AVSA Convention Anytime Feedback

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The overall experience at the convention was excellent!
The convention is well organized!
Volunteers were very helpful.
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Convention location is easy to travel to.
Convention Hotel meets your expectation.
Meals ordered at registration were excellent.
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The showroom was amazing.
The tours added value to the convention.
Presentation-1 "It Followed Me Home, Now What" is interesting and useful.
Presentation-2 “Fun with Nature’s Special Treasures: Trailers” is interesting and useful.
Presentation-3 "Unleash Your Creativity and Find Your Passion for Design" is interesting and useful.
Presentation-4 "Everything You Wanted to Know About Sinningias!” is interesting and useful.
Presentation-5 “Renew, Review, and Invigorate” is interesting and useful.
The salesroom is always amazing and a must.
The Live Auction is a must attend event.
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I plan to attend the 2023 Convention in Atlanta, Georga
I'm interested in volunteer at the 2023 Convention