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AVSA Convention Volunteers Application

Thank you for willing to share your time and talents through volunteering at the AVSA Convention.

What does it mean to volunteer at an AVSA Convention? It allows like-minded people to gather together to develop friendships and share the information on growing African violets. It provides you with a sense of purpose, being a part of a community and having fun. You can choose to join a committee that you feel comfortable with. The committee chairs will let you know what is needed and match you with a position or task.
AVSA Membership Status

Select your volunteer preferences:

Volunteer to assist in the Schedule Committee
Creating or modifying the show schedule and obtaining approval of the schedule.
Volunteer to assist in the Staging Committee
Working with the physical arrangement of the Show, which includes setting up and packing up of the show.
Volunteer to assist in the Properties Committee
Ensure the material and supplies necessary to carry out the staging of the show are available. Coordinate showroom items and supplies for entries and judging activities.
Volunteer to assist in the Publicity Committee
Let the public know about the show.
Volunteer to assist in the Hospitality Committee
Greet convention attendees, sell tickets, direct the public, answer questions and protect the exhibits.
Volunteer to assist in the Luncheon Auction Committee
Move and stage inventory items in auction area. Spotter to help auctioneer see bidders. Display items for bid to audience during bidding and write receipts to winning bidders.
Volunteer to judge at the convention
Perform judging as assigned.
Volunteer to clerk during Judging
Assist the judges by recording the judges decision on the entry card, ensure that the appropriate ribbons have been attached to the exhibit.
Volunteer to assist in the Awards Committee
Ensure that ribbons and rosettes for the show awards are placed after judging.
Volunteer to assist in the Classification Committee
Verify all entries and reclassify those that are not properly entered.
Volunteer to assist in the Entries Committee
Recording of the exhibits and creating tags for the exhibits.
Volunteer to assist in the Placement Committee
Places exhibits after the entry is completed.