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Time Zone Converter

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How to use the “Time Zone Converter” to obtain the right time in your local time zone.

  • Select the Time Zone Converter and you will see this.
Time Zone Converter 1

Under the title “The Time Zone Converter” you will see 2 set of boxes. The ones on the left highlighted in yellow are where you will enter the event scheduled time, date and time zone. The ones on the right are the time, date and your time zone.

  • Let go to the printed schedule now. The first set of events is at 12 Noon CDT. Enter “12:00 pm” in the top left box and May 30 in the top right box and on the bottom box enter “CDT” and select CDT/CSR (Central Time).
Time Zone Converter 2 1
  • You will notice the time on the right side changes automatically to the time zone specified on the right side. Now you have to change the time zone on the right to where you are. So if you are in San Francisco, type in San Francisco and it will give you a list of San Francisco around the world, just select the one that applies to you. You can also enter PDT for Pacific Time.

The time for the event in your time zone is 10:00 am in San Francisco, U.S.A.

  • Now, to get the time for the AVSA Board of Director’s meeting, which is scheduled for 3 pm CDT. Just change the time on the left to 3:00 pm and the time in San Francisco is 1:00 pm.
  • You can now find and note the time for the events in your time zone.