Update to the AVSA Show Entries Program – 2022

Does your club put on an AVSA affiliate show?  Read on for two important updates being made to the AVSA Show Entries Program.

First, after the show the Show Chair should submit two reports: “And the Winners Are…” and “Tally Time”. We know these two processes are manual, labor-intensive, and request some duplicate information for your club to provide.

Change: The AVSA Show Entries Program is being modified to allow Show Chairs to send the information for these two columns electronically with a few clicks from inside the program (internet connectivity required).

Second, special awards are manually entered by each club so, as you may imagine, the naming structure varies tremendously. The variation results in rework on the backend during reporting.

Change: The following will be the standard list of special awards in the updated program:

Best in Show
2nd Best in Show
Best AVSA Standard Collection
2nd Best AVSA Standard Collection
Best AVSA Mini/Semi Collection
2nd Best AVSA Mini/Semi Collection
Best AVSA Species Collection
2nd Best AVSA Species Collection
Best Standard
Best Semiminiature
Best Miniature
Best Trailer
Best Species
Best Gesneriad
Best Design
Horticulture Sweepstakes
Design Sweepstakes

For clubs who have locally defined designated awards, not to worry. There will be a place for those awards to be entered.

Our target is to have the upgrade available in the April/May timeframe.  The high level process will be to register as an existing program owner, receive a coupon for a free upgrade, and download a link to upgrade the program. The coupon code will provide the upgrade for free, but registrants should act quickly as the coupon will only be good for a limited time.

Action: Club members with an existing AVSA Show Entries Program register here.

More information will be in an upcoming AVM Article and registrants will be communicated with directly.