AVSA Convention Best-In-Show & Exhibitor, Themes & Locations

The following is a listing of the AVSA BIS (Best in Show) winners from past conventions. Each line consists of the convention year, the best African violet in the show, the exhibitor and residence, the theme of the show, the location of the show.

The list is incomplete but you can help. If you have information for previous conventions such as the published info in back issues of the African Violet Magazine (AVM), jot down the relevant info in an email and send it to fc4a@avsa.org.   Your research will appear in this listing if it’s one of the previous years we are missing. Thank you in advance!  Data in this table was compiled by Barbara Burde, Jill Larson, Janet Riemer and Tom Glembocki.

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2024 ‘Brazos Belle’ Shawn Edwards from Las Vegas, Nevada “Spirit of the Southwest” Phoenix, AZ

2023 ‘Buckeye Nostalgia’ Wayne Geeslin from Sugar Land, Texas “Where it all Began” Atlanta, GA

2022 ‘Picasso’ Wayne Geeslin from Sugar Land, Texas “Violets go Hog Wild in Arkansas” Little Rock, AK

2021 Non-competitive Show “Cyber Diamond Celebration” (Convention planned for Atlanta GA postponed due to pandemic)

2020 Non-competitive Show “Virtual Violets” (Convention planned for Little Rock AR postponed due to pandemic)

2019 ‘Buckeye Nostalgia’ Wayne Geeslin from Sugar Land, Texas “Violet Fun in the Texas Sun” Houston, TX

2018 ‘Cajun’s Fair Maiden’ Debbie McInnis, from Floyds Knobs, IN “African Violets CAN link US Together” Buffalo, NY

2017 ‘Rob’s Boolaroo’ Kurt Jablonski, from Miami Beach, FL “Florida:Gateway to the Tropics” Orlando, FL

2016 S. 5c2 clone diplotricha Parker Bill Price, from Vancouver, BC Canada “Violets Color the Land of Enchantment” Albuquerque, NM

2015 ‘Cajun’s Zydeco’ Belinda Breaux Thibodeaux from Patterson, LA”Violets Love KC Jazz, Blues and Barbecue”Kansas City, MO

2014 S. 5f clone orbicularis var. purpurea Sandy Skalski, from Mullica Hill, NJ “Violet Pickin’ in Tennessee” Nashville, TN

2013 ‘Rob’s Galiwinku’ Ben Haning from Allen, TX “Violets Dance Across Texas” Austin, TX

2012 ‘Eternal Orbit’ Kathy Lahti from Annandale, MN “Violets Bridge Borders” Detroit, MI

2011 ‘Cirelda’ Sandy Skalski from Mullica Hill, NJ “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Violets” Cherry Hill, NJ

2010 ‘Lucien Croteau’ Tom Greer from Atlanta, GA “The Once and Future Violet” Raleigh, NC

2009 ‘Broadway Star Trail’ Bill Price from Vancouver, BC, Canada “African Violets Around the Biggest Little City” Reno, NV

2008 Saintpaulia tongwensis #3397 Uppsala Clone Bill Price from Vancouver, BC, Canada “Get Your Violet Kicks on Route 66!” Tulsa, OK

2007 ‘Rebel’s Rose Bud’ Richard Nicholas from Denton, TX “Colorado from the Mountains to the Prairie” Denver, Colorado

2006 ‘Alliance’ Catherine Thompson from Cedar Falls, IA “Violets Vacation in Minnesota” Minneapolis, Minnesota

2005 ‘Rob’s Fuzzy Navel’ Kathy Lahti from Annandale, MN “Violets Reign in the Queen City” Cincinnati, OH

2004 ‘Persian Prince’ Susan Hapner from Chesterfield, MO “A Fiesta of Violets” Tucson, AZ

2003 ‘Baby Brian’ Dr William Price from Vancouver, BC, Canada “Louisiana Lagniappe” Baton Rouge, LA

2002 ‘Rainbow’s Quiet Riot’ Tony Hulleman from Burlington, ON, Canada “Mr. Violet Goes to Washington” Washington, DC

2001 ‘Optimara New Mexico’ Tony Hulleman from Burlington, ON Canada “Chicago” Chicago, IL

2000 ‘Smooch Me’ Nancy Price “Go Wild in Omaha” Omaha, NE

1999 ‘Rodeo Country’ Elmer Godeny “Lone Star African Violet Round-Up” Houston, TX

1998 ‘Rob’s Fuddy Duddy’ Bev Promersberger” Discover California” Sacramento, CA

1997 ‘Ness’ Crinkle Blue’ Pat Richards “A Florida Fantasy” St. Petersburg, FL

1996 ‘Beginner’s Luck’ Kathy Lahti “Fifty Golden Years with Violets” Atlanta, GA

1995 ‘Tiny Wood Trail’ Alice Grundy “Meet Me in St. Louis” St. Louis, MO

1994 ‘Precious Pink’ Eileen Nelson “Colorado Violet Festival” Denver, CO

1993 ‘Pink Patti’ Marie Burns from Baltimore, MD “You’ve Got a Friend in Pennsylvania” Lancaster, PA

1992 ‘Ocean Eyes’ Marie Burns from Baltimore, MD “African Violets – Heritage & Horizons” Columbus, OH

1991 ‘Falling Snow’ Carroll Gealy from Westlake Village, CA “Violets in the Golden State” Santa Clara, CA

1990 ‘Party Print’ Marie Burns from Baltimore MD “Catch The New England Spirit” Boston, MA

1989 ‘Lela Marie’ Linda Bjorkman from Oklahoma, “Get The Royal Treatment” Kansas City, MO

1988 “Fredette’s Strawberry Ripples” Richard Nicholas from Texas, “Grand Reunion in Texas with Violets” Dallas, TX

1987 ‘Majestic’ Marie Burns from Maryland, “The Florida Experience” Orlando, FL

1986 ‘Snow Rose’ Gene Loveland from Missouri, “Star of The North” St. Paul, MN

1985 ‘Something Special’ Dorothy Kosowsky from California, “Let Us Entertain You” Los Angeles, CA

1984 ‘ACA’s Eye Knees’ Betty Tapping from Canada “A Childhood Fantasy” Philadelphia, PA

1983 ‘Adeline Krogman’ Elna Arndt “Gathering Place By The Waters” Milwaukee, WI

1982 ‘Something Special’ Marie Burns from Maryland “I Love NY (New York)” Syracuse, NY

1981 ‘Pink Philly’ Cy P. Yee” Memories Of San Francisco” San Francisco, CA

1980 ‘Amazing Grace’ Beverly Renaudin “Way Down Yonder in New Orleans” New Orleans, LA

1979 ‘Shalimar’ Bill Stone “Violets—A Prospector’s Delight” Denver. CO

1978 ‘Pink Philly’ Mrs. L.F. Lidiak “Deep In The Heart of Texas” Austin, TX

1977 ‘Coon Valley’ Mrs. Drury “Third Time Around” St. Louis, MO

1976 ‘Delft Imperial’ Mrs. Joseph Trost “Our American Heritage” Atlanta, GA

1975 ‘Lavender Delight’ Barbara Cook “Violets By Land and by Sea” Boston, MA

1974 ‘Pink Philly’ Brother Blaise “Violets in the Nutmeg State” Hartford, CT

1973 ‘Kathleen’ Irene Fiedler, “27th Annual Convention” Minneapolis, MN

1972 ‘Ruth Carey’ Ed Janosick, “Great White Way” New York, NY

1971 ‘Singing Surf’ Grace Bales, “Violets By The Blue Pacific” San Francisco, CA

1970 ‘Fandango’ Alfred Alf, “Violets in Vacationland” Milwaukee, WI

1969 ‘Lilian Jarrett’ Albert Newkirk, “V.I.P Violets in Philadelphia” Philadelphia, PA

1968 ‘Lilian Jarrett’ Mrs. J.W. Reitz, “Gateway to the West” St. Louis, MO

1967 ‘Cousin Janet’ Mrs. Kenneth Jones, “African Violets Along the Heritage Trail” Boston, MA

1966 ‘Double Ruffles’ Mrs. Mae Trost, “From the Everglades to the Sea” Bal Harbour, FL

1965 ‘Delft Imperial’ Mrs. Thomas McNeely, Baltimore, MD

1964 ‘Wintry Rose’ Mrs. George Phillips, Dallas, TX

1963 ‘High Hopes’ Mrs. Mae Trost, Kansas City, MO

1962 ‘Top Sail’ Mrs. C.N. Ladue, San Francisco, CA

1961 ‘Blue Electra’ Mae Trost, French Lick, IN

1960 ‘Beaming’ Mrs. C.B. Ward, Atlantic City, NJ

1959 ‘Cavalier’ Mrs. Clarence Kuder, Detroit, MI

1958 ‘White Pride Supreme’ Mrs. Edward Casey, Rochester, NY

1957 ‘Pink Ideal’ Mary Suhr, Cincinnati, OH

1956 ‘Ruffled Queen’ Mrs. D.J. Harrington, Minneapolis, MN

1955 ‘Emperor Wilhelm’ Mrs. Chas. Stoehr, Pittsburgh, PA

1954 ‘Emperor Wilhelm’ Betty Stoehr, St. Louis, MO

1953 ‘Pink Delight’ Mrs. L.T. Gross, Nashville, TN

1952 ‘Red Waves’ Mrs. George Pendleton, Chicago, IL

1951 ‘Bi-Color’ Mrs. Velma Loomis. Dayton, OH

1950 Seedling – ‘Love Birds’ Mrs. Homer Foltz, Philadelphia, PA

1949 Seedling Mrs. Z. C. Layson, Cincinnati, OH

1948 Non-competitive Show  Cincinnati, OH

1947 Ionantha Grandiflora H. G. Harvey, Atlanta, GA

1946 Blue Boy Sport Mrs. Dobbs