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Videos on Demand – New presentation released daily

Goes live on Sunday May 30

Tips on how to host, run, and participate in Zoom meetings

Presented by Julie Mavity-Hudson, Nashville, Tennessee

Goes live on Monday May 31

Sandra Skalski 2020

Sandra Skalski Profile Photo

The Beginner’s columnist for the African Violet Magazine, helps novice and experienced growers understand the basics of African violets.

Presented by Sandra Skalski, Mullica Hill, New Jersey

About Sandra
Watch video presentation beginning on Tuesday June 1
Profile photo Terri Vicenzi

Profile photo Terri Vicenzi

Learn tips about growing Streptocarpus for show

Presented by Terri Vicenzi, Bloomington, Indiana

About Terri

Terri Vicenzi has a PhD in biochemistry and spent over 20 years at Eli Lilly and Company in pharmaceutical drug development.  She has grown plants all of her life, but developed a strong interest in the cultivation of African violets, streps, and other gesneriads since retiring in 2014.  At her first Gesneriad Society convention in 2019, Terri had 16 strep entries and won Best Streptocarpus and Runner-up to Best in Horticulture with Streptocarpus ‘Little Kan’.  Terri is passionate about sharing her love of these plants, and is a contributing member to social media gesneriad sites, AVSA, and the Gesneriad Society.

Watch video presentation beginning Wednesday June 2
Dr. Jeff Smith

Dr. Jeff Smith

There’s science to explain why and when African violets set flowers.

Presented by Dr. Jeff Smith, Muncie, Indiana

About Jeff

Goes live on Thursday June 3

Dianne Duggan has created new artwork of the traits of African violet blossoms and leaves for the Judges Handbook and AVSA website. See them revealed for the first time and meet the artist.

Presented by Dianne Duggan, Webster, Texas

About Dianne
Goes live on Friday, June 4

Learn all sorts of things about AVSA’s 75th Anniversary that you might have missed!

Presented by Rich Follett, Strasburg, Virginia

About Rich


Videos on Demand – New tours released daily

Goes live on Tuesday, June 1

Ralph Robinson opened the Violet Barn in 1985 in Naples, New York. The business is actually located in an old remodeled barn. After his marriage to Olive Ma, the business grew to ship internationally, year-round. Their hybrids excel in shows. Customers love their service. Last year they decided it was time to remodel and make some changes. See what the Violet Barn looks like today, as Ralph and Olive take you on a tour of their business.

Goes live on Wednesday, June 2

Tatiana Kalgin loves African violets. In the mid 1990’s, Vladimir, her husband, helped her start a small store called “Dom Fialki” (House of Violets) in Moscow so that they could help others learn about violets too. The modest business soon became a passion for many Russians. There are now 90 clubs across Russia and the Ukraine. The Russian hybridizers consistently delight the violet world with their new discoveries. See the store where it all started and meet the owners, who still love African violets as much as the first day they opened the store.

Goes live on Thursday, June 3

As the passion for growing African violets increased across Russia, another store came into existence in the northern city of St. Petersburg, not far from the Hermitage where Catherine the Great lived. Surrounded by history and beauty, Nevsky’s Dom Fialki became an important part of the growing interest in violets. See their shop and imagine being there in one of the most interesting locations in the world.

Goes live on Friday, June 4

Danny Tidwell, Convention Chair for the 2022 Little Rock Convention, is anxious to get AVSA to Arkansas. After the longest wait in AVSA history, Danny is ready to show you the hotel and some of the sites you will get to see in person next year. He’ll get you excited about getting out of the house with your show plants, and getting back to all the live and in-person things that make the annual AVSA Convention such a wonderful event.



Silent Auction Monday to Saturday
Live Auction Friday Evening

The Silent Auction will begin on Monday, May 31, at noon and end on Saturday, June 5, at noon.

New items will be added each day, so check back often.

Participants must sign into their AVSA Member Account to place bids.

When the auction closes, an invoice will be charged to the winning bidder’s account.

Each item will be shipped to the top bidder by the person who donated the item once payment is confirmed.

Go to Auction Site

The Live Auction will take place in a Zoom session on Friday, June 4 beginning at 7:00 pm CDT.

All proceeds benefit the African Violet Society of America, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

These special items will be auctioned live:

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  2. asdfaf
  3. asdfaf

Where applicable, the item will be shipped by the donor to the high bidder once confirmation of payment is received.

High bidders will receive an invoice from AVSA, charged to their member account, for the amount bid.

Register to attend live auction



Find the 12 icons by WHEN?

Find 12 violet icons Violet faviconhiding in the convention pages and events – you never know when one will pop up!

Write the location down for each one and submit your Scavenger Hunt Card on Saturday, June 5, to qualify for the grand prize drawing!

The Scavenger Hunt Grand Prize is a FREE REGISTRATION to attend the 2022 AVSA Convention in Little Rock, Arkansas!



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Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday Evenings

Join fellow attendees and the daily featured presenters for relaxed conversations via Zoom.

Two sessions per night, each lasting two hours.

Note that all sessions are listed in Central Daylight Time CDT.

Enjoy your beverage in the comfort of your own home! See you there!

Come and go when you want. Two sessions per night

  • Session One 6:00 to 8:00 pm CDT
  • Session Two 9:00 to 11:00 pm CDT
Join Zoom Cocktail Hour Get-Together: Session One
Join Zoom Cocktail Hour Get-Together: Session Two
Special Guests at Cocktail Hour Get-Togethers

Monday, May 31 – Session Two (6:00 – 8:00 pm CDT): Sandra Skalski, Presentation Speaker of the “Basics of Growing African Violets”

Wednesday, June 2 – Session One (6:00 – 8:00 pm CDT): Dr. Jeff Smith, Presentation Speaker of the “Science of Flowering”

Thursday, June 3 – Session One (6:00 – 8:00 pm CDT): Dianne Duggan – Presentation Speaker and Artist introducing new “Blossom and Leaf Art”