HazelHebertMarch331978
Ideas For Your Plant SaleMrs. RalphRitchieMarch151978
Insect FactsDr. CharlesColeMarch381978
Losing Club Members -- Why?Mrs. R.E.SchroederMarch201978
Make Your Own Sleeves (sketches)Norman E.SteinkeMarch121978
My Violet Love StoryDollyBruceMarch371978
Portable PotablesRev. Larry E.CollingsMarch101978
Propagate With Blossom StemsMarshallWheelerMarch551978
Question Box (Anne's last column)AnneTinariMarch341978
The Shameless ScavengerElisabeth H.HansenMarch661978
Towards True Red, Orange and Yellow-Flowering AV'sPeter & BH McCownBilkeyMarch641978
Verbs to Violets (Dr. Donald Baker)March531978
What? A Show? Aw, Forget It!GertBuckleyMarch191978
A Visit To Holtkamp'sBettyFalzerMarch701977
Cross Your I's and Dot Your T's: What Is a Cutting?Mrs. W.F.AndersonMarch261977
Decorating The Home With African VioletsGeorge A.ElbertMarch741977
Easy Way To Grow African Violets (basement set-up)Mrs. E.H.DixonMarch51977
Green ElbowsSylviaFellowsMarch351977
Greenhouses In MiniatureDeloresKibbeMarch301977
Hi Hopes Did It AgainNell-SueTysonMarch721977
Hooked For LifeMarcelineKoesterMarch371977
Micro-propagation of African Violets (2nd of 3 articles)Beter & A.C. HildebrandtBilkeyMarch331977
New Variety is Result: Violets' Extreme Desire To Live . . .LawrenceWilsonMarch571977
Plant Stands Constructed To Meet Needs of GrowersMarch771977
Recipe For Plant SaleMarch731977
Turns Piano Bench Into Plant StandMarch791977
Untreated Water Better For PlantsFritz G.LindleyMarch431977
Violets Enjoy Lighted GardenMarch781977
Vitamins for Violets (Vitamin B1)MaryMahenMarch691977
Window Growing Under LightsMarch801977
33 Yeats With African VioletsMrs. FrankShelbyMarch571976
Adventures in HybridizingDr. RonnNadeauMarch221976
Beginner's Column: WateringAnnRichardsonMarch41976
Foliar Feeding African Violets: Controversy or SerendipityEmoryLelandMarch461976
Lighting African Violets: Part IIDr. StuartDunnMarch501976
Love Those MiniaturesMrs. JosephLaroseMarch451976
Question Box 'Insecticides'AnneTinariMarch671976
Question Box 'Wasp Blooms'AnneTinariMarch691976
Beginner's Column AnnRichardsonMarch161975
Birth of A Star Violet: The 'Edith V. Peterson' (Victor Constanitinov)AnneDanielsMarch51975
Flower Show: European StyleFrankTinariMarch571975
Question Box (springtails)AnneTinariMarch461975
Random Notes . . . From here and thereMarch551975
Top Secret (Edith Peterson)MaryTompkinsMarch61975
Beginner's column: When to Pot - and HowAnneRichardsonMarch61974
Energy Crisis and African VioletsJanetWakefordMarch161974
Fertilizers: The Choice Is YoursJosephineEberhardtMarch141974
Micronutrient Supplementation for African VioletsH.D.PenningtonMarch461974
President's Message (Immediate past president)HelenVan ZeleMarch41974
Registered African Violets - Dec 1, 1963- Dec. 1, 1973Mrs. FredTretterMarch251974
Violets, Like Children, Must Have Love to GrowMarch221974
The Modern African VioletsVernLorenzenMarch51973
"Hooked For Life" (growing in Kenya)SylviaMatherMarch701972
AVS Takes Part In Youth ProjectDickMeyersMarch121972
Bottle GardeningF. VanceFazzinoMarch501972
Invitation to JudgeMarch181972
Of Pests and Pesticides (2nd of series)SandraLearyMarch541972
Pictures Challenge Her To Grow Better VioletsMarthaWalkerMarch461972
Registered African Violets Dec 1961 to Dec 1971March271972
s. goetzeana blooms for California WomanIreneHazeltineMarch641972
Story of a packet of seeds: Violets Return to AfricaAnneStolbergerMarch521972
Basic Flower ArrangingEleanorDavisMarch161971
Beginner's Column (What Causes Spots on Leaves?)Mrs. J. A. W.RichardsonMarch91971
Exhibiting and JudgingRuth G.CareyMarch511971
Go with Other Gesneriads…Question and AnswersAlbert & DianthaBuellMarch611971
Her Experiences With AVs Dispel Old Fogey Ideas About PlantsMrs. DaleBrownMarch461971
In the First PlaceMrs. RaySampleMarch691971
Let's Make An ArrangementCordeliaRienhardtMarch241971
New Book for Violet Ventures - "Helen Van Pelt Wilson's AV Book"AnneTinariMarch231971
Question Box (difference between the pedicel and the peduncle)AnneTinariMarch541971
Question Box (Pollinating violets)AnneTinariMarch521971
Question Box (What makes a supreme plant what it is?)AnneTinariMarch531971
Registered African Violets - Dec 1, 1960 - Dec. 1, 1970Mrs. FredTretterMarch271971
Tally Time 1970Mrs. JohnReedMarch501971
The Flowers That Blooms in the Spring…And the Rest of the Year, TooCharlesDayMarch481971
This is How We Start…This is How We FinishMrs. F. H.RieberMarch581971
Try Trellising (episcias)Mrs. JosephLaroseMarch711971
Vacation - HobbiesMrs. JohnMcCannonMarch681971
African Violet Growers faced by Many Problems (Q&A)AnneTinariMarch561970
Beginner's Column: Amateurs Should ShowAnnRichardsonMarch611970
Boys Show More Interest Than GirlsMarch621970
Few Violet Growers in Bahamas But New Society Is OrganizedAnnRichardsonMarch691970
Hobby Is Profitable For Disabled WomanMarch641970
Many Interested In Forming New ChaptersMarch631970
Musings From the "Mini-Mam"Mrs. RoyWeekesMarch671970
Saintpaulia Species and I (third in series)Mrs. Glenn HudsonMarch711970
Variety NotesMr. R. W.AndersonMarch661970
Beginner's Column: VentilationMrs. J.A.W.RichardsonMarch271969
Effects of Fluorescent Light . . . Part VTribbleDicksMarch331969
Humidity and African VioletsVernonLorenzenMarch351969
Judging For The Green RosetteRuthCareyMarch251969
Question Box: neglected violetsAnneTinariMarch231969
Questions Answered on Dr. "V" Soil InsecticideLawrenceKaseMarch221969
Tinaris and Violets Seen on TV ProgramMarch391969
African Violets: World's Most Popular HouseplantHazelLewisMarch461968
AVSA Educational Exhibit Will Help Promote SocietyLizetaHamiltonMarch541968
Displaying MiniaturesGenevieveZaviszaMarch331968
Exhibiting and JudgingRuthCareyMarch341968
Florida Women Toss about IdeasChrisHuebscherMarch511968
Flower Photographer Blossoms With A BangMarch391968
Haiti Grower Needs AssistanceMrs. ErnstAvinMarch451968
Neva Anderson Wins AcclaimMarch421968
Question Box: AnneTinariMarch301968
Some WindowsillsSister M.ClareMarch501968
Systemic Insecticide…Bang! Bang! You're Dead!MaisieYakieMarch441968
Why Not TALK to your Violets?VioletFrathelMarch491968
Windowsill Grower Talks of VioletsMrs. T.StarkMarch411968
Affiliated Chapters Chairman Urges Members To Keep InformedLizetaHamiltonMarch441967
Beginners Column - Don't Be Afraid To ShowAnnRichardssonMarch291967
Can You Spare Some Leaves for A Dutch WomanMrs. M.Werkhoven-OdinkMarch431967
Dana Basto Tells How To Grow PlantsMarch481967
Greenhouse Growing in the SouthFritzLindleyMarch611967
Grows Orchids With VioletsFrancesKuhlMarch301967
Hometown Honors Our LyonsFrankBurtonMarch161967
Meet nominees for offices and directorsMarch411967
Mrs. Johnson Didn't Fish But She Got HookedMrs. H.JohnsonMarch501967
No Violets on the AmazonIsobelCramMarch231967
Preparing & Transporting Violets to National ShowMrs. J.BucknerMarch171967
Question BoxAnneTinariMarch321967
Streptocarpus Saxorum A Popular HouseplantPaulArnoldMarch641967
Violet Growing In South Africa Has Problems, TooMrs. E.StewartMarch281967
Violets Beautify Dental OfficeMarch521967
Water, Water Everywhere!ForrestRichterMarch451967
What Is Required To Make Violets Bloom?ClarissaHarrisMarch651967
Wick Watering Is Good for VioletsGladysLindquistMarch571967
A Confusion About Columnea Minor (Gesneriaceae)HaroldMoore, Jr.March291966
A Good Marriage (driftwood)Lillian LewisBodineMarch161966
African Violets Stopped Traffic 20 years AgoCharlesHudson, Jr.March391966
Beginner's Column: How to Root an African Violet LeafAnneRichardsonMarch61966
Carolyn K. Rector Paid High TributeMrs. D.W.RobinsonMarch671966
Gloxinera 'David'PaulArnoldMarch281966
God's GiftMrs. J.FrathelMarch691966
How to Photograph Our African Violets Article IIIJohnPaulMarch521966
Hybridizers Commended JohnWittnerMarch221966
I'm a Toughy!EdMoodyMarch141966
Know Your AVS NomineesMarch561966
Mistakes at Casa ContentaHelen Van ZeleMarch321966
New Grower Has Unusual RecordMrs. SteveTischlerMarch471966
Nominees for DirectorsMarch581966
Pots - and Pot CleaningMarch81966
Question Box - variegated plants come into bloom slowerAnneTinariMarch481966
Question Box: problems after growing under lightsAnneTinariMarch511966
Question Box: violets have a rotting woodsy smellAnneTinariMarch491966
Question Box:explain word cultivarAnneTinariMarch501966
Seller of Violets Gives Assistance, Advice to NoviceMarch251966
Solve Your Vacation Problems by Wicking VioletsClarissaHarrisMarch611966
Sterilize and be SureBernardGreesonMarch701966
Tribute Paid Frank Burton, AVSA PresidentMrs. HerbertSullivanMarch311966
True Miniatures - TX Woman Tells How to Grow PlantsMrs. J.WillisMarch731966
Violet Sitter at 13 Now She's Grower at 16SandraCavenderMarch661966
Which Expert Is RightDorothyGrayMarch751966
You Might as Well Let Your Wife Go To ConventionMarch341966
Best VarietiesMarch531965
Building a Soil MixMiss HelenMartinMarch81965
Don't Confuse Saintpaulia With Boea HygroscopicaPaulArnoldMarch121965
Effects of Air Pollution on PlantsGabrielSeidmanMarch441965
Exhibiting and JudgingRuthCareyMarch641965
It Takes All KindsMarch711965
It's Fun To Groom For ShowMabelGutridgeMarch191965
Mites or Botrytis?BernardGreesonMarch141965
My Fluorescent CartInezSmithaMarch481965
New VarietiesMarch201965
Notes Taken at Publicity Clinic of Big HelpMrs. FrankBartonMarch61965
Our African Violet HeritageAnneTinariMarch301965
Problems of SaintpauliaA.P.MartinexMarch161965
Promotion?? Yes!! How Much is Up To You ???Mrs. WilliamKrogmanMarch501965
Question Box -leaves and blossoms revertAnneTinariMarch551965
Question Box -single blooms drop after two daysAnneTinariMarch571965
Question Box-growing under Gro-lux fluorescent tubesAnneTinariMarch561965
Sinningia PusillaMrs. Edward W.BuschkeMarch541965
Use Sulfur for Mildew or RotAlbertMoggMarch261965
Veteran African Violet CrowerBeulahFelderMarch581965
Violet Culture-Mrs. Andrew Messic Conducts WorkshopMarch291965
Why Do You Ask?? (compost)LizetaHamiltonMarch281965
"Office Violets" - An Interesting HobbyRuthWychoffMarch81964
A Busy Chapter: Three Displays, Show, 11 Members--Two MonthsFrankSpillmanMarch541964
African Violets In a House TrailerLillianHusonMarch481964
African Violets Keep Porch Warm and CozyMrs. RoyMcDonaldMarch191964
Botanical TermsFrancesBatchellerMarch221964
Control of NematodesMrs. RobertDragooMarch451964
Do's and Don'ts for African VioletsDorothyGrayMarch101964
Exhibiting and JudgingRuthCareyMarch401964
Familial Violet Thumbs (Ethel Champion's sister)Mrs. GerhardtKellerMarch581964
Flowering of Four Varieties of African Violets at Low Light IntensitiesKohl, Nelson and AntillonMarch411964
Growing Better Small PlantsMabelGutridgeMarch281964
Her cat, too, loves VioletsBettyBaxterMarch461964
Judging the JudgeunspecifiedMarch181964
Meet Your 1964-65 NomineesMarch321964
Question BoxAnneTinariMarch491964
Series of ExperimentsErnestoAntillonMarch251964
UCLA Standard Growth ChamberErnestoAntillonMarch241964
A Guide To Violet TerminologyCharlesDayMarch991963
African Violets - A Pleasurable PastimeMrs. H.,ChildsMarch681963
African Violets And How I Grow ThemMrs. LyleDevickMarch781963
African Violets In ScotlandCrissieCalderbankMarch61963
An Escape From RealityBernieceGlassMarch631963
Be My GuestFrankTinariMarch721963
Control Humidity . .A Greenhouse MistReprint "Under Glass"March181963
Don't Be A Blossom JudgeNevaAndersonMarch951963
Easy To Make ArrangementsMrs. GeorgePondellaMarch621963
Exactly What Is A Supreme?RitaLucianoMarch301963
Fertilizing Dry PlantsMrs. J.SoitMarch891963
From Leaf To LeavingErmaTruellMarch321963
Fumi-Soil: Its Origin and UseCoraSpathMarch241963
Gesneriads: Companion Plants for African VioletsPaulArnoldMarch661963
Grooming and Judging Show PlantsRuth CareyMarch851963
Grow To ShowGwenEggertonMarch731963
Ideas From Here and ThereMarch861963
Insecticide-Fungicide-Miticide GuideBernardGreesonMarch371963
Installation CeremonyMrs. M.HesterMarch841963
Malathion As A SprayViolaRemboldMarch281963
More About Sinningia Pusilla (The Littlest Gesneriad)IreneBaileyMarch211963
More About Toxic VermiculiteLibbieCoufalikMarch41963
My Experience In Raising Irradiated LeavesSidneyRosenMarch121963
My Story About African VioletsMrs. P.BearhamMarch691963
My Violet StoryCleoClemonsMarch701963
My Violets and I On VacationMrs. RayFinkeMarch831963
New Varieties To ComeMarch571963
On Making An ArrangementDorothyDenglerMarch401963
Organized FrustrationWarnerRobinsMarch601963
Prevention is Best -- A Cure May Be Too LateBernardGreesonMarch341963
Proven Success With SugarEstelleKienzleMarch201963
Question BoxAnneTinariMarch971963
Rooting & Growth of African Violets Under 4 Fluorescent Light SourcesBoodles and HortonMarch1031963
Saintpaulias? No Thanks! (New Zealand)CharlesAllenMarch461963
Sea Kelp for African VioletsBlancheGelineauMarch271963
Soil Mealy BugsMillieBlairMarch441963
Solar Window GreenhousesMarch1021963
The Future In The Violet WorldHarryMeeseMarch221963
The Good Earth - What Is IT?LucileRainsbergerMarch751963
The Miracle Of A LeafEvaBonnerMarch231963
Try Something NewRuthDoxseeMarch141963
Types of PeatWilliamHannaMarch1061963
Violets In A Crawl SpaceCharlesGarrodMarch821963
Why Register?HelenColemanMarch881963
Why, What and How?Mrs. GeorgeBennerMarch431963
A Fascinating HobbyGladysMcGregorMarch421962
A Unique Violet StandBernadineElrodMarch821962
African Violets? What Are They?MarshaLatwenMarch481962
Arrangements As I Make ThemMildredDederaMarch561962
Brief Guidance For Violet TroublesElynoreBoginMarch241962
Central Florida Educational ExhibitunspecifiedMarch541962
Creative Ideas With VioletsMarch691962
Educational ExhibitElizabethFilsonMarch321962
Episcia DisplayMarch731962
Five Weeks Without A Violet SitterMimiRonnerMarch631962
Gesneriads: Companion Plants for African VioletsPaulArnoldMarch641962
Greenhouse Cooling -- for More Effective Summer UseReprint "Under Glass"March751962
Growing African Violets In WisconsinMrs. J.SoitMarch511962
Growing African Violets Under Artificial LightsDr. F.W.WentMarch441962
Ideas from Here and ThereMarch761962
In Quest Of YellowDr. SheldonReedMarch1101962
Living Organisms and Soil FertilityBettyBrinhartMarch1081962
More Fun With African VioletsLelaBurtonMarch401962
More Work and Less WorryingE.J.OravecMarch521962
My Blunderings in Violet LandMrs. RobertMacIverMarch661962
My Violet StoryMrs. R.HarmonMarch741962
My Way of Grooming and Growing African VioletsMrs. A.LafebvreMarch461962
New Varieties to ComeMarch941962
Organizing A Local ClubAdeleTretterMarch681962
Our Arrangement WonMrs. L.LallementMarch801962
Our Show PlanLuellaMarmadukeMarch1031962
Our Violet ClassicsDorothyYoungMarch361962
Pests? They're Only HumanCarolTurnerMarch701962
Pots! Pots! Pots! Pots!M.A.HoardMarch621962
Puissance de Hydrogen (pH)William J.HannaMarch1111962
Question BoxAnneTinariMarch1001962
Raising Violets In Arid New Mexico .altitude of 6500'AdelaideShafferMarch841962
Research With LightsDr. SheldonReedMarch1091962
Show PlantsMadelineHillMarch721962
Six Years of VioletsRobertaNendickMarch781962
Something Had To Be DoneCarolFetterlyMarch391962
Strawberry Jar: My WayMrs. A.McNinchMarch281962
Success with Wick-Fed Plastic PotsMrs. W.ElyMarch931962
The African Violet Story: British VersionG.J.WicksMarch881962
The Problems of a RecruitA. E.BeegMarch581962
Use More CharcoalMarch291962
Violet ObservationsEvelynRichardsonMarch711962
Violets and Vacations Are CompatibleGeorgeWoodMarch341962
Violets In the Flathead Valley of MontanaMableMechlerMarch831962
Violets in VermontDorothyAllowayMarch161962
Violets or Babies?Mrs. F.JohnsonMarch871962
About My VioletsRoseGassmannMarch301961
About Nematode ControlLizetaHamiltonMarch451961
African violets Down Mexico WayNancydeLevyMarch611961
African violets in ArizonaMableWeadockMarch501961
African Violets In The Mojave DesertJuanitaKellyMarch821961
Central Connecticut Educational ExhibitMildredFilsonMarch911961
Chaff From Cricken Farm VeraCovertMarch931961
Chromosome Numbers in the GesneriaceaeBrookhaven National LaboratoryMarch1071961
Collecting Is FascinatingIdaMacKayMarch581961
Creative Ideas With Africa VioletsMarch411961
During VacationMarch651961
Fluorescent Lights and Air ConditioningMrs. H.G.CookMarch671961
Fun While LearningMrs. J.FitzmorrisMarch221961
Genetic Check-ListDr. S. C.ReedMarch1041961
Gesneriads - Companion Plants for African VioletsPaulArnoldMarch801961
Greenhouse SuccessVelma and BernardHellishMarch591961
Growing Violets A JoyLottiePierceMarch831961
Her Hobby Became A BusinessClayRobinsonMarch521961
Homeward Bound Part IIGeorge and MayWicksMarch711961
How To Raise Club FundsMarch921961
Hybridizing In The MaritimesEvelynBeachMarch461961
IF At First You Don't Succeed (Kenya, E. Africa)AvrilRoystonMarch681961
Love Those VioletsOliveGarrettMarch731961
My Adventures In Growing African VioletsMrs. X. R.RandallMarch601961
My Husband Has Violetitis, TooA.BartaMarch261961
My Mild InsanityMrs. H.McWhirterMarch621961
Nature's Way For HealthMarieDannemillerMarch841961
Nematode Control With NabamIreneFredetteMarch661961
New Varieties To ComeMarch541961
Notes On CultureJoyHutsonMarch861961
Overflowing GreenhousesEdithWallerMarch741961
Perishable - Handle With CareGraceArndtMarch371961
Propagating Box Is InexpensiveMarch851961
Question BoxAnneTinariMarch881961
Real Joy From Growing VioletsCzarinaHallMarch561961
Siouxland's Educational TableMarjorieHeinieMarch901961
Some Notes On Saintpaulia SpeciesCarolynRectorMarch871961
This 'N' That From A Yankee GrowerSarahHandyMarch401961
Through The YearsEdnaSoderbergMarch481961
Tin Cans For Violet StandsPatriciaBonsmierMarch511961
To Change To LightsMargueriteLuckenbachMarch641961
To Reroot An Old PlantMarch531961
Vacations vs. VioletsHelenHendershottMarch421961
Violets Anyone?RuthWebsterMarch791961
Violets Bring PleasureMadelineHillMarch691961
Violets Growing in Arizona MountainsMarissaJacksonMarch121961
A Hint For Folks Afraid Of Using Mite PoisonsAnnaaSteeleMarch141960
Accent On African VioletsGeorgeWessaleMarch321960
African Violets Are Friendly, TooFloydJohnsonMarch601960
African Violets Are Like PeopleMabel and JohnGutridgeMarch241960
African Violets at Rio Bueno, Jamaica, West IndiesSadieVeiraMarch441960
African Violets You Can WearMarch701960
Attractive Containers for Rooting LeavesIsabellaLoeschMarch581960
Britain's VioletsBlancheBrittainMarch911960
Chaff From Cricken FarmMarch861960
Clean Plants for Health and BeautyMarch921960
Cleaning Up Mites Or Mealy BugsNelsonGarciaMarch951960
Compost KingGeorgeYaghjianMarch541960
Controlled Temperature and Light ConditionsDr. FritsWentMarch721960
Controlling Insect Pests By Dipping and Spraying PlantsMarch941960
Do It Yourself Aluminum Pots and LabelsRussellEdwardsMarch491960
Eggshell Water Helps Problem PlantEdithSellersMarch211960
Episcias: Companion Plants for African violetsPaulArnoldMarch561960
Fertilizing InstructionsArndt's Floral GardensMarch61960
Further Adventures With VioletsMrs. JohnBaumelMarch621960
Grafting African VioletsQuixieNicholsMarch781960
Growing African Violets in (South) AfricaDr. DonaldDavisMarch501960
Hints on Violet CultureMrs. GeorgeBennerMarch521960
Home of Cavalier -- The 1959 Silver Cup WinnerBeatriceKuderMarch361960
How To Raise Club FundsLaVerneHagerMarch261960
More About Cyclamen MiteNormaButlerMarch831960
My African Violet Soil Mixture FormulaLillianGanderMarch181960
My African VioletsEdithMottMarch531960
My Favorite Installation, Candle CeremonyAdeleTretterMarch791960
My Glamorous Bird BathJoyHutsonMarch311960
My North Window Bright With BloomEthelHobdeyMarch131960
My Way With African VioletsLillianGanderMarch651960
My Way With GesneriadsMrs. JosephBatchellerMarch681960
My Window GardenMrs. MurraySmithMarch611960
New Varieties to ComeMarch421960
On Parade: The speciesMarch281960
Plaques Are Easy To MakeMrs. DanaCaronsMarch201960
Potting New PlantsEditorMarch101960
Question BoxAnneTinariMarch661960
Saintpaulias Thrive In Southern RhodesiaW.E.AslinMarch271960
So, We Don't Get Our Plants Ready For ShowLizeta and RobertHamiltonMarch391960
The Big City And Sweet VioletsRobertCamburnMarch151960
The Educational ExhibitEdnaParkerMarch451960
The Power OF A VioletJosephineHallMarch191960
Through The SnowsLibbieCoufalikMarch171960
Too Much Fluorescent Light?EditorMarch351960
A Double DisappointmentBessGreeleyMarch291959
A Lasting Violet FriendshipCatherineShepardMarch641959
A New ColumneaCatherineShepherdMarch871959
Advantages of Using "Pokon" Plant FoodJennieSpoutzMarch361959
African Violet PropagationLouiseRhodesMarch411959
An Experiment With Gibberellic AcidViolaDrakeMarch781959
Are We Neglecting Saintpaulia Grotei?ThomasPlummerMarch751959
Chaff From Cricken FarmVeraCovertMarch481959
Child or Violet, It Needs TLCKateRutledgeMarch451959
Do You Feel That Plants Are Benefited By Drop in Temperature at Night ..ClaudeGortatowskyMarch401959
Endrin Disposes of Cyclamen MiteLolaMurrayMarch611959
Flowers All Year AroundPauletteDoretMarch491959
Fluorescent Light ExperienceSophieBullockMarch341959
Foliar Feeding Prevents Bunching of LeavesMrs. F.WadeMarch811959
Greater New York Society To Enter International ShowPaulYoungerMarch431959
Growing African Violets in CanadaHelenMontgomeryMarch201959
How Do Your Violets Grow?DorothyBrackinMarch331959
How I Grow Show PlantsMaeCaseyMarch171959
How To Unpack Your PlantsGraceBeardsleyMarch441959
Human RelationsMarch601959
I Am In LoveElizabethMitchellMarch371959
I BelieveBessBdykemanMarch101959
Introducing New Varieties for 1959March81959
It's So Easy to Grow African VioletsBetteTorriereMarch521959
Look - No Crown RotForrestRichterMarch51959
Making Compost In A Garbage PailNellieLoucksMarch511959
Metropolitan St. Louis Council of African Violet ClubsAdeleTretterMarch501959
Origin Of the Stars Dr. S.C.ReedMarch381959
People Are Nicer 'N EnnybodyMarieDannemillerMarch881959
Petrocosmea KerriEmHuntMarch191959
Plastic GreenhouseMarch631959
Producing New African VioletsElderkinsMarch581959
Propagation My WayMargaretTravisMarch571959
Question Box AnneTinariMarch731959
Root and Stem RotMrs. G.R.OdenMarch561959
Saintpaulia Shumensis - A New Species From AfricaR.L.BurttMarch41959
Saintpaulias On The West CoastGraceArndtMarch221959
Seedlings For BeginnersCarolGirgusMarch901959
Show and Judging InformationRuth G.CareyMarch921959
The Convenience Of A Special Potting SpaceMarjorieBucknerMarch311959
Violet Jewels (corsages)DoraAldridgeMarch271959
What Did I Do Wrong?Mrs. WalterVolwilerMarch321959
Who Said You Can't Teach An Old Dog New TricksLeonardBrewerMarch421959
1957 Tally of SelectionsDaisyJonesMarch41958
A Search For African VioletsRuth E.PunterMarch191958
African Violets and Their FamilyMary MargaretOdomMarch551958
African Violets As I Grow ThemAdeleTretterMarch141958
Chaff From Cricken FarmVeraCovertMarch661958
Cornell Plastic Panel GreenhouseRaymondSheldrakeMarch441958
CultivarDr. HaroldMooreMarch121958
Exotica - Pictorial Cyclopedia of Indoor PlantsAlfredGrafMarch751958
Gas For Heating a GreenhouseCatherineShepherdMarch711958
Gesneriads - Companion Plants For African VioletsPaulArnoldMarch401958
Handy Gadget Cuts Watering TimeJohnConantMarch531958
Helpful Pointers From EnglandE.MarriottMarch581958
House Plants Are Easy To GrowJoyHutsonMarch281958
How Is Your PH?Reprint - Horticulture News LetterMarch591958
How To Form or Organize a Permanent Society or ClubReneEdmundsonMarch601958
In A Bay WindowLaurettaLittigMarch301958
Interesting Hobby Turns Into a Profitable Business VentureMrs. WilliamKuhlMarch541958
Memorable MistakesEditorMarch791958
My Experience With Gibberellic Acid On African VioletsMrs. ErnestAdamsMarch491958
Nature's WayMarieDannemillerMarch851958
On The Chartreuse Edging OF Violet FlowersCharlesFischerMarch181958
Pests and Diseases of African VioletsHelenMontgomeryMarch561958
Question BoxLoisMinehanMarch621958
Report On Use of Diazinon For Control of Cyclamen MitesVirgilWinterMarch81958
Some Of The New Introductions For '58March321958
Temperature - Humidity RatioBertBrosenbaumMarch461958
Top Watering Of African VioletsH.G.HarveyMarch161958
Was This VC-13 or Nature's Way?LizaDamronMarch691958
What P-40 IS: (sodium selenate)March821958
"An Easy Guide to African Violets"William J.MeachemMarch601957
1956 Tally of American African Violet SelectionsDaisyJonesMarch191957
African Violet OdditiesArthurChardMarch821957
Cleaning Clay PotsDorothyJorgensenMarch931957
Detailed Construction of Helite HousesFlorenceFoltzMarch681957
Developments in the Control of Cyclamen MiteMorishita and JeffersonMarch721957
Divide and ProfitDorothyGroelingMarch631957
Endrin for Cyclamen MiteCarlUleryMarch751957
Fifteen Thousand Miles--And All For African VioletsG.J.WicksMarch381957
For Love of a VioletMrs. MichaelPachowiakMarch241957
Gay Flower Pots From Aluminum FoilCalOrrMarch851957
Great Enthusiasm for African Violets in EnglandJoyHutsonMarch661957
How Much Fertilizer Shall I Use? (conversions)USDAMarch781957
Humidity and Plant GrowthJ. FisherStanfieldMarch501957
Let's Not Forget These Good Old VarietiesEditorMarch911957
Lo! The Poor House Plant!March871957
Making Dirt Into SoilMarch731957
Nature's WayMarieDannemillerMarch901957
One Hybridizer Fools HimselfSheldonReedMarch131957
Only Now A "Living" Room, TooMarch921957
Photographing Flowers Is An ArtStevenDitzianMarch571957
Plastic Bags Keep Plants Happy During VacationMrs. TedLamachMarch251957
Plastics Experiment -New Approach to Greenhouse ConstructionDorisKrupinskiMarch831957
Poets CornerMarch61957
Species GloxiniasMiriamLightbournMarch221957
Ten Ways to Kill an OrganizationMarch771957
The Influence of Soluble Salt Accumulation on Stem Surface. . .Carbonneau and AckermanMarch311957
The Violet ShowMarieWhiteMarch471957
Tips For Growing African VioletsViolet Treasure HouseMarch141957
VC-13 NemacidePatPerkinsonMarch111957
Violet MusingsVeraCovertMarch201957
Violets Bring CheerMrs. B.F.FrancisMarch761957
Violets in BermudaMadelineScottMarch101957
Visiting With Violets (Mable Gutridge)GeraldineColemanMarch621957
What pH Means In SoilR. MiltohnCarletonMarch541957
A Dream Comes True (L. Lyon)VeraCovertMarch541956
A Profitable VentureMrs. F.H.RosebrockMarch411956
A Violet TeaHelenThompsonMarch241956
Advances in African Violet BreedingSheldon C.ReedMarch171956
African Violet Mystery ContestMarch721956
African Violets at Chelsea (England) ShowG.J.WicksMarch701956
American African Violet Selections Tally for 1955DaisyJonesMarch431956
Castle Hill Nursery (Australia)Castle HillMarch521956
Chaff From Cricken FarmVeraCovertMarch441956
Combining Business and PleasureDaisyJonesMarch761956
Control For Damping-Off FungusVaughn's Garden Research CenterMarch691956
Cytological Investigations of Some African Violet VarietiesHowardEhrlichMarch771956
Foliar Feeding and FertilizersMargueriteThompsonMarch751956
Hand of Welcome Extended for National Show and ConventionMrs. T.V.PriceMarch401956
Homing PigeonEdnaJonesMarch671956
It's A Dog's LifeAnitaLawrenceMarch151956
Let There Be LightM. EugeneSundtMarch281956
More Plants From Your CuttingsLeonardBrewerMarch571956
Moss PlantingMrs. R.H.HowellMarch381956
My CompostBessGreeleyMarch261956
My Mother's HobbyLucyDunhamMarch471956
Personal Opinion of Soil SterilizationMrs. John R.EasterlineMarch111956
Puget Sound African Violet FestivalJaniceOwensMarch491956
Question BoxLoisMinehanMarch851956
Sharing Your HobbyEthelEarnestMarch741956
Some Of Our ExperimentsMr. And Mrs C.F.ElderkinsMarch271956
The Violet Lady of Newnan, GAOliveBrownMarch631956
Tip On Variegated PlantsMaySummersMarch581956
Tips on Control of Mealy BugsViolet Treasure HouseMarch461956
Vacation CareFannie PearlBrannerMarch41956
A Note on the Cytology of SaintpauliaG.H.WilsonMarch211955
Across the DeskShirleyHeinsohnMarch601955
Business with 25,000 Violets from Single PlantMrs. WitteAllenMarch721955
DOUBLE from DOLGEVILLE (as told to Vera Cover)Lyndon LyonMarch81955
Experts Choose African VioletsIzabelZuckerMarch701955
Explanation: "A Note on the Cytology of Saintpaulias"Richard F,StinsonMarch231955
Fluorescent Lights and SaintpauliasOhio Florist's Assoc.March111955
How to Keep African Violets BloomingMarySquibbMarch161955
If You Collect Neuroses, Develop A Steady Interest in African VioletsMrs. E. J.HousenMarch261955
It's More Fun with A RecordLeonardBrewerMarch691955
Lawn Weed-Killers Containing 2.4-D May Cause Injury/Death to SaintpauliaEvanRobertsMarch461955
My African Violet GraftsGladysPrinceMarch51955
My VioletsMrs. LawrenceBlindauerMarch531955
New 3-Tier Aluminum Plant StandMarch611955
New Chapter in the Old Continent (England)W. C.WicksMarch121955
Personal Mistakes, Experiences and DiscoveriesKayMarksMarch151955
Poets CornerMarch61955
Prize Winning YearbooksMarch251955
Question BoxLoisMinehanMarch621955
Registration ReportMarch541955
Soil SterilizationNeilMillerMarch331955
Some Chromosome Counts in the GesneriaceaeOwen M.RobertsMarch181955
Tally 1954 American African Violet SelectionsDaisyJonesMarch451955
The Homing PigeonHelenPochurekMarch501955
The Weather Was HotMargaretBoothMarch671955
"My Bluebird of Happiness"KatherineSchultzMarch551954
A Joint Venture -- Double ReturnsIrene and LarryRighterMarch161954
A Letter From "Honey-Bun"March171954
African Violets in Vancouver, WashAnnaBergMarch271954
Artificial Lights - Boon to Violet growingMarch301954
Basement Grown VioletsLucilleKileMarch341954
Calling All MenPhilLibbyMarch621954
Fine Fabrics to Feature Designs of Authentic African VioletsMarch591954
First a Violet- Then a Shop of Violets - Then a ClubMabelKitchMarch201954
Hints On Culture Of My African VioletsIvaMooreMarch511954
How to Grow and Bloom African Violets in the HomeJ. LawrenceHeinzMarch241954
I Like To Raise Them From SeedMrs. K.G.HolligerMarch321954
Interesting VarietiesDorothyFolletMarch421954
Leaf RootingEdna KetchumMarch291954
Light and African VioletsJohn S.CoryellMarch221954
More Fun In GivingGrand Rapids PressMarch611954
New Phase of Root-Knot Nematode Problem in African violetsA. MorganGoldenMarch111954
Peat Moss CultureLauraMorrisMarch501954
Prevention of Petiole Rot Now Possible with new TapeKemptonKrollMarch731954
Question BoxLoisMinehanMarch671954
Research: Color Variations in the African Violet FlowerHoward L.MillsMarch251954
Saintpaulias in GermanyDr. PhilVangerowMarch411954
Show PlantsIrma BelleGrossMarch81954
Tally of American African Violet Selections (1st Tally of Best in Show)DorothyJonesMarch451954
The African Violet Idea BenchRoseHahnMarch151954
The Homing PigeonHelenPochurekMarch641954
Two Versions of a Saintpaulia Summer with Porch Grown AVsMarch661954
Violets in Her GardenGertrudeGuttmannMarch211954
Visiting Violet FriendsCatherineShepardMarch181954
Youngsters and SaintpauliaFlorenceFoltzMarch461954
A Tribute to Blue Boy (Poem)LucyLewisMarch71953
African Violets as One Woman Sees ThemVeraCarlsonMarch191953
African Violets in the Home & J.R. CulbertHickmanMarch181953
At Tinari Floral GardensMarch391953
Boyce Edens MemorialMarch111953
Calling All MenPhilLibbyMarch421953
Growing Seeds on a BrickMrs. PeterPlasseraMarch91953
Have You Ever Grown a Variegated VarietyClaraPackMarch121953
Keys to Success - PerseveranceCatherineSheppardMarch291953
Question BoxLoisMinehanMarch411953
Root and Crown Rots of African VioletsAustinFordMarch201953
Soil Recipes from the West CoastClarissaHarrisMarch751953
The Art of Growing New African Violets from LeavesIrenePendletonMarch531953
The Homing PigeonHelenPochurekMarch481953
"Floral Disease" Rampant …In Gainesville HomeJaneWilheitMarch241952
"We Jumped Overboard"BettySkeltonMarch281952
A Parathion Dip for MiteH.G.HarveyMarch81952
African Violets in a Strawberry JarLaurettaLittigMarch151952
African Violets in AlaskaAlice TiltonThorneMarch491952
Automatic-Irrigation of Pot PlantsJohn P.TobermanMarch121952
POOR Multiple Crown Plant!ThelmaDelgardoMarch271952
Question BoxLaurettaLittigMarch351952
The African Violet- A Foliage PlantMaryMayerMarch221952
The Homing PigeonHelenPoachurekMarch401952
"A Picture Window"March161951
An Invitation to DaytonMarch331951
Blossoms Galore!!!MargaretTravisMarch241951
Do Your Blossoms Drop Off After Watering?LornaAndersonMarch431951
Homing PigeonVioletBerryMarch361951
How to Use "Fermate" FungicideRosaPetersMarch191951
Investigate the Water SupplyIdaStoneMarch391951
Keeping Up With the ShowsMarch301951
Let's VisitFlorenceFoltzMarch201951
Meet My FavoritesFlorenceFoltzMarch181951
More about Growing African Violets under Fluorescent LightH.G.HarveyMarch141951
Nutrition of the African VioletJesseRawsonMarch521951
Planting by the MoonAdaMuirMarch441951
Prize Winning YearbooksMarch231951
Progress Report on the Research Work with SaintpauliasRichardStinsonMarch281951
Question BoxLaurettaLittigMarch401951
Registration ReportNeil C.MillerMarch341951
Saintpaulia groteiMarch81951
Saintpaulia Leaf Rot: Attributed to soluble saltsMarch591951
Sophia Bakers Questions AnsweredMaryParkerMarch181951
Speaking of VioletsEathelBozzardMarch261951
Species saintpaulia goetzeanaHarveyCoxMarch161951
Suggestions for Organization of a Local SocietyBessHardyMarch301951
Tall Stemmed GobletsAdelaidEarlyMarch51951
The GrapevineR.E.MemberthisMarch381951
The ProgramH.G.HarveyMarch321951
Try a Strawberry JarErmaPetrickMarch101951
Turn Them for BeautyMarthaMearsMarch251951
Uninvited guests Like Saintpaulias TooMarch271951
Violet PilgrimageDaisyJonesMarch421951
We Visited Mrs. WistlerMardieEckhardtMarch581951
What of the Future?BoyceEdensMarch351951
What's In a Seed: Fern Keller and Grace GammellAdaMagillMarch121951
You Don't Have to Bake or Steam your SoilBeeWillsMarch481951
"Y-E-S, You Can Quote Me!"DaisyJonesMarch371950
A Visit With Fay WilcoxEmily M.HodanMarch281950
AchimenesLouise F.SmouseMarch151950
Answers to Important Questions about Our Plan or RegistrationMarch311950
Committee on registration ReportsMarch321950
Decorating with African VioletsLoisRussellMarch111950
Earhart Plant Research Laboratory, CA Inst. Of TechnologyClarissaHarrisMarch161950
Failure and SuccessMardieEckhardtMarch61950
Fourth Annual Convention, PhiladelphiaMarch181950
Greenhouse TipsCharlotteHughesMarch361950
Having Double TroubleFlorenceFoltzMarch241950
Homing PigeonVioletBerryMarch301950
Humidity in the Little GreenhouseMarthaMearsMarch381950
Let's Visit; Frank and Anne TinariMarch81950
Mile High HobbyAnnetteScullyMarch261950
Our Bashful BeautiesMargaretDoellMarch251950
Paul Rockelmann and the Fredette SeriesRegina and WarrenGottshallMarch121950
Plant BreedingVioletBerryMarch201950
President's Message: Plans for Saintpaulia ResearchMyrtleRadtkeMarch41950
Soil SterilizationJames L.PointerMarch391950
Species Nomenclature of the African VioletHarveyCoxMarch51950
Statement of Plant Patent Act: Intent and Patent ProceduresJ.C. Jr.RobbMarch221950
The First Commercial AV Grower: Friedrich BenaryEvanRobertsMarch71950
The SaleMarch341950
What I have Learned by Trial and Error Method in Growing AVsEdithMackeyMarch271950
What’s In a Name?DaisyJonesMarch331950
Your Hint HunterPhyllisFerrallMarch141950
A Family Portrait: Sinningia 'Kevin Garnett'Mel GriceMarch112014
A Trip To The Holtkamp Greenhouses of Isselburg, GermanyJulieJonesMarch542014
Affiliates UpdateMel GriceMarch392014
AVSA Society Awards Nominees NeededMarge SavageMarch362014
Easy, Inexpensive Plant StakesDanny TidwellMarch162014
Fluorescent LightingJoyceStorkMarch102014
For Beginners: Spots, Marks and FrecklesCherylSalatinoMarch282014
Grooming As You Grow…From Birth to ShowPatHancockMarch482014
High-Voltage 'Violets,' Part 1WilliamScheickMarch242014
How Do Self-Watering Pots Work?JoyceStorkMarch492014
Improving Your Point ScoreJohn NabersMarch572014
In Search of New VioletsDr. JeffSmithMarch62014
Planting a TerrariumJudeNeumannMarch302014
Potting Mix and RootsIrene HatzinisiriouMarch472014
Question BoxSue HaffnerMarch82014
Saintpaulia Ancestry ProjectHectorWongMarch382014
Tally TimeSusan AndersonMarch122014
Technically Speaking…or NotNeil LipsonMarch442014
The African Violet Plant and Its PartsFrom AVSA Handbook for Growers, Exhibitors and JudgesMarch562014
The Violet NetworkJennieLawrenceMarch272014
Violets Down Memory Lane: What's in a Name?JohnBrownlieMarch182014
Wick Watering African VioletsRuthCoulsonMarch512014
"And the winners are…"Mary JCorondanMar-Apr342016
A Family PortraitPaulKrollMar-Apr102016
Adventures in Growing StreptocarpusJoshMcKinneyMar-Apr322016
Albuquerque 2016 Convention ToursAnn L.JonesMar-Apr562016
An Education Tool in Container Garden DesignKarenCichockiMar-Apr482016
Anne & Frank Tinari Endowment FundJanet RiemerMar-Apr192016
Are You Ready for Your First Convention?Candace BaldwinMar-Apr312016
AVSA 2016 Convention Souvenir Book AdsMar-Apr402016
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Fuzzy LeavesJoyce StorkMar-Apr272016
HaloingSue HaffnerMar-Apr602016
Honor Your Society LeadersJohnCarterMar-Apr602016
In MemoryMar-Apr422016
In Search of New VioletsDe. JeffSmithMar-Apr82016
Inserting a Plant into a Dish Garden or TerrariumClaireO'SheaMar-Apr232016
Luncheon AuctionEdnaRourkeMar-Apr42016
Notice of Proposed Amendments to AVSA BylawsMar-Apr522016
Office UpdateAmyCarruthMar-Apr52016
Ohio Bountiful: An Attractive Plant, a Touch of Fame and Lots of HistorySue HoffmanMar-Apr172016
President's MessageWinston J.GoretskyMar-Apr32016
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Registration for Judging School at the Albuquerque ConventionMar-Apr442016
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Submitting "And the winners are…" InformationMary JCorondanMar-Apr352016
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Technically Speaking…or NotNeilLipsonMar-Apr242016
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Variegated African Violet LeavesJoyce StorkMar-Apr272016
Washing the LeavesJoyce StorkMar-Apr132016
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"Memory Jardinière"MarieKeeneyMarch40
"Must We Guess?"Frances and RobertNicholsonMarch35
Boyce EdensMarch10
Clever Ceremony at Muscle ShoalsMarch36
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Why Affiliate?March51
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Thrips, Mealy Bugs or Mite From Gift Plants Other Than African VioletsDorothyAshtonMarch70
Elley's Greenhouses Hobby Into BusinessMrs. L.ElleyMarch34
Calling All MenRaymondLangeMarch67
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They're Really Hardy!"LynetteMyersMarch54
Saintpaulia Species: A Bit of Living HistoryMargaretDeshon-CorsonMarch23
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Floral Design - An Art Part 3RayLangeMarch35
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Using Gesneriads More in our HabitatsRichardHolderMarch46
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Trailers: Making Them Do What I Want Them To DoBevPromersbergerMarch51
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Doing Things Differently Can Rejuvenate Your ClubSayehBeheshtiMay582013
FAQ: Why Are African Violet Leaves Fuzzy?JoyceStorkMay52013
For Beginners: 10 Common Mistakes New (and experiences) Growers MakeMary S.SchaefferMay342013
Gesneriads: What is Ornamental?DaleMartensMay512013
In Search of New Violets: hybridizing trailersDr. JeffSmithMay82013
ISNV, African Violets, and Nicotiana benthamianaRonnNadeauMay162013
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Question Box: miniatures in terrariumRalphRobinsonMay422013
Recessive Genes - A Hybridizer's NightmarePatHancockMay262013
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Summertime Violet GrowingJaySespicoMay462013
Thailand and African VioletsMelvin J.RobeyMay572013
Water Quality, pH and Water TreatmentNeilLipsonMay222013
What's in a Name? (No ID)JoeBrunsMay192013
A Family Portrait: ChiritasGeorgeneAlbrechtMay102012
A Review of the History of the Miniature African VioletDr. JeffSmithMay222012
African Violet Shows: Fun and InformativeSusanGimbletMay432012
Analyzing Symptoms to Find SolutionsAmyCash-AllisonMay292012
Avoiding Heat StressSueGardnerMay162012
Chimeras, Pinwheels, Leaf Chimeras, and other AnomaliesNeilLipsonMay152012
Ebay vs AVSA Commercial VendorsCindyNofzigerMay352012
Egg Crate Plant StandsStanSudolMay482012
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Humidity and Temperature (from YOU CAN Grow As)Kent and JoyceStorkMay272012
Hybridizing with Saintpauia 'Botanica'HeinaDornbuschMay512012
In Search of New Violets: setting goals for crossesDr. JeffSmithMay182012
Preparing To Show Your African VioletsGary R.BeckMay492012
Question Box: culture problemsRalphRobinsonMay122012
Roots Need Air, Too (from YOU Can Grow Av's)Kent and JoyceStorkMay392012
Small Talk: Carol Eros, hybridizerLaurelGoretskyMay442012
Trailing African Violets - A HistoryDr. JeffSmithMay82012
Underwater Flower ArrangementsEdnaRourkeMay422012
A Family Portrait: Streptocarpus 'Cherry Roulette'GeorgeneAlbrechtMay172010
A Hobby for All Times and All SeasonsMarjorieBullardMay272010
Anatomy of an Addiction BeatriceNeallMay582010
AVSA AffiliatesLynneWilsonMay122010
For Beginners: Which One? How Can I Decide Which One?ElmerGodenyMay482010
Impatiens Necrotic spot Virus - The Fatal Disease You May Not have Heard AboutSandraSkalskiMay502010
In Search of New Violets: white with fantasy edge?Dr. JeffSmithMay82010
Lessons and Tricks of the TradeDougBurdickMay262010
Microclimates and Adaptations in African VioletsTomMooreMay472010
Planning the 'Trip of a Lifetime' for African Violet LoversRichFollettMay552010
Question Box: culture questionsRalphRobinsonMay342010
Reflecting on Violet ReflectionsMarySchafferMay562010
Show PreparationAnne and RichardNicholasMay192010
So It's A Little CROWDED: TerrariumsJohnBeaulieuMay142010
The Last Resort: Vacation for Under-Performing violetsMarySchaefferMay322010
Vladimir Kalgin and the Development of the Russian AV CommunityJoyceStorkMay202010
What is On The Top Shelf?LeonardReMay232010
Wick Watering BasicsAnnetteKennedyMay572010
A Family Portrait: kohleriaGeorgeneAlbrechtMay102011
Affordable Light JoyceStorkMay522011
Alkalinity and Water QualityChristopherCurreyMay232011
For Beginners: When in Doubt: Don'tMarySchaefferMay222011
Getting the Word OutSueGimbletMay372011
Growing Better African Violets: Lights, Temperature, & HumidityFrankGavaMay302011
Guttation - Weeping PlantsSueGardnerMay392011
In Search of New Violets: tips on hybridizingDr. JeffSmithMay82011
My Experience with HybridizingCherylMajorMay52011
Pests and DiseasesBeverlyDonsworthMay382011
Question Box - perceived color/light spectrumRalphRobinsonMay142011
Question Box - potting in strawberry potRalphRobinsonMay152011
Shipping LeavesJoyceStorkMay602011
Small Talk: Mac's hybridsLaurelGoretskyMay242011
Some Thoughts About Potting MethodsSueGardnerMay132011
Species African VioletsLeonieChirgwinMay492011
Spring into ActionRuthCoulsonMay342011
Tampa AVS Presents: A Fair to RememberLynneWilsonMay552011
The Bee and the African VioletDino J.MartinsMay562011
The Springtail SagaSheilaAndoMay182011
Use of LED Chip Lighting to Replace Traditional Florescent LightingDonLandekMay502011
Why Remove suckers/side shootsSueGardnerMay162011
A Family PortraitGeorgeneAlbrechtMay252009
A Year of Wicking DangerouslyMarySchaefferMay382009
African Violets 'In the Wild' in EnglandRichardFollettMay122009
Bits and Bytes (definitions genus, species etc.)BettyTappingMay352009
Canadian Growers Share their Secrets: BrownliesBeverleyWilliamsMay112009
Captured by EpisciasJohnBeaulieuMay282009
Catherine's (Ross) African VioletsMary W.SchaefferMay162009
Creating a Natural GardenMary LouHardenMay172009
Dr. Livingston, Those are African Violets, I PresumeMelvinRobeyMay242009
General Rules for Avoiding Pests and DiseasesJimTomsMay212009
Gesneriads in Winter at Montreal Botanical GardenJudyZinniMay322009
Hybridizing Gesneriads for Beginners (and others) Part 1RonMyhrMay462009
In Search of New VioletsDr. JeffSmithMay402009
Meetings "Fun & Function"LynneWilsonMay152009
Mini SinningiasKimThorogoodMay452009
Miniature African VioletsSueGardnerMay502009
My Bride, the Judge OR You Can't Get Best in Class Without a groomWaybeTomczykMay192009
New Program Ideas are Not Hard to FindBarbaraGoodsellMay202009
Plant HormonesNancyCarrMay262009
Preparing to Enter the ShowAnnetteKennedyMay52009
Propagating ChimerasKerryKnightMay422009
Question BoxRalphRobinsonMay62009
Red-Backed Leaves and Those with VariegationChatterMay312009
Reflections of a List-MakerFloydLawsonMay222009
Root RotJanetStromborgMay562009
Small Talk: Spring cleaningLaurelGoretskyMay232009
Smaller GesneriadsMargeHuntleyMay342009
Springtime is Restraint TimeElmerGodenyMay102009
True and FalseLeonieChirgwinMay432009
Vintage Violets: Most Wanted VioletsBarbaraElkinMay182009
Why I Love the New species ClassificationsCandyTempletonMay392009
A Family Portrait: ColumneaGeorgeneAlbrechtMay212008
A Story About Mites and Neem OilGerryMcGrathMay462008
An African Violet Garden: Thoughts of a Former Club PresidentByronBorckMay352008
Anne TinariJanetRiemerMay122008
Anne TinariJoyceStorkMay132008
FAQ: Two "Musts" and Four Tips for BloomingJoyceStorkMay482008
For Beginners: What's Wrong With My African Violet? (culture)Dr. ElmerGodenyMay262008
Growing Trailing African VioletsSueGardnerMay502008
Helpful HintsMay412008
I Never Took An AVSA Tour I Didn't LikeJohnCarterMay72008
In Search of New Violets: DNADr. JeffSmithMay62008
It's A Dirty Job . .But This May Help!PaulKroffMay52008
Murphy's Law and African VioletsAlexEarlyMay452008
My Attempts at Control (bringing home new plants)NancyManozziMay222008
My Recipe For Successful RepottingMargeHuntleyMay312008
Plant Registration InformationMay572008
Planting a TerrariumJudeNeumannMay562008
Question Box: "show plants" vs. "houseplants"Dr. RalphRobinsonMay102008
Small Talk: Tips and ToolsLaurel D.GoretskyMay342008
Staging a 'Dawg Show'RichFollettMay242008
The AVSA Convention and the Passage of TimeJohnCarterMay172008
The Dancing Flowers: StreptocarpellaJohnBeaulieuMay282008
The Power of Green ( hybridizing for green edges)JanetStromborgMay362008
Thoughts on WateringMargaretTaylorMay272008
Tricks of the Trade (Tips - potting, watering)SheilaAndoMay382008
Urea FertilizersKennethJoergensenMay152008
Vintage Violets: January PleasuresBarbaraElkinMay392008
Violet TipsCherylSalatinoMay232008
What Do Judges Look For: SymmetryGaryBeckMay302008
What Good Ideas!SueHaffnerMay512008
What If That Special Leaf is Broken? (drawings)SueGardnerMay142008
Winter Help for an Aging CollectionC. JohnBurkMay442008
Worth Repeating - Getting Ready for Show: The ProofDorothyKosowskyMay592008
Worth Repeating--From 1990 - It's Time for a Dust-Buster SessionLyndaWelchelMay542008
"But My Trays Were Clean!" Part II: Micronutrient toxicity, fertilizer, soilless mixes, and pH testing.BarbaraPershingMay162007
A Family Portrait: Streptocarpus 'Cape Essence'GeorgeneAlbrechtMay222007
African Violets -- PropagationPatCrowleyMay442007
Artificial Light May Be Your AnswerSueGardnerMay422007
Basic Rules of Inheritance in African VioletsSueGardnerMay462007
For Beginners: The "Perfect" Bloom Head!ElmerGodenyMay102007
Gossimianum Variegatum 'Taverhamii'GwenGoodshipMay582007
Growing at the WindowMargeHuntleyMay312007
Growing Show Plants the Hulleman WayTonyHullemanMay92007
Hate to Wash Pots?Dixie NewsMay72007
In Search of New VioletsDr. JeffSmithMay302007
Lots of Flowers in Natural LightDorothyBullenMay502007
Mealy Bugs (FAQ)JoyceStorkMay392007
Micro-miniature SinningiasVickieCriderMay522007
Miniaturization of MinisIgorMilekhinMay252007
Mycorrhizal FungiGeorgeneAlbrechtMay142007
Question Box: Soil too wetRalphRobinsonMay202007
Small TalkLaurelGoretskyMay382007
Sowing and Selecting SinnsJohnBeaulieuMay362007
Summer Care of African VioletsSharon E.HoltzmanMay472007
Summer ChoresAV-Gesneriad Society of NSWMay432007
The Miracle of the Leaf'RichardFollettMay82007
The Sunset WindowsillYolandeBuhrMay512007
Tips from LynetteEdmonton AVS NLMay452007
To Grow a Large VioletByronBorckMay52007
True Confessions of an African Violet AddictCherylJohnstonMay542007
Tuck It Away! (List of affiliate articles)BevPromersbergerMay62007
Vintage Violets: ReminiscingBarbaraElkinMay232007
What are those…green Worms? (Rhizomatous Gesneriads)BeckFontesMay412007
"Beauty Will Save the World" (Russian)Elena P.KornilovaMay122006
2006 Hong Kong Flower ShowMay402006
A Family Portrait - EpisciasGeorgeneAlbrechtMay222006
About the AVSA Booster Fund (From 1998 Correspondence by Bill Lyons)May202006
Caring for a New PlantHeatherHarknessMay342006
Chemicals: ImidachopridNancyRobitailleMay242006
For Beginners: Beware of the Trojan Horse or . . .remember D.I.R.T.!!!ElmerGodenyMay542006
Growing in Natural Light (From Early Morn AV Group NL, AU)SheilaWaltonMay472006
Humidity & Water (Ye Bay Stater)SusanGimblerMay412006
In Search of New VioletsDr. JeffSmithMay102006
Keeping Track of My Collection Illinois AVS publ.)AmyCash-AllisonMay352006
Let There Be LightSueHaffnerMay52006
Lots of Room for the Other GesneriadsJohnBeaulieuMay522006
Mather No. 5 - A different clone of S. rupicolaDr. JeffSmithMay252006
Mildew (From Ye Bay Stater)BobClarkMay182006
More About EpisciasNancyRobitailleMay312006
Post Vacation Violet Blues LindaFaberMay592006
Problem Plants (NL of Early Morn AVS, AU)KerryKnightMay72006
Publicity: Are You Making it Work for You?BevPromersbergerMay82006
Question BoxRalphRobinsonMay142006
Selling Violets, for Profit?MarieMontagueMay302006
Semis and Minis: Turning Starter Plants, and Older Plants, into Show PlantsNancyRobitailleMay502006
Separating Plantlets (From Early Morn AVS, AU Newsletter)LorraineZimmermanMay572006
Summer Woes (From Ye Bay Stater)BobClarkMay232006
Those Awesome AffiliatesMarjoireBullardMay272006
Those Blooming Achimenes (From Toronto Gesneriad Society NL)MonteWatlerMay162006
Violet Club Programs (From Chatter)LoisWisermanMay262006
What is a Gesneriad? (From The African Violet, AU)DorothyTownsendMay512006
"Fads and Changes"JohnO'ReillyMay232005
A Family PortraitGeorgeneAlbrechtMay222005
A Study on Types of Variegation of African VioletsNanctRobitailleMay442005
Aeration vs. Water RetentionJackWilsonMay242005
AVSA Affiliates: Do You Need Money?BevPromersbergerMay92005
Blossom ColorMay532005
Boyce Edens Research FundCarol J.BrownMay512005
Exposing Your TubersJohnBeaulieuMay502005
Fighting with Peat Moss!JoyceStorkMay182005
For Beginners: It All Starts At The BeginningElmerGodenyMay122005
Hybridizing B-Man's StyleBrunoCurcurutoMay522005
I Switched, How About You?BeverlyWilliamsMay482005
Impatiens Necrotic Spot VirusGeorgeneAlbrechtMay412005
In Search of New Violets Dr. JeffSmithMay102005
Light and African VioletsEdnaOrourkeMay262005
Moving Plants Across CountryBobClarkMay312005
Question Box:(selecting plants for north facing apt.)RalphRobinsonMay202005
Saintpaulia grotei ProtzenDr. JeffSmithMay432005
Small TalkLaurelGoretskyMay62005
Summer GrowingPamKennedyMay352005
Summer Time And . . .Dixie NewsMay382005
The Benefits of NEEM oil for VioletsMargaretLedfordMay52005
The How, When, Where, and Why of ReservoirsSueGardnerMay552005
Vermiculite: Healthy or HarmfulDavidButtramMay142005
Vintage Violets Win the ShowSharonKempMay342005
Vintage Violets: Noah's ArkBarbaraElkinMay192005
Violet "Fatigue"MarieMontagueMay302005
Violets in the CommunityBarbaraConradMay542005
"Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary"BrendaBrasfieldMay202004
African Violet TermsDorothyKosowskyMay162004
After that Mail Order Plant Arrives (from AVSA Web FAQ)JoyceStorkMay572004
Avoiding Heat StressSueGardnerMay552004
Brave New WorldRichardFolletMay502004
Dealing with Whiteflies (from AVSA Web FAQ)JoyceStorkMay482004
Family Portrait GeorgeneAlbrechtMay382004
First AV Society of Spartanburg Celebrates 25 YearsMay542004
For Beginners: Bringing Home BabyElmerGodenyMay62004
For the Love of TunaMary AliceO'ConnerMay512004
How Do Plants Grow?SueGardnerMay182004
Humidity and Humility (A Tale of African Violets)PeggyPayneMay222004
I Moved 800 Violets 1000 Miles in 1 Car in 1 TripGeorgeMcDonaldMay422004
In Search of New Violets (tissue type of stamens in chimeras)Dr. JeffSmithMay82004
Know Your FertilizersMay592004
Let There Be LightSharonCortonMay52004
Mather No. 7 - An Uncertain Species CloneDr. JeffSmithMay412004
Membership & Promotion on the Statewide LevelAdrienneRieckMay262004
Plant Stands and Setups for Displaying EpisciaJohnBeaulieuMay442004
Question Box (propagating chimera from crown cutting)RalphRobinsonMay342004
Rejuvenating Your PlantsBarbaraPittawayMay492004
Rhizomatous GesneriadsJohnBeaulieuMay582004
Sinningia "By the Yard" Or Sinningia tubifloraLauraWalkerMay232004
Speaking Out About VioletsFred HillMay242004
Strive for the A+ Part IIBevPromersbergerMay92004
Ten Key Points for Violet GrowersBillFosterMay312004
The Little OnesBettyTappingMay522004
The RID Recipe (pyrethrin)DannyJonesMay532004
Thinking Small: (daily, monthly, quarterly, yearly tasks)PatRichardsMay102004
Those Dreadful Fungus GnatsNancyRobitailleMay142004
Those Yellow Leaves (from AVSA web site FAQ)CaroleeCarterMay192004
Violet Clinics: Add a Little Variety to Club MeetingsSandraMorganMay562004
Violets: Principle of Three or One-thirdMarieMontagueMay132004
What Is a Girl LeafMay402004
Why Doesn't My Violet BloomNancyManozziMay302004
A Family Portrait: Saintpaulia 'Buckeye Innocence'GeorgeneAlbrechtMay202003
AVSA Affiliates: Program Planning, Part IIBevPromersbergerMay192003
Constructing and Judging Dish GardensCathyCornibeMay422003
Creating a full pot of tip cuttings for branching gesneriadsJohnBeaulieuMay472003
Dates' Wasps (Reprinted from July 1987 AVM)JimmyDatesMay262003
Do I Have Bugs (photos)JilleneDolisterMay412003
Five Ways to Propagate African VioletsKimThorogoodMay502003
For Beginners: Watering African VioletsAl & CathyCornibeMay62003
For Novice GrowersRuthCoulsonMay532003
Grooming and Repotting TrailersSueGardnerMay572003
Grooming of Show PlantsBeverlyDonsworthMay382003
Growing African Violets from SeedPegEatonMay582003
Growing African Violets Then & NowGailRankinMay182003
Growing from RhizomesReprint AVNews, NSW, AusMay522003
How to Separate Baby PlantsSueGardnerMay512003
In Search of New Violets (wasp flowers in hybridizing)Dr. JeffSmithMay102003
In the BeginningCherylSalatinoMay442003
Light for African Violets, Part TwoNancyRobitailleMay162003
Musings from the Potting BenchMargaretTaylorMay432003
My Five Golden RulesHelenMcMasterMay392003
Question Box (genetic instability in fantasy)RalphRobinsonMay122003
Suckers (Side Shoots) on African VioletsMargaretTaylorMay312003
The Importance of Mail OrderJohnKlenovichMay52003
Thinking Small (propagation)PatRichardsMay222003
Violets on VacationInaBeaverMay352003
Why Won't My Violet Bloom (From AVSA Web Site FAQ)JoyceStorkMay302003
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Revisit To “The Future In The Violet World”, ADr. JeffSmithMay482001
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New African Violet E Group List on the InternetMay502000
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AVSA Commercials: A Closer Look -The Violet Showroom (S. Ahlman)DavidButtramMay461999
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Lincoln African Violet Society Experimental Evaluation of Soilless MixesAnneVidaverMay221997
Managing A Marathon Re-Potting Session!! Some Rules for Repotting AVBarbaraPershingMay361997
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The Cedar Valley AVC Way of Preparing Plants & Leaves for SaleBarbaraPershingMay421997
Thinking Small - tips on repotting, propagationPatRichardsMay101997
This Wonderful World of VioletsRuthGoekeMay381997
Tips for Terrific TerrariumsBettyTappingMay521997
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African Violets and the Winds of ChangeDr. Jon C.LovettMay301996
AVSA Commercials: A Closer Look-Hill - County AV & Nursery, Ken FroboeseDavidButtramMay221996
Endearing Foote Petals Remembered (Memories of Grace FooteAnneTinariMay351996
For Beginners - Good HousekeepingKent and JoyceStorkMay141996
Found: A Solution to a ProblemMildredKnorrMay391996
Gesneriads are Great (poem)JudyBarnettMay371996
Good Grooming=Good BloomingJudyBarnettMay361996
Growing AV's with Wick Method & Natural LightDoris AnnJolleyMay261996
Growing the "Warm" SpeciesDr. JeffSmithMay411996
Growing Variegated African VioletsAdelleJohnsonMay131996
How High (low) Can You Go?LeslieCoxMay271996
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Once a Winner, Always a Winner! (dog show)NorahOttoMay461996
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Project Violet: Magazine Articles (suggestions for writing an article)KyleColemanMay331996
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Shows and Judges (judges council program ideas)BillFosterMay211996
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Thinking Small: (pots, and soil for the small ones)PatRichardsMay81996
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Water Woes: pH & African VioletsBrendaNaroznickMay511996
A Family Portrait - Sinningia SelloviiGeorgeneAlbrechtMay341995
African Violets - My InheritanceThelmaFosterMay331995
Altruism and the African Violet SylviaFarnumMay241995
AV Tips: Plant LabelsSharonJohnsonMay431995
AV Tips: From Plastic Pop Bottle to Greenhouse in Five MinutesMay41995
AVSA Commercials: A Closer Look-Rob's Mini-o-lets - Ralph RobinsonDavidButtramMay181995
AVSA Supported Study - Response of African Violets to Tobacco Mosaic VirusMay51995
Dear AVSASherryNealonMay141995
Economy Tips on Growing African VioletsDonGeissMay371995
For Beginners: The Grower's Best Buddy...The Garbage CanKent and JoyceStorkMay61995
How to Classify The Other GesneriadsGeorgeneAlbrechtMay101995
In Memoriam . . . Jimmy DatesKayDyeMay411995
In Search of New Violets (co-pigment)Dr. JeffSmithMay111995
Just Add Water-The Hydroponic Experience ContinuedMary PatWeberMay221995
Question Box (problems with crowns suckering)RalphRobinsonMay161995
Question Box (why cut stems at an angle when rooting leaves)RalphRobinsonMay171995
Sclerotinia-A Specialized FungusJoyce and KentStorkMay391995
Secrets of ChimerasNeilLipsonMay421995
Seek and Find Your Favorite Hybridizer! (a puzzle)CharleneKuloskyMay471995
Shows and JudgesBillFosterMay91995
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Soil-Less SoilRayPittmanMay351995
Thank You, Gladys HudnallMeredithHallMay81995
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Violets in NamibiaAnneBirchMay211995
What Are We Giving Our Plants For Building Blocks & How Are They UsedMaryBeallMay261995
What is a Data LinkM. DianeRichardsonMay151995
Worth Repeating... Who Was Boyce Edens?Mrs. HaroldRienhardtMay311995
A Family Portrait - Sinningia 'Paper Moon'GeorgeneAlbrechtMay101994
A Survey of Flower Pigment Types in Africa VioletsMatthewGlennMay471994
About Plant PatentsMay461994
African Violets and AllergiesAbigailGreenbackMay391994
African violets can make you strong,,,AnneGannettMay421994
Beginners Column - Violet Sex :Beginner's Guide to Hybridizing!Kent and JoyceStorkMay41994
Bye-Bye Violet BluesSylvia A.Farnum PhDMay311994
Evaluations of the last African violet seedlings hybridized by Max W. MaasWalterOttMay341994
Fun at the ShowSylvia A.Farnum PhDMay271994
In Search of New Violets (how can a plant have a "hidden" recessive trait)Dr. JeffSmithMay231994
In Search of New Violets (what do you do with the seed capsule after sowing seeds)Dr. JeffSmithMay241994
Is it Cyclamen Mites or BotrytisNeilLipsonMay191994
Keiki FunDaleMartensMay451994
Love those Moist-RitesDonThornburgMay411994
Question Box (lower leaves of plant curl down over pot but are not limp)RalphRobinsonMay171994
Saving an 'Oldie' from ExtinctionBarbaraElkinMay261994
Secret Ingredient" can save you time, etc. If it doesn't fly awayCarolMarkMay431994
Shows & Judges (schedules must have BOTH classes for AVSA Collections)BillFosterMay161994
The Poet's Corner - Growing with violetsFranRussomMay201994
Violet Burn-outRebeccaJackson May381994
A Family Portrait- Nautilocalyx picturatusGeorgeneAlbrechtMay191993
AVSA Commercials-Holtkamp GreenhousesDavidButtramMay71993
Beginners Column: A Beginner's Guide to JudgingKent & JoyceStorkMay111993
Books: "Ortho's Complete Guide to Successful Houseplants" (review)GaryBeckMay261993
Foliage Feeding Pests of African Violets (cockroaches, larvae, beetles etc.)Dr. CharlesColeMay431993
Foliar Mealy Bugs? - Not MePeggyPayneMay231993
Friends of AVSADebbieGriffithMay241993
Growing Violets by the Signs of the Moon!RacineHopperMay461993
Heritage AVS vs. The Storm of the CenturyLillianBanchikMay301993
In Search of New Violets (hybridizing with LJ foliage)Dr. JeffSmithMay181993
In Search of New Violets (New mosaic foliage)Dr. JeffSmithMay171993
In the Beginning of African Violets (about Walter von St. Paul-Illaire)grand-nieceKrynauw, UrsulaMay481993
Occasional Pests of African Violets (snails, slugs, symphylans, ants)Dr. CharlesColeMay441993
pH - Does it really matterHansInpijnMay471993
Plastic Bags Keep Plants Happy During VacationTedLamachMay351993
Question Box ("red staining" -mottling on leaves -genetic instability)RalphRobinsonMay411993
Question Box - species - s. obicularis purpurea suckering)RalphRobinsonMay421993
Shows & Judges-BillFosterMay271993
Small BeginningsRamarieBeaverMay341993
Ten Ways to Kill an OrganizationMay451993
Trailers Under ControlPatriciaEganMay381993
Variables (list growing variables- light, soil, pots, watering etc.)ByronBorckMay211993
A Chemical Analysis of the Flower Pigments in AV: IVDr. JeffSmithMay321992
A Family Portrait - petrocosmea flaccidaGeorgeneAlbrechtMay491992
AVSA Commercials - The Violet House (Ann & Dick Maduro, Gainsville FLDavidButtramMay71992
Beginners Column - The "Sporting" World of VioletsKent and JoyceStockMay111992
Club Condition: A Cause for Leadership (survey)CharlesRamserMay381992
Creating with Fredette ("fade color")IreneFredetteMay371992
Creating with Fredette (3 generations rule)IreneFredetteMay351992
Creating with Fredette (Chiffon Print - fantasy cross)IreneFredetteMay361992
Disbudding for Show: Days to PrimeGaryBeckMay461992
Don't Believe a Word of It! (Cornell mix)WaltMaurusMay581992
Experience" - A Great Teacher!LucillePrutsmanMay191992
Growing AV with Wick Method & Natural LightDoris AnnJolleyMay521992
Holtkamp Greenhouses to Award RosettesLynda C.WelchelMay101992
How to Make Your Own Blossom Holders (drinking straws)May571992
I Do It My Way "putting down leaves"ValAndersonMay551992
Installation of Officers (ceremony for affiliate)Doris ThirskPalmMay341992
Plant ParenthoodClaireUlanoffMay471992
Question Box (soil mealybugs)JamesSmithMay301992
Read Label Before "Feeding" (hormones; growth regulators)IreneFredetteMay241992
A Family Portrait: Sinningia 'Ruffled Wood Nymph'GeorgeneAlbrechtMay391991
AVSA Affiliates (do's and don'ts of planning next show)IreneMerrillMay261991
AVSA Building Fund (Purchase of Beaumont home - March 22, 1991)Nell-SueTysonMay461991
Beginners Column: Survival Techniques for Violets When Owners..AwayKent and JoyceStorkMay131991
I'm Not Afraid of African Violets . . . Anymore!!!MarilynBeamMay161991
Miniature SinningiasSueHaffnerMay191991
Notes on an Old Trailer - Using a New Method of RootingLyndaWelchelMay231991
Observations on the Inheritance Of Lillian Jarrett Variegated foliageDr. JeffSmithMay341991
Occasional Pests of African Violets (snails, slugs, scale, ants, whiteflies)Dr. CharlesColeMay421991
Poet's Corner: My Mom's VioletsCarolynShawMay241991
Pollution and HouseplantsMay381991
Question Box? (uneven growth - how much light)JamesSmithMay291991
Shows & Judges - judging schoolsBillFosterMay61991
Tips for Casual Growers (from Growing to Show)PaulineBartholomewMay471991
Tools, Supplies & Equipment For Growing African VioletsPaulineBartholomewMay561991
A Chemical Analysis of the Flower Pigments in African Violets Part 1Dr. JeffSmithMay181990
A Family PortraitGeorgeneAlbrechtMay261990
Are Your Plants Thirsty?DeloresLarsenMay391990
Ask Your Hybridizer! (how did trailers come about)BillJohnsonMay91990
Forming More Successfully (club records)JoyceStengerMay431990
Gardens in MiniatureRuthCoulsonMay491990
Growing (middle school special education project)Peggy ChaseStipekMay411990
Growing Optimaras For Show (learning from Mr. Holtkamp)LindaBjorkmanMay461990
Having Fun With Plant ArrangementsMaryStallingsMay291990
Hybridizing is FunSueLassewellMay351990
Propagation (from "Growing to Show"PaulineBartholomewMay571990
Question Box? JamesSmithMay111990
Shows and Judges: Q&AEmileSavageMay61990
The Language of Love (botanical names and descriptions)WaltMaurusMay311990
Thrips Hop (moth balls)GenZondleMay421990
What Happened in the Beginning?DoloresLarsenMay531990
What Judges Look For in a Show Plant (grooming check list)GeorgeStarrMay441990
Ask Your Hybridizer (variegated leaf is a chimera)BillJohnsonMay191989
AVSA AffiliatesBillFosterMay181989
AVSA Commercials: Nolan BlansitDavidButtramMay211989
Bustle-Leaved VioletsSueHaffnerMay581989
Container Gardens: Part II Dish GardensJulieAdamsMay551989
Disbudding Schedule for Show PlantsJulieLalanneMay461989
Fungus or Mite? Which do you Have?Linda A.JacobucciMay151989
My Friend Phung (classroom project)DotBengeMay421989
Pests, Pathogens & Physiological Problems Part 2 PaulineBartholomewMay391989
Poetry Corner: Renoir With Watering CanVirginiaMartzMay471989
Question Box (disbudding)NancyHayesMay51989
Registration Report ( species are identified and given registration numberMarilynGoldsteinMay291989
Trailing African VioletsJaniceBrunsMay561989
Adapting to a "Great Way of Life" (Air Force dorm room)DarrylHooverMay91988
Another Grower's ExperiencesBillieMerkelsonMay531988
Are You Growing These Plants: O through RMay321988
Ask Your Hybridizer!BillJohnsonMay351988
AVSA Commercials: Gordon BooneDavidButtramMay51988
Beginner's Forum: Kohleria genus - MargaretWaguespackMay131988
Dr. B's Guide For Growing African Violets in Desert SouthwestBarbaraVander Leest, PHDMay491988
Give African Violet Miniatures a TryMargaretHarcourtMay361988
Hermann Holtkamp, Sr. May161988
How To Publish A Club NewsletterNancyRobitailleMay401988
It's Hardly Possible!CharlDuncanMay421988
Lowly African Violets?! (crown cuttings)NormaTisherMay441988
Magnetic Bubble BowlsCathyCornibeMay471988
More About Lighting and BulbsLynda C.WelchelMay461988
Question Box (regular featuare each month)NancyHayesMay101988
Rootrot In African VioletsLukasOttoMay271988
Shows and Judges - unusual containersEmilySavageMay261988
Some Thoughts & Observations on Foliar FeedingLyndaWelchelMay241988
The Fine Art of Violetry - Part 2 LindaGrybkoMay331988
The Pigments in African VioletsDr. JeffSmithMay431988
Using the Washing Machine for Washing Your PotsLilianLauferMay541988
A Light PieceEvelynSteinMay521987
A Time for SharingMay241987
Ask Your Hybridizer! (chimeras)BillJohnsonMay151987
AVSA AffiliatesBillFosterMay101987
Creative Control of CreepersShirleyJeffreyMay201987
Growing A Show Plant (from "More About African Violet" - AU JessieDwyerMay261987
Growing Chimeras - the Rutherford WayDorothyRutherfordMay441987
Let's Talk Dirt or The Evolution of a Soil MixRaymondDooleyMay311987
More About Mini Thumb PotsMay291987
My French ConnectionCathyCoxMay221987
Question Box (misc. Q. - replace tubes; ideal temp.; soil; pH; springtails.l)NancyHayesMay341987
Saintpaulia Species in JeopardySylviaMatherMay301987
The African Violet Magazine Offers Valuable InformationPaulineBartholomewMay401987
A Learning Experience With LightsLynda C.WelchelMay421986
An Astounding Fertilizer Experiment (Oscomote)LucillePrutsmanMay501986
Ask Your Hybridizer! (propagating for 3 generations)BillJohnsonMay111986
Beginner's Column - Lament To A Violet (being selective)BobGreenMay441986
Capillary MattingKathyStickneyMay91986
Eggshell StartersGildaDozoretzMay171986
Foliar Feeding of African VioletsMarieBurnsMay351986
Gesneriads: A BeginningMargaretWaguespackMay51986
Hints & Helps For AV FansMaryHolmesMay201986
How to Press African Violet BlossomsRobinMalyMay301986
In our Fortieth Year . . .The History of the African Violet ViolaTuckerMay271986
Mabel and Glenn Hudson Memorial AwardCelineChaseMay121986
Mothballs vs. Cats Who vs. VioletsCharlotteVincentMay261986
Mothballs Work in Northern New JerseyBernadetteHalpinMay411986
Mystery of the Amboni Caves, TheSylvaMatherMay81986
Mystery of the Amboni Caves, TheSylvaMatherMay241986
Penn State Research Progress Report African Violets - 1985-86RichardCraigMay71986
Question Box? (what to do with necks)NancyHayesMay341986
Question Box? (black flies or gnats)NancyHayesMay361986
Question Box? (how soon to repot purchased plants)NancyHayesMay181986
Question Box? (thrips)NancyHayesMay391986
Question Box?( window sill vs. fluorescent lights)NancyHayesMay471986
Schedule For Disbudding Show PlantsNancyRobitailleMay291986
Seasonable Suggestions (mail order shipping)SandraWilliamsMay381986
Shows And Judges (judging new cultivars)EmilieSavageMay141986
Six Issues of AVM Beginning in 1986WynneVoorheesMay61986
To The Rescue - Oh, the poor dry plantLouiseWherryMay431986
With Tongue in Cheek: And Pen in Hand - The French Horn PiperNancyRobitailleMay491986
Word Search (1986 Best Varieties)FayeHoffmanMay161986
2014 Vacation GuidenanaMay182014
A Family PortraitGeorgeneAlbrechtMay252014
About Blue in African VioletsRuth CoulsonMay52014
African Violets Love HumidityMelvin J.RobeyMay132014
Bob's Purrty Purple: Biography of a SeedlingBenHaningMay142014
Boyce Edens Research FundJohnCarterMay262014
Chimera Propagation - How to Earn Your StripesSteve and DonnaTurnerMay502014
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Closet VioletsKathy BrewsterMay282014
Definitions/ExplanationsLonestar AVCouncil NewsletterMay92014
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Carnivorous plants as helpful African violet neighborsRachel W.MartinMay-June582015
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Editor's NotesRuth RumseyMay-June42015
Exercise! Practice!SueHoffmannMay-June192015
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